Relay Week Prep – Ragnar Vegas is Here!


My favorite time of year. Even if this is the only year I’ve gotten to say that.

Team “Undecided2” <– yes, really, and, no, that is not our running order

We’re shipping off to Vegas for Ragnar – my third relay and second Ultra relay – in just two short days so it’s time to get the Type A out and hammer down some packing/shopping/todo lists.

‘What do these lists look like, oh Great Type A One??’ you might be wondering? Well, I’ll share some with you. Because I like you. I’d love to share EVERYTHING with you but contracts and disclosure agreements need to be signed to grant access into the OUaL Gdoc Cave and we don’t really have time for that.

(Em, SR, K, Margot, LB, you remember “signing” those, right?)

First, check out my Newbie’s Guide to Relays, including what to expect and tips for pre/during/post success. Although mostly “success” just means surviving.

Second, use these handy dandy check-mark-friendly lists to get started on your packing. My #1 rule for relaying is “DO NOT OVERPACK” so a lot of thought should go into what you throw in your bags. This includes what you’re going to wear, what you’re going to eat, and what other people are bringing. You don’t need 5 foam rollers or a cooler per person. Space is a premium in the van!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

One big change I made this go-round was including an estimate of what time I’d be running. The weather in Vegas is going to be all over the place – we start at a ski resort and finish at Lake Las Vegas (guessing they purposely run us safe distance away from the neon light forcefield of the Strip) and forecast is calling for temps anywhere from 36-66.

It hasn’t been colder than 60 in SoCal for like 9 months. I’m scared.

That coupled with 2/3 “night” runs means I’m gonna be spending a lot of time relying on blood pumpin & body heat to keep warm. (oh and my Rundelicious & mittens)

And just like before, individual outfits packed into ziplocks to keep everything together, and sealed up once they’re sweaty and gross to keep the stank in and the rest of my crap dry.

(recycled from HTC – because I still need to do laundry before this relay’s anything gets zipped up)

Make sure you’ve got all the required safety gear. For Ragnar each van (we only have one van since we’re only running with 6) needs :

  • 6 reflective vests (one for each runner)
  • 2 headlamps or flashlights
  • 2 “tail/butt” lights (little clip-on lights so you’re visible at night from behind)

We’re bringing two extra vests for Brian and Lee – Ragnar requires EVERYONE, even those not running, to wear a vest while outside the van during posted night hours. Also if you plan to have pacers join you (Dave, Brian, and Kristina all paced at SoCal) they’ll need safety gear as well.

Plus it’s nice to have spares in case someone falls asleep in their vest, you lose a tail light, or someone’s super sweaty and you have to wear a cold, damp, zit-farming headlamp.

(I snagged some New Balance vests at Marshalls for $6, and we bought a few of these to round out the safety troops)

SR, K, & I will be heading out to Costco to stock up the van. At SoCal we had SO MUCH more food than we needed, including a lot of stuff we wouldn’t normally eat which is a recipe for disaster. Remember you need to fuel for 3 runs, but are confined to portapotties. Be nice to your GI.

Do you see anything critical we’re missing? Luckily for Hood to Coast Nuun took care of all the procurement, packing, and organizing, but it’s leaving me a little uneasy like we’re overlooking something?

Sarah OUaL

11 thoughts on “Relay Week Prep – Ragnar Vegas is Here!

  1. your blog is so boring now. who wants to read your packing list. this is why you dont get free shit like everyone else. unless you count that stupid journal.


  2. i love the person who commented before me. ha! actually, love your helpful list. also made me realize how little i did and how much NUUN did instead. holy crap. i love your very type A organization!


  3. You made me realize how much I pack! Lol, for the Chicago Marathon I threw everything from 0F clothes to an outfit for 90F, lol – yes, like 4 complete outfits depending on temp and I only had to run 1 time. I am the queen of overpacking so if I ever do a relay I will for sure need to stick to your list! Have fun!


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