Curse Words Pickle Brain

Keystone, CO – felt very Dumb and Dumber, but snow-less. Did you know the Aspen scenes were filmed in Breckenridge? Which is practically the same as Keystone. Just call me Lloyd Christmas.

I’ve been traveling for work the last few days and battling a major case of … Something. Like a combination of writer’s block and having too many thoughts but no energy to sift through them. Ever feel like that? Or when you’ve got a monster to-do list and you’re all motivated and then just the thought figuring out where to start is too exhausting to actually do anything? Who just posted about “eating an elephant one bite at a time”? Katie, was that you?

I prefer attempting to swallow my elephants whole and then laying in the fetal position crying when it doesn’t work out and complain about a stomachache for the next week.

So that’s (long-winded, kind of off-track) why I haven’t written.

And also I don’t have any good pictures to play with. And I feel like that’s kind of my thing? Like wordpress might refuse to post if there isn’t a photomonkey-doctored image included.

But, creative-drought or not, Long Beach is still this weekend. And I’m suddenly not feeling great about it.

I’ve written about my feelings in my Believe I Am journal and have confided in a few close friends, but until I get a grip on myself I see no reason to put any of that shit out in public for others to scrutinize over.

Hi, I’m Sarah, I’m a fucking headcase and my condition is immensely worsened by the term “race week”.

The point is, I’m racing running this weekend and am not sure how it will go. I had goals but they’ve been shelved for the sake of not completely lighting up my confidence in self-sabotage flames and screwing the rest of my training. This is a stepping-stone race towards CIM, not the end-all goal race.

It’s FINE. Really.

I’ll be smart and try not to let my burning desire for LB redemption overpower my desire for a great marathon in December.

And then maybe I’ll talk about it instead of just leading you on with “I have something to say but can’t say it!” bullshit.

And in lighter news, Happy Anniversary, Em! Remember how this was a magical weekend of our turned-IRL-BFFness and also the worst race weekend of our lives? Glad we got passed that and you only bring up my pre-race logistical failures twice a week and have stopped sending those anonymous hate letters to my office. xo

(she’s running her first 50miler instead of coming to reunion’ing with me in Cali – go tell her good luck, she’s crazy, and kind of rude for making me celebrate alone)

 * Anybody else racing this weekend? Chicago, St George, Portland, fellow Long Beachers? Come find me attempting to pickle my crazy brain in the beer garden after.

Sarah OUaL


15 thoughts on “Curse Words Pickle Brain

  1. Good luck this weekend! I hope your race goes better than my did last weekend!
    I went into my race hoping for a PR and came out with a personal (not worst not best) but in between. It was a hard hard race!


  2. Dude. Get your head right! Confidence is SERIOUSLY going to make or break your goal Marathon. You need to know you are doing everygoddamnedthing right in order to get that BQ. Go read the secret or something, i dont know. Whatever you need to do, do it though. The mental aspect of running is just as important as the physical aspect. while you’re reading the secret….read this too.


  3. Good luck this weekend Sarah!! Have fun with it!!! I know I know, so much easier said than done… and I say this like I am not actually the president of the crazybrainclub. I am. But still… it’s all about the post race drinks!! I’ll be stalking everyone racing longer races, aaaaaaaaand I’m excited to hear how your half goes!!! Cause I think you’ll rock it. Don’t wear a gray shirt though. Head up, wings out, go fast, take chances… and basically just visualize all things inspirationally Oiselle-y


  4. Sometimes having huge goals for a race can cause so much stress, I think and leading to a less than stellar performance. Do your best to enjoy the race and put it all out there on the road. Good luck! I’m racing up in NorCal this weekend — the Urban Cow Half


  5. I will be running LB half as well!! We chatted at last years marathon at mile 20ish… you may not remember. Anywho, best of luck. I will look for you in the beer garden :)


  6. I am late reading this….of course….ok so I hope that it will end up being a GOOD one. One that you are ok with on THAT day..tomorrow. That is all that matters. I’ll be the turtle behind you somewhere….:)



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