Early Ragnar Vegas Postscript


Team Undecided2 – Margot, Sarah, Kristina, Emily, Lauren, moi

You can plan and spreadsheet and boss your TypeZ & rookie friends around all day long, but don’t forget to take time for yourself. IMO my biggest flaw as captain was not being selfish enough and properly planning for MY running. While an admirable quality (and not necessarily one I exhibit regularly), selflessness DOES NOT belong in a relay van. Support and teamwork, YES, but balance it with your “I need ___” mindset. It is absolutely crucial to take care of yourself – you crack, team cracks. The saying “sum of the parts are greater than the whole” is spot-on for relay success.

Don’t let a flatlander review the elevation charts. To me, an overpass is a “hill”, and 20 milers routinely have less than 200 mi elevation CHANGE. So when something “says __hundred-feet-gain over __mi” don’t expect any comprehension of effort requirement.

An unseasonable cold front swept Vegas and OH YEAH we started on a mountain – plan for the conditions. And remember you can’t control them and everyone else is dealing with the freezing/30mph winds/etc you are. Deal with it.

Olympians look good in jorts.


Nick Symmonds as part of Team Never Nudes, who won a contest hosted by Ragnar to “run with an Olympian” (source)

It pains me to say, but the  “__(plug in your city here)__” race template was so obvious after seeing SoCal & Vegas in comparison to Hood to Coast and hearing about small east-coast relays from Lauren. Might be time to explore new relay adventures.

photo 14

photo 144

also, why no branded ultra gear, Ragnar? it’s a valid team type with it’s own registration and fee. the least you could do is make some merch with “x6 runners” on it

YES, THERE WILL BE MORE RELAYING. Even though I had arguably 3 of my worst runs of my life (epic foreshadowing) I had an amazing time this weekend. So great. Better than planned. We’ve got the experience under our belt to know how to plan and execute well, and such an amazing group of running friends that are always willing to put themselves in a stinky sleepless van at the drop of a text/email/gchat mention not to.

This weekend was about as close to perfection as possible. Zero drama, very few logistical hiccups, and we ran our asses off. PLUS I’m pretty sure we all still like each other as much if not more than we did Thursday.

I mean, if Brian didn’t pack up and move out after getting yelled at to “get back in the fucking van!” when he came out to run the second half of my night run with me I guess we’re all doing alright.

Proper recap as soon as Ragnar gets their damn results posted. [insert rant I’ve already vented to twitter 10x here]

Sarah OUaL


25 thoughts on “Early Ragnar Vegas Postscript

  1. I wanted to leave a comment along the lines of Well done, Can’t Wait to Hear the Recap but I can’t stop scrolling up to look at that dude’s legs again. WOW.


  2. The Bourbon Chase in Kentucky is an awesome race! I have ran it for 2 years and it a nice “small” relay. However, it is getting so big that next year they are going to go to a lottery. I bet if you e-mailed the race direction about being a fast all female ultra team he might give you priority registration. Google it and check it out! When it says hills; it is not talking about an over pass.


  3. “PLUS I’m pretty sure we all still like each other as much if not more than we did Thursday.”

    I think it’s safe to say “more.” undecided2 was amazing! I miss all of you so much already.

    Also – you’re being too hard on yourself Captain. You kept this team together. And you rocked some insanely difficult legs. Not sure if I could’ve done what you did this weekend…and that’s the truth!

    So when’s the next one??


  4. I just really like that the name was “undecided2.” I am also type A and would probably do the same as you. I love myself a spreadsheet. Sounds like a fun time. Maybe let’s relay together and I’ll make sure you get what you need (gummy bears, etc) and vice versa.


  5. Think it all sounds fairly fantastic, to be honest. And I know what you mean about no idea about elevation numbers. I don’t have the foggiest what they mean. The cluelessness of living at sea level ;)


  6. I am so glad you said Ragnar is the RNR of relays! I’ve always suspected that was the case. I recently did the 7 RNR’s to get the Rock Legend status and after that year I said never again. I am also a 5 year HTC veteran and when we didn’t get in this year I thought of having the team do Ragnar for a hot minute but reading that just made the final decision to go with Cascade Lakes (http://www.cascadelakesrelay.com/) instead. And of course still work my way on to a HTC team


  7. I’m creating a relay. There will be no prizes. There will be no t-shirts except for whatever you want to write on a shirt with a Sharpie. There will be no official support. It will be like a relay full of bandits…but it will be super cool because I’m creating it. You can come with your team. I’ll keep you posted.


  8. SOoooooo jealous. I tried to do a relay with some running friends and it didn’t work out :( We did the whole “we all hate each other” part before we even registered for the relay. True friendship right there.



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