Sisters in Sport & Believe I Am

(this post brought to you (with edits) by rational, normal-thinking, pre-injured drama queen OUaL. you’re welcome!)

I’ve mentioned my Believe I Am Journal a few times now (Rache, how about blogging ABOUT journaling for narcissism! ;) ) , and figure I should give the story on what got the left brain data girl to pick up a pen and log the qualitative parts of running, instead of relying solely on the numbers.

(disclaimer : my spreadsheet is still alive and well, no worries)

When I got the email, initially I was all “F yes, Lauren Fleshman I love her!” And then I put my girlcrush card away and re-read what the “Sisters in Sport” project was all about – Putting big dreams on paper, crafting the blueprints to success, and sharing the journey.

you can’t see it, but the note is signed, “xoxoxo your biggest fan, LF”

Brake check. Time out.

Suddenly I was in that dream where you’re giving a speech in front of a crowd, and you’ve totally forgotten to put clothes on.

Naked dreams are horrifying.

The scary part wasn’t owning up to a goal(s) – obviously with the blog I’m ok with putting my goals (and their success/failure) out there for the public.

The part making my armpits sweat was actually reaching past that “attainable” level of goal-setting and admitting to wanting to go after something insane.

trying to ween myself off quantitative goals. got some work to do.

also please note “above average” = very subjective

Fear of failure has always plagued me – in running and life. Shying away from things I’m not good at (golf, cooking, cold calling at work), lowering expectations for workouts knowing I can blow the times out of the water (Margot will vouch), and retreating as soon as things stop going according to plan.

So forcing myself to admit to things only Imaginary Super Sarah of my Dreams might be able to accomplish? Putting goals down without first consulting McMillan to see “what I’m capable of”, or constructing a day-by-day plan to get there? Accepting that not every step will be victorious, that the PROCESS is just as important as the final result?

New territory for me.

Scary territory.

But that’s the point – forget failure, dream big, go after something inconceivable. Dare yourself to be great. Take a chance. Cut the safety net.

I’ll be checking in and reporting (on those above and some numberless yet TBD goals) each month. If you’re interested in following along with the other Sisters in Sport, they’re linked HERE, and you can follow the #sistersinsport tag on twitter.

*note* NOT new ink. I didn’t brand myself in the name of this project, promise.

UPDATED :: A few “inside look” pics of the journal and its layout…

Sarah OUaL


15 thoughts on “Sisters in Sport & Believe I Am

    • The logs are un-numbered, so you can start whenever you want, unlike a regular planner or agenda book. Half of the book is “guided” journaling/logging, and the other half is empty lined pages for scribbling thoughts. I’ll update the post with more photos.


  1. I need to get back to moving every day. My injury has sucked the life out of me, but it doesn’t prevent me from moving, so I need to get to moving. ONE DAY running again..but now just moving.


  2. I am a strong believer that the journey is equally important, if not more than, the achievement. I’m also terrified of failure and keep most of my major, scary goals private! Thanks for being so open with this!


  3. I guess what I was trying to say was that we all have those times when nothing comes together and life throws its sh*t at you (you get hurt, you get sick, you have to work late) and it’s so so easy to get consumed by and caught up in it (that horrible and overhwelming feeling that ALL your training is going to go out the window). Sometimes you need someone to give you a metaphorical slap in the face to make you realise it’s actually going to be OK. And I admit, the journal is cute ;)


  4. Interesting….I am going to check it out.
    Really I look up to people who go for it. I have never been one of those people myself, but I wish I could be.
    Life is too short to hang out in the shadows with mediocre goals.


  5. Love this post. I had seen those journals a long time ago and almost bought one. I like the idea of stating goals and putting it out there. Kinda one of the reasons I wanted to do a blog – make a bold statement and then you have more of a feeling to stick with it if you put it out there. I made some really big bold statements about running my first 50 miler this March but thankfully I will be giving birth instead so that saved me from my momentary craziness!!!

    Anyway congrats on being involved in such a cool project.


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