Non-Running OUaL

We’re on our way out to Mt Charleston for the start of Ragnar Vegas (1:30pm) but since I’m going to be bombarding you with relay posts for the next umpteen days, figure I’ll slip in a quick non-running post now before we go.

The WIA__ food post went over pretty well and “update the [Who is OUaL?] page” has been on my to-do list for a while, so how bout a look into my normal day?

WARNING : I’m so boring. Man does this post make that painfully obvious. Feel free to make fun of me behind my back while I’m helpless and unable to defend myself in this van all weekend.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

A Day in the Life of OUaL

6:45a-7:30 — Wake up after some snooze button, and grumbling at Brian to take the dogs out. Some nights I set an alarm to r-word (this post is not about that!) before work – success rate stands at about .8%.

Related, I can reset an alarm in my sleep. Really NOT a morning person.

7:45 — Leave for work after spending 3 seconds grooming myself

8-5 — Do sales/account management-type things at the small satellite office of our HQ in Ohio (how we came abouts to be out in CA in the first place – more on that someday)

5-6 — Speed home Drive responsibly home, play/walk the dogs, chat about day with Bri while absentmindedly scrounging pantry and dreaming up something exciting for dinner

6-6:30 — End up making the same old veggie bowl/salad out of laziness and raging hunger

6:30-9 — Workout / tv / email catch up / dogs, etc. Bri plays softball two nights a week so that’s when I clear all the trashy shows off the DVR and eat his cereal dry straight from the box

9-10 — Pretend to start getting ready for bed. Find __ imaginary tasks to be distracted by

11:30 — Freak out it’s so late and finally go to bed. Check email/twitter/FB/IG/bank acct/todo list all ONE.LAST.TIME in the dark before falling immediately asleep once the phone hits nightstand

* * * * * * * * * * *

An OUaL Weekend

Weekends are a pick-and-choose from the following collection of favorite (non-running) activities/pastimes :

  • proudly rooting for Cleveland sports whenever they’re playing a west coast or big market team and are actually on TV
  • hanging out with drunk friends we can bike to (safety first!)
  • riding (passenger, not driver) the other “bike” (no we do not condone the Oiselle mantra on the crotch rocket)
  • playing in the water. it’s our civic duty as Californians from Ohio

So that’s who I am outside of running. While we’re at it, you should also know brown mustard and sriracha are my favorite condiments, I never wash my fruit but always wash my veggies, I totaled my first car the week of Junior prom, I can’t resist the urge to “see if I’ve still got it!” and will attempt to pitch anytime a softball is near, I don’t believe in fate but I do believe in luck, I hate shaving my legs, olives make me gag, and my pupils are two different sizes which I’ve been told is harmless but I suspect it has something to do with the weird way my brain works.

And I can’t decide if I believe in aliens or not.


Oh and “OUaL” is an acronym for “Once Upon a Lime”, not my actual last name. Feel free to call me Sarah Oual phonetically in person, though. I answer to it.

  • Tell me something weird about yourself. I’ll read them all while trying to stay awake for my 2am leg tonight.

Ok ok, one piece of running. “RRLV” is good for 40% and free s/h at Pro Compression in honor of Team Undecided2 (yes really) running Ragnar. Yeah buddy.
* Honest big time thanks to Pro and Compex for supporting us this weekend.

Sarah OUaL


25 thoughts on “Non-Running OUaL

  1. I think if I tried to pitch, my arm would fall off. I am sore after playing catch. Question: Since Brian was a baseball player and you pitched, have you ever thrown to him (as a batter)? We never have but Brad SWEARS he would jack it off of me, but I am confident I would strike him out. Probably best we spend the rest of our lives talking shit and never testing out the theory.


  2. I love this post! I have been thinking about writing a day in the life post recently but I, too, am boring.

    One weird thing about me: I am subscribed to about 11 magazines. & I have a pile of about 30 that I have yet to read. Bordering on hoarder status.

