The Last 13 Hours – A Binge

Thank god it’s a step back week.

The first 4 weeks of CIM training were pretty intense (& they’re just going to keep getting worse better) so I was looking forward to a reduction in mileage and intensity, and go back out hard for Week Six.

So I guess really, if there was ever an opportune time to have a mid-run meltdown and bag  a workout, it’d be this week.

But I was feeling that missed tempo hanging over my head, all the gross “feelings” that needed sorted out, and an itch in my legs saying they could fix things. I drove to the gym before yoga and said I’d run for 35 minutes out and then come back. No worrying about pace or distance or “purpose” – just run to run. If it ended up being a thought-filled slow run, fine. If an angry heart-pounding rage run felt better, fine.

Damnit, when am I going to stop forgetting this thing needs constant life support?

I briefly considered going “naked” after this weekend’s run and your comments, but I had to make sure I got back in time for class, so I regrettably grabbed my phone, turned on the app (might as well if I’m lugging it around anyway), and set off.


I felt great – just let my legs do what they wanted, pondered deep thoughts when I wanted, zoned out to tunes when I wanted, stopped and took pictures when I wanted… I knew my pace was strong but focused only on how it FELT, not what numbers said about it.

(plus my battery was almost gone and I didn’t want to waste it unlocking the screen 100x)

I definitely didn’t figure out all the answers to my life’s clusterfuck questions, but I got a good ass-kicking, confidence boosting, surprise redemption run in AND made it to yoga. That’s a step in the right direction…

look ma, no pavement! also, look yogis, dirty ankles!

Let’s breeze over the part about me laying in child’s pose half of class because I was too trashed to do anything else.

And then let’s fast forward 10 hours to the track, where our cancelled tuesday sesh became Track Party Thursday.

Being “step back week” and all we took it relatively easy (pace-wise, not really reps-wise) with 12×400. After last night’s cardio extravaganza the “easy” pace felt really less-than-easy, but it was fine because after 8 reps a little ball of Greek-traveling sunshine surprised us!

The Oval Reunion! Kristina’s so excited!

We’ve been crying through track workouts while Margot’s been gone galavanting around the world, and now it turns out she’s moving to (gag) LA so our AM oval dates are numbered.

Hold on, I’m crying again.

We were so happy to get some bonus FasterBunny time that the final 4 reps flew by and I MAY have spent all of #9 squeelingit’s so exciiiiiiting! I can’t believe you’re heeeeere! what an amazing surpriiiiise!

Plain old endorphins are no match for those that come with unexpected company. Best track high yet.

[brb napping under desk – too much sweat in 13 hours]

Sarah OUaL


15 thoughts on “The Last 13 Hours – A Binge

  1. I am too poor and lame to have such nifty gadgetry. Seriously. No Garmin. No IPhone. I run “naked” every day. That probably makes me more awesome than you…..just sayin.
    Friends moving away sucks sweaty camel nuts. :(
    P.S. I look exceptionally awkward in childs pose. Or at least I feel very awkward looking.


  2. your track workouts have totally inspired me! what did you use to get started? How do you plan the workouts? I think northern manhattan is going to start having a track party too!


    • I just chased Margot around at first. Looked at what other people were doing, read a few “speed training for marathoners” google hits, made stuff up when I was bored. Real scientific planning :) 800s and mile repeats are simple and proven, start with those I vote.


  3. Hey, what’s wrong with LA!? It’s ok, I’m not really in LA, I’m north of it. I forgot to charge my Garmin the other day and it was nearly dead when i was getting ready to leave for track. I started charging it and was (intentionally) 10 min late for track because I wanted it to be at least 20% charged. They need to make a car charger for Garmins :)


  4. I’m actually considering running naked for my race this Sat and just trying to push to a pain place and see what happens. I also considered putting my Garmin on my ankle but then got worried people might think I was wearing one of those sobriety anklets or wtv….like Lindsay Lohan.

    Sweet tempo. We all get the run breakdowns and then looks like you bounced back super quickly. Teach me. And teach me how to tempo. And dougie. [I’ve stopped in a bout a billion tempos – it is my speciality…recently getting better].

    You’re gonna nail CIM.



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