The “Race Braid” Tutorial

I’m notorious for dreaming up “seriously the coolest ever!” ideas, unrealistically blowing it up in my mind with all these grandeur plans and expectations, and then I get totally overwhelmed by the work needed to bring it to fruition, if I even have the skills/tools/knowledge to do any of it in the first place.

And so I sit on it. Let it fester in the corner and gather either literal or proverbial dust (in cases such as this where there’s no tangible item hogging real estate in the spare room or on the dining table) and I get all this anxiety because unfinished projects make me twitchy but DAMNIT I DON’T KNOW HOW TO MAKE IT EVERYTHING IT DESERVES TO BE!

Eventually I’ll sit down and bite the bullet – just dive in headfirst with all the vigor and motivation in the world to just get the fucking thing off my todo list and dusty table.

And it sucks, and I hate it, and now I’m even more pissed because I wasted all of that time and energy fussing over it when I could’ve just been watching a Criminal Minds marathon or something.

(If you’ve ever waited months for a birthday/christmas/anything gift from me and ended up with something generic ordered off the internet, it’s not that I forgot, it’s that this happened first and then I got desperate. sorry.)

BUT, the Race Braid tutorial is finished. True to form I hate it and won’t be offended if you do too. If you know how to french braid this is not an earth-shattering new development. You’re going to be all, “Uhh yeah no shit. Glad you wasted so much time on this. Next time why don’t you teach us to tie our shoes?”

And if you don’t know how, well, this isn’t going to teach you. Type “how to french braid” into Youtube before bothering with any of this.

surprise Bri cameo at 3:17ish. probably the most exciting part of the whole video.

And because I really like you (and was feeling extra masochistic) here’s a still shot with sort-of instructions that don’t require listening to me awkwardly mumble on camera.

You’re welcome!

It takes me about 3 minutes to pull a braid together now – world record timing, probably. Guinness, would you like to come over and add it to the books? But that came from lots of practice and early-AM scramblings to get ready ASAP after snoozing a few too many times.

If you have longer hair and want to ponytail it, angle your “guide” more so the braid travels towards the back of your head instead of down to your ear. If you have really fine hair, put some product (gel/wax/hairspray) in it first or wait till it’s dirty – it’ll stick better.

And whatever you do, please for the love of god put sunscreen on your scalp. Nobody likes skin cancer or peeling burnt skin posing as dandruff.

And on that note, I’m out. Race braids for everyone!

(puts a big, fat, check mark on the todo list)

Sarah OUaL


35 thoughts on “The “Race Braid” Tutorial

    • Thanks. You’ll miss a Brian cameo but that’s it. BTW I’m totally wearing leggings as pants right now. Haterrrrrr. (it’s easier to Stick & stretch under my desk than in proper pants)


  1. omg i’m so sorry my blog request caused so much anxiety! i’m really good at french braids but somehow when i try to do a side one it ends up all whacked out and uneven, and i’m like contorting my head in ways it shouldn’t go to try to make it ‘feel’ like a normal straight braid, i’m a visual learner so hopefully this will help! thanks for posting!


  2. Okay so it looks easy but man I have issues getting a braid in my hair on my own. I feel like a “special” kid trying to french braid my hair. But I still try!
    Thanks for the tutorial!


  3. I loved that video! You crack me up.

    I recently threw a bachelorette party and had some pretty amazing ideas on my pinterest board. When I went to pull them all together the day before the party they required, like, DAYS of pre-planning. So I put together some shitty party instead (I’m not in the wedding party, so it isn’t as bad as it sounds) and told my friend that she should check out my pinterest board for what was in my heart to do for her. That always happens to me…good ideas wasted.


    • All Pinterest projects should have to come with full disclosure on the ACTUAL amount of time invested and how experienced the crafter/baker/styler is. I wish there was Pinterest for Dummies. Only easy, fool-proof pins allowed.


  4. I liked the tutorial :)

    My hair is currently slightly longer than yours, but I massively fail at braiding. I’ve recently figured out how to do a rope thingy that adds bits in, but a braid never works. I’m not neat enough!


  5. 1) You totally mesmorized my 1 yr old, kudos to you:-) 2) And then you mesmorized me as I didn’t notice when he spilled my coffee all over the table while we were watching-WIN! 3) It’s fun to hear “your real live voice,” as somehow I imagined you sounded different! 4) The braid looks cute, but even with your stellar tutorial my guess is that I couldn’t finagle it. Good thing my kids a boy!


  6. I like it…I like the tutorial…I think my arm would be so tired with all the failed attempts at this..I am like the worst braider in the whole world…
    But, I might try it…I might follow your tutorial…and I I do will post a pic of it…
    Honestly I always want to sit down and figure this crap out and get good at it…I just never do!


  7. I spent an hour a few weeks ago trying to learn to french braid my hair. FAIL. Looks like I’ll never be able to sport the race braid and my mother is seriously shamed and humored at my utter and total lack of hair aptitude.


  8. Alright so this is totally unrelated, but up until ohhhhh yesterday I thought OUaL was your last name and you just spelled it funky for flair…now I realize that it stands for Once Upon a Lime. WOW. I am an idiot.


  9. I love running with a braid. I’m still trying to get the hang of the side braid though, the tutorial might actually help. Thanks!


  10. You’re so rad Sarah. hahah I’ll watch this – attempt it and send you a pic fail of how horrible it turns out! I’m horrible at doing my own hair! :(



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