Girls (non-sweaty) Night Out with RRS

First things first. As it always should be and why do we even say that anyway? If we did last things first then they really wouldn’t be last. They’d be the first things.

How bout, “chronologically speaking” or “of most importance in the forefront” or “this is the order the pics are in the photo album”?

Off track. Re-routing.

In re: to this post and your comments – OUaL will still MOS DEF be a running blog. My life is not exciting enough to fill the internet with non-compression/hydration/sweaty things worth reading about, trust me. BUT, I will make an effort to include those things when they do happen.

But not today. Well not really. This is like half real-life and half run-life.

Baby steps.


So last week I was supposed to go to the Girls Night Out event at my Roadrunner Sports store. Margot and Kristina went (recap) but I was stuck at a last-minute work event thing and all kinds of sad about it.

LUCKILY the Laguna Hills store had one this week and I was in a stable enough frame of mind to battle rush hour traffic on the 5 to hit up the cupcake/champagne/runner heaven party.

runners! triathletes! some sweaty, some not! free stuff!

The premise of GNO is similar to the Adventure Run I did with Sheila before, but without the actual running part. Which means, bonus – seeing what people look like in “real” clothes! Un-sweaty! Like running into your teacher outside of school! Kinda weird.

Vendors gave demos and showcased product (New Balance, Adidas, massage/therapy/treatment companies, etc), lots of raffles, bra fittings, and of course the real draw – cupcakes and champagne.

[excuse me while the Jr High’er in me rolls the Southpark “punch and pie!” clip a few times]

Tiffany’s friend Heather, Tiffany (holler NuunHTC), me, Sheila

So it was fun. I’m glad I got to go, even if I didn’t win anything and Tiffany hogged all the prizes. Seriously, a free deep tissue sports massage AND a full RRS outfit of her choice?? Lucky duck.

But for reals I love Roadrunner, and the Laguna store has a super neighborhood’y (?) feel to it. Everyone’s so friendly, the shoe experts listened to me whine about my relentless search for a Launch replacement, and yes I ended up dropping almost $50 on that Moving Comfort bra.

(it came with its own “delicate” bag for the washing machine? am I supposed to sweat in it or wear pearls and eat caviar in it?)

For that kind of cash and pompousness I think I’ll continue wearing it on the outside of my clothes.

* Have you been to a Roadrunner event? Will somebody explain to Brian why I HAD to spend our grocery budget on something that just keeps my boobs from smacking me in the face while I run?

Sarah OUaL


17 thoughts on “Girls (non-sweaty) Night Out with RRS

  1. What type of moving comfort bra did you get?? My local store only carries 2. I don’t know which they are, but one is designed for someone who is at least a C cup (nope!) and the other is designed for the tiny tata’d type… but has kind of a mesh top and thin straps and the mesh/net “trim” top looks like it would chafe. (I should be a good person and look up the style names but… I’m lazy). I didn’t win anything when our local store did Ladies night. But that’s okay, because I ate so many cookies that no running clothes would fit.


    • Haha – it’s the Rebound Racer, max support but no crazy padded cups like some of them have. Wore it for a quick 4miler this AM and was fine, although the clasps in the back pose a bit of a shoulder-separating threat…


  2. I just invested in two Moving Comfort bras, they are expensive, but they are the only ones that really hold the girls down. I got the Juno and it takes an act of God to get that thing on, but I love it and won’t buy any other bra for running.


  3. i’m so bummed, i missed our event last night. i was all registered to go and then the girl i was meeting bailed. and very unlike me, i didn’t go. which bra did you get?? i have several (no washing bag though-and i’m a nerd and think that is fab) and thought they fit great until i saw my girls bouncing up and down in a video from HTC. so pissed. yes. that’s a total of $150. for boobs.


  4. I went to our last week and secretly was a bit disappointed. I went alone as my friend had to drop out, but there was no champers, just fruit punch. And I didn’t win anything either. If I had, I would have been raving about it, to be fair.

    One of the benefits (benetits?) of tiny boobs is that you don’t have to spend your grocery bill on bras!! I like the Nike Pro Compression ones even though they make my chest look like a boy’s. They come in nice colours, to make up for it!


  5. I think Moving Comfort makes great bras, but I have yet to figure out how I am supposed to get it over my head AND hook 3 eye hooks in the back without dislocating my shoulder. And then trying to get out of it? Forget it. It’s like being in a Chinese finger trap (remember those?). I started wearing the Under Armour bra that zips in the front just so I wouldn’t have a panic attack trying to get out of it! I’m glad they include a bag to wash it in now because I ruined the hooks on mine by not washing it in a bag (hooks got caught on other clothing, bent them). What can I say, I am domestically challenged.

    I miss CA, and RR. We just don’t get the same level of service and selection in our running stores here in New England…


  6. …because you wanted another bra comment…
    I love me some Moving Comfort. I have the Fiona and Juno, but the Juno is, hands-down, the most wonderful running bra I’ve ever worn.
    I also like RRS, but (hint hint) I IDID just buy the Juno on amazon, last night, for $22….shipped.


  7. Love Moving Comfort, hate paying for them. I have found every once in awhile or sierra trading post have them on sale and that is when I buy multiples. I just remind my husband that it is really an investment in keeping the ladies from sagging to my knees and that is something we can both get behind:).


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