Bird Tail (my Oiselle Tale)

Last week a little announcement came out :


And yesterday Sunday?, it became official when I got my very own bio on the Oiselle Athletes page :


you’re right, that IS the coolest photo ever taken of me. thanks, Bri!

You’ve heard me preach gospel about the [run]life-changing Roga shorts and my love for this incredible company from Seattle  (it’s WA-zell, btw, in case you’ve been calling them Oy-sell like I did for a long time)  for a while now, but how did all this team business come about? And what does running for Team Oiselle really mean?

Sit down. I’ll tell you.

REWIND : It’s January, Emily and I are at the Olympic Marathon Trials (we’re spectating, not running. just to clarify. you were probably confused.) This is what we looked like, just to jog your memory :

it’s impossible not to make friends dressed like that. I mean, how approachable and obnoxious fun do we look?

While we waited for the start, busy’ing ourselves with Twitter and jumping pictures and warming up our cowbells, this came into view :

I’ve never met someone with underwear outside their pants I didn’t like.

We left Houston and I decided I “NEEDED” a cute tshirt from the Rundies girls.

And it was love at first soft, snuggly, touch.

Thus began the downward run gear retail spiral, anchored by the Roga Revolution. Brian threatened to hire a financial planner and stage an intervention after pair #4, but we’ve since resolved those issues.

(“resolved” = as long as my marathon PR is faster than his I get to keep managing the “running” budget)

((TBD if he rescinds his claim of ‘never running another one ever again’ because of this))

Once I was sufficiently head over heels in love with their products, Emily and I got to spend a dream weekend with Oiselle at the Track Trials, where we discovered the people behind the brand were actually even more rad than their clothing.

“mama bird” Sally, and some of Team Oiselle

The family feeling at the trials was undeniable. From open-armed welcome we received as “tagalongs” to the way the teammates (most of whom had never met) all supported and cared for each other was inspiring.

I wanted to be part of it.

Visiting Oiselle HQ this summer during NuunHTC week was the icing on the cake and the shove I needed to finally submit my application for the team.

NuunHTC invades Oiselle HQ

I know wearing a Team Oiselle bird singlet won’t make me any more than the average mid-pack runner I am, posting my race times to the team board isn’t going to win us any awards (there aren’t really any to win), and it certainly isn’t going to change lives or make the world a better place. Well, other than me single-handedly restimulating the economy by purchasing every piece of current and future piece of clothing I don’t already own.

(Brian is probably registering for a “take back household PR” marathon right now.)

But being part of the team and getting to represent a brand I love is an honor. I’m so thrilled to have been chosen and promise to live up “Go Fast Take Chances” mantra.

photo cred – teammate Tita

So thank you, Oiselle, for opening your arms wings and making me an official part of the family. And for making race day outfit decisions at least 50% easier.

Sarah OUaL


30 thoughts on “Bird Tail (my Oiselle Tale)

  1. So excited to have you on the team!!! :-) I first fell in love with them a few years ago when our Bloomsday Expo had a t-shirt of birds sitting on a phone line (or something to that effect) and I was all “OMG IT MATCHES MY TATTOOS!!!!!” Obvious destiny.

    Welcome to the nest!! :-)


  2. Awesome! And you just made me really want a pair of Rogas… I also purchased the pro compression socks because of your recommendations but with Oiselle the shipping is crazy (outside US) so therefore the need to wait until a sale and/or promo code comes along… they look awesome though- any recommendation on fit?


    • Just move here. JK. and both carry some items, their s/h may be more reasonable. Fit is pretty true to size IMO – all female cuts so maybe slightly smaller but not crazy. If there’s a particular item you’re curious about let me know :)


  3. Sarah this is so awesome! And by the way, thanks for explaining the pronunciation of Oiselle, I was saying it that way too!
    I ordered my first top from them, the “Start” tee and I love it! I also got a long sleeve top that I can’t wait to try out!
    This is such an amazing experience and I know you are going to have a blast!


  4. The singlet (or whatever that thing is) is adorable! Congrats. I’ve actually never seen a Oiselle store so haven’t bought anything from them before, but their stuff looks pretty awesome! Someday I’ll bite the bullet and buy a pair of those damn shorts already. Will probably have to wait until the temp goes above 40 again…


  5. This is awesome lady! I read your bio on the page and it was so cool to say “hey I know her” (even if it is through those Loochtan boys)! See you at Shawn and JIll’s wedding and maybe you can tell me how to become faster instead of running at the snail pace I do. :)


  6. I was surprised that it hadn’t happened sooner! You seemed like a perfect choice for them.

    I actually discovered Oiselle a few years ago on Running Warehouse, but only owned a couple items initially. My collection is now growing at a much faster rate! I bet they’re sick of me asking them on Twitter when they’re going to get international shipping, so that I don’t need to wait for RW to get the new stuff.


  7. You see, Oiselle is unlike other companies for many reasons and I was not going to let them turn me down without showing them my true colors. I had to get vulnerable and show them all of me… that I am a real person not just a blog, facebook page or twitter handle but a girl who loves to run. Oiselle is a different company because THEY are not just a web page, store or apparel company. These are real women who personally reach out to each of their customers, the running community and social media followers. I felt as though we were the perfect match. I had to show them the depth of me, and that I, like them, are a part of a tribe of socially conscientious, hard working and self motivated runners.


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