#Undecided2 – Part 1 (Ragnar Vegas)

I tried to come up with a creative new way to recap my 3rd relay.

Didn’t work. I’m a story teller, and my long-winded, sometimes drawn-out stories are just better told from start to finish without anything fancy muddling it up. Plus spending a ton of time brainstorming HOW to write isn’t conducive to a notoriously tardy blogger in the first place.

So begins the tale of Ragnar Las Vegas

First, quick briefing on Ragnar in case you’re not familiar – 200ish miles, teams of 12 (ultra is 6). Take turns running the 36 legs to the finish line, ultra was about 30miles per person total over 3 runs. Sleep deprivation, physical exhaustion, & poor nutrition be dammed, it’s the best freaking 24ish hours ever.

(click to zoom)

relay infographic by HTC teammate RunningHutch depicting a 12man team. Just divide the vans and runners by 2 and multiply the running by the same

Second, the story behind the name – Many months ago I registered a team before knowing anything about sponsors, goals, or who was even running. I didn’t want the responsibility of coming up with a creative name, and “undecided” was already taken, so I put the next best thing and made a mental note to poll the team for suggestions.

Sometime around a week after the name change deadline I remembered we never did that.

Third, the actual recap. I guess.

Thursday night the OC crowd (Sarah, Kristina, & I) and Mr & Mr Van Drivers made the 4 hour drive out to Lake Las Vegas, about 30 minutes east of the Strip. We met Margot, Emily, and Lauren at our hotel and cozied right in to a nice “Getting to Know You” sleepover.

Relay excitement woke us bright and early and we got going on prep for the race. Van pick up, organizing food & supplies, convincing Em she didn’t need her rolly suitcase AND 2 duffle bags, Compex’ing, leg studying, and tatoo’ing. All normal things.

At 12:30 we found ourselves atop (err, somewhere in the middle) of Mt Charleston after an eventful drive of “oohhh runners!”, “omg you can see their breath”, “holy crap look at this hill!”, and “… is that SNOW??!”

We took care of the obligatory blogger photoshoot’ing, harassing Olympians, digging in our bags for extra gloves, and getting all geeked up for the big event…

… which in hindsight was maybe a little too much happy dancing and too little watch-watching. As we sat in safety briefing (unknowingly for the 2pm starters’, not 1:30) it became clear we were going to miss our big start. Half the team snuck out during the “no defecating on the course” talk (foreshadow) and made it just in time for Em to do a few warm up hurkeys and take off through the big exciting 1:30 start…

Just (half of) us and team #62. Not your typical start line.

teams are assigned start times based on their projected pace, faster teams later, to try and get everyone to the finish near the same time. a small pain of being speedy, I suppose *

Kind of a womp womp way to open chapter one of an almost-that-E-word-I-don’t-like-using tale, but things definitely went up from there.

Well technically first they went down like 5000 feet, and absurdly fast. Because what better way to turn around a lackluster start than with some sub6 minute miles down a mountain?

… to be continued

Sarah OUaL


8 thoughts on “#Undecided2 – Part 1 (Ragnar Vegas)

  1. I guess I have to say that I am glad that my relaying experience did not include a safety talk…

    you guys looking for an ultra relay to win AWAY from where you live now and CLOSER to where you used to live (+ closer to Em?) Bourbon Chase. Seriously. Check it out. Typical relay (200 miles, 6 or 12 runners, big white vans) BUT all of the major exchanges (plus some of the others) are at Bourbon Distilleries. And everyone gets to taste! Even the driver because the taste amount is within the threshold allowable in KY. PLUS running through beautiful horse country. Registration opens January 1 and fills up FAST. But check it out. Its scheduled for October 18-19th for next year.


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