    & Sriracha is my favorite condiment, too! Love that stuff.


  3. My husband is from Cleveland but we live out here in California. We are part of the Bay Area Browns Backers. You need to find where your local “backers” meet and go watch the games! We got to a bar/restaurant every Sunday to watch the Browns lose (sorry, kinda true.) We also travel to a destination game every year. In 1 week we’re going to Dallas to see them play!


  4. I own and can quote the Mighty Ducks Trilogy (Emilio Estevez is the background on my phone), thrive off of pressure, sweat a ton, still have a baby tooth, have 4 nipples (not mammaries, I’m not an f ing cat), tattooed my scar from reconstructive knee surgery into a butterfly, the last one was a lie…


  5. Awesome post. . . .funny you mention softball pitching. . . .when I first met my husband in college, he wanted to see if he could catch me pitching so we went out on the crappy grass field outside the dorms and started playing catch. He could handle the fast balls, screw balls, curves and rises, but when I threw a drop ball it went into the ground and bounced up into his. . . OOOPSies! Thankfully he stayed with me! :-)


  6. There are so many weird things about me…

    When I was a kid, Sound of Music was my favorite movie EVER. I wanted to BE Maria. I ended up marrying a guy with 6 kids…so I was kind of like Maria. I own a nun dress which I’ve worn on several occasions …also like Maria. But I cannot sing my way out of a paper bag…except for the time I was in a play (that I didn’t know was partly a musical and that my part had a solo because we didn’t have to sing in the audition) and somehow when I opened my mouth in the performances, it actually sounded pretty okay (though it might have been the accordion accompaniment drowning out the sound of my voice)…so not quite Julie Andrews, but a valiant attempt was made.

    My husband and I just went nuts at the local going-out-of-biz video rental place (no lie…one still existed). We bought about 200 VHS tapes. Weird or stupid? Not sure. But when the internet explodes and no one can stream movies, we are all set.

    I’m a weakness-into-strength junkie. I like to think that it’s a good quality and that it expands my horizons and all that, but sometimes it is a lot like beating my head against a brick wall.

    Okay…clearly I should make a whole post about this on my own damn blog and not waste anymore comment space!

    I love seeing your ‘day in the life’ :)


  7. I’m not an avid runner, I have no idea how I found your blog, but I love reading your posts! Thanks for continually making me laugh when I peruse your blog during my lunches and painting the world of running in such a positive light.


  8. Good luck this weekend. I have seen some of the photos on instagram already. I am trying to think of something weird but seemingly my mind is blank…I am watching Pregnancy Pact on Lifetime…I cannot quit their movies. Watched Craigslist Killer last week.

    PS Have you had some Great Lakes Christmas brew yet? Travis and I got our first Christmas brew stash on Wednesday (not GL though). Havent found in VA yet.


  9. Good luck at Ragnar! Looking forward to reading all about it. It warms my heart to “meet” someone who has such love for CLE, as I moved as far away from there as possible – mostly because of the winters. They’re killer!

    Thanks for the PRO code, but sadly, I won’t be using it. My new pair of PURPLE ones should be arriving today. If I love them half as much as my orange pair, it will be a good 10 mile run tomorrow morning.


  10. I am sincerely boring. I work with kindergartners all day and go home and ride my bike or run. (sometimes in the AM before work but I am also not a morning person sooooo more time it’s after). My days look the same for the most part haha oops! is that weird for ya? :-p


  11. Ha ha, this post was funny!! Where in all that do you find time to blog? :-) Something weird about myself..I think I’m just weird in general so it’s hard to narrow down just one thing. Probably something weird is I prefer to peel my toenails off instead of using clippers. Clippers scare me after they once cut my son (when he was an infant) super deep!


  12. My three month old son also has two different size pupils. Sometimes (we’ve recent learned) this can be the result of a tumor, but like yours, his is just harmless. It’s one of those things that most people don’t notice, but once you do you can’t UN-notice. Good to know he’s not alone :)!



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