I took the last two days off after the relay – rest and reset definitely needed after the weekend. Happy to report 5 miles tonight were slow but pain free and pretty normal-feeling. Taper may continue as planned :)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

We interrupt this regularly-scheduled recap delay (did you really think I’d have a Ragnar post up already?) with a message from the sky. There’s an over-stuffed suitcase filled with fleece/thermal/wool and all the closed-toed shoes I own (not many) in the cabin below and a Great Lakes Christmas Ale awaiting arrival in Corntown.

It’s been a while since we’ve been home – June, actually – and even the freezing Ohio temps can’t suppress my excitement to spend some time with the fam. At least I got accustomed to the HOLY-SHIT-SO-COLD this weekend? And luckily I won’t need to wear a reflective vest or run uphill into headwind to enjoy it this time.

Brian’s brother is getting married, and it’ll be the first time since our wedding last July we get to see the whole family. I hit the in-law jackpot so I’m pretty excited about it.

Unfortunately Bri has to come back to CA after the weekend – turns out you can’t really “work remotely” when you need patients and bodies and stuff. I however, thanks to modern technology and the fact that my company is based out of Ohio, get to spend a full TWO WEEKS living it up in my childhood bedroom and causing a raucous with all my old pals.

And wearing flannel.

And the main event, well of course other than gaining a new sister in law, helping my newly engaged best friend plan her wedding, celebrate two major holidays (Turkeve and Thanksgiving), and drinking all the Christmas Ale in the county…

Running the Amish Country half marathon with my sister. HER FIRST.

I’ve been practicing my peppy supportive pacer and my Jillian-esque tough love coach shticks, and can’t wait to see which one I get to use on her :) It’s a small race, hilly course, and extra-wintery conditions are being predicted so it has plenty of potential to be… a great story.

Good, bad, or ugly, there will be peanut butter pie at the finish so it’s already a win in my book.


Sarah OUaL

Sarah OUaL

20 thoughts on “OH HI I’M ON A PLANE

  1. So much fun to be going home for a while!! Too bad Brian can’t stay longer. But sounds like you will have a blast running wih your sister and hanging with friends. I love spending Thanksgiving with family! What is do you do on Turkeve?


  2. You just got me to google turkeve and it came up with a town in the Northern Great Plain region of central Hungary, Ha! now I’m curious what you do on turkeve?


  3. Have fun and good luck to your sister on her first half marathon!
    Happy Thanksgiving! Hope it’s not too cold there in Ohio but I’m sure you will drink plenty of beer to keep yourself warm!


  4. Found your blog through Skinny Runner and can’t stop laughing, you’re hilarious! I love your candidness and your way with expletives that often gets left out of other blogs even though that what we’re all thinking!!


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  6. that race was on my radar until i did the RW half. i’d still love to do it someday-so good luck to you and your sis!! and peanut butter pie, yes please. and the beer. i need to try that ale. have fun at home!



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