Get Your Lucky Undies Ready…

I was going to write a “woe is me” CIM adjustment plan after yesterday’s DNF (did not finish) at the Amish Country Half, but after reading Lauren Fleshman’s #shocktheworld post I don’t want to think about anything but kicking ass.

SO. All I’ll say is the tib isn’t completely healed, I’m going to give what I’ve got next weekend, then hit full-on recovery mode for as long as necessary to completely heal and come back better than ever for 2013.

And, sticking with the “kicking ass” theme, Mel (aka Mini Twin) absolutely destroyed her first half yesterday. It killed me not running through that finish with her, but I beamed with big sister pride (and yes, shed a few tears) from the sideline as she cruised through a 1:55.xx finish on a hilly as F course in her debut.

No doubt she’ll be chasing down my PRs in no time.

(full album up on the OUaL Facebook page)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

AND NOW, the main event. More exciting than your Turkey leftovers or Cyber Monday. A jump start into the holiday season and a distraction for those of us fighting the taper crazies this week…



Each day this week one of my favorite things will be posted in a single-day giveaway. You might recognize some of the (pixelized) logos in the graphic, but none of them will come as a surprise. These are brands/companies/products I use and love, and want to share them with YOU.

Because it’s the season of giving, and I’m driving myself freaking bonkers getting through this FINAL week of CIM training.

Comments/entries will be open for 24 hours, winner chosen, and a new contest posted the next morning. Some may require a FB like, an answer to a Q, home-baked goods sent to my house, or a simple comment. Who knows. But you’ve got five chances to win five awesome prizes.

I’m so excited about this, and hope you are, too. Let the holiday taper season begin!

Sarah Santa OUaL


19 thoughts on “Get Your Lucky Undies Ready…

  1. how fun!!!! you are the nicest, the funniest, the fastest, smartest, best dressed runner I know…wait…what? it starts tomorrow……? oh ok !!!!! :)

    congrats to your sister!!!! that is awesome! fantastic time!!! speedy like you!!!!


  2. OUAL – sorry to read about the tib. I’ll be sending it healing vibes this week (this is taught in medical school) so you can run CIM like a boss.

    On another note, 5 days of giveaways?!? This is better than Oprah’s Fave Things!

    Congrats to your lil sis! I’m still trying to get mine to run with me. So far, no luck.


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  4. So cool about your sister and that you were able to witness that feeling. I suppose the healing process is going to be quite difficult for you, but necessary if you want to keep improving…sorry about the DNF, though :(

    Now, where are my lucky panties when I need them?


  5. Sorry to hear about your DNF but you definitely need to rest that tib! Congrats to your sister, great time and good job!
    Very excited about your giveaways! Can’t wait to see what each item is!


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