The Original TPT – A (dramatic) Goodbye

This is an emotional week for me.

No, not like last week’s hormone headcase meltdown. This is about true, non-chemically-influenced EMOTIONS.

Margot’s moving to LA this weekend.

[cue tears and snot-stains on the sleeve of my cardigan]

Which means yesterday was the last of the “original” Track Party Tuesdays.

[throws running goals and kinvaras out the window]

These weekly speedwork sessions have become such a staple in my training this year, and I credit them with not only my race time improvements, but also my rekindled love with running and unearthing of my competitive spirit.

And despite the early wake up calls and getting ready for work in the office bathroom, I always look forward to our regular dates with the oval.

just ShowerPill’ing & blow drying the sweat out of my hair. nothing weird about that.

I’m grateful that I’ve still got Kristina to tackle repeats, time trials, and long ladders with, but things won’t really be the same without the FasterBunny. And in mourning of her departure (she swears she’ll be “around” sometimes) I put together a little collection of my favorite Track memories.

May the FasterOUaL RIP.

First Date 

Season 1 Finale

The Inaugural Nuun Mile

Fake Track Meet, Real 4×800

Sub 6

Oh and if you must know, we ran a 2mile time trial yesterday. It was ugly but a 13:03 has been recorded to the books. Someday I’ll break 13 but for now I want to avoid reliving it or any thoughts about mid-distance speed work for a long time.

(splits : 1:35, 1:37, 1:38, 1:38, 1:40, 1:40, 3:12 (too busy trying not to die to lap))

FAREWELL MARGOT, thanks for all the good times in lane 1 (and 2 when that old guy with the crew socks is jogging laps) and inspiring/motivating me to be a better runner. And for taking me to your “pain place” and not unfriending me when I say bad things or lay down in the middle of the track after.

“I’ll be back” better not be an empty promise.

Sarah OUaL


18 thoughts on “The Original TPT – A (dramatic) Goodbye

  1. I used to do the whole morning get ready for work in the gym bathroom thing. But then I got too lazy, and now I stay in bed for as long as possible before I’m forced to head into work at 6:10AM. Struggles.

    But it’s so sad that your track buddy is moving away. She seems like a great friend and training buddy.


  2. Hey Sarah,
    You used to talk to much about your life outside running. Every post is so intense, all running running running, pace pace all the same…I am a long distance runner myself, always trying to improve my times as well but when I visited your blog today (after a break)i just kept scrolling down wishing to find something other than Faster Bunny and tempo runs. Please bring up some more of old Sarah who is not so OCD on this stuff…


    • You’re right. This is supposed to he about life, and if all that’s going on is running maybe I need to review some things. Thanks for this and caring enough to say something instead of just quitting reading :)

      Sep 23, 2012,


  3. This is quite the tribute, I think I shed a few tears…Margot will be missed greatly, but now all the more reason to plan visits and more runs together!!


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