#Undecided2 – Part 4 (Ragnar Vegas)

And then we bullet point recap the rest of the Ragnar Vegas tale…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

  • Some dickhead put a flight of stairs at the end of leg 29…

  • I make this sweet Running SR gif of all the sweet pics from Em’s fancy camera…

  • Finally get warmed up for my last run by doing some “stretches” that look like the pee dance (DID remember to porta this time), but is really just an effort to show off my Bum Wrap

  • Team tries to immitate my “signature pose” while I’m gone. I discover the photo 4 hours later…

  • The run goes well for the first hour. My legs felt surprisingly fresh and fast (on the flats/downhills), but the continued climbing eventually cashes me in…

  • The first leg is a mile longer than listed – I freak out because OMG NO WAY I CAN’T RUN ANY MORE THAN I’M SUPPOSED TO! PLEASE GOD TELL ME THE NEXT LEG IS SHORT!

  • And then…

(I wanted a Z bar. Duh, Brian OBVIOUSLY)

  • So the next few miles sucked. There was walking. There was a tib scare. There was a lot of feeling bad I was letting my team down. There was a lot of mentally committing to swearing off hills/vowing to run more hills. But eventually, I finished (only slightly longer than projected) ((thank god))…

  • Shockingly the world doesn’t end because I walked during my final relay leg. My team doesn’t even try to murder me or hide my dry change of clothes as punishment, either.

  • I make more awesome gifs bc I discovered makeagif.com and am obsessed

Anchor LB-C’s so excited to run!

  • And in a hilarious (not) snafu on Ragnar’s end, the final leg was nearly 2 miles short. So as we piled out of the van in the finish area parking lot, ready to head down and wait for our big run through the finish, Lauren comes STORMING down the hill right in front of us. 15 minutes earlier than expected…

  • Like the good competitor she is, LB crossed the line to get our official time stopped while we hobbled our busted legs down the hill for our staged team “finish”

And it was worth the awkward, anticlimactic finish.

Not only did we make our goal of finishing 1st women’s ultra, but also 1st ultra OVERALL (inc mixed and men’s teams), 1st women’s OVERALL (inc 12-woman teams), and BROKE THE TOP 10 of ALL teams, regardless of classification.

Yes, we were the 10th fastest team in the entire race.


We hung out in the finish area with our free pizzas and beers reliving the last 25 hours until the cold and sleeplessness sent us running stumbling to the hotel for a proper night of sleep.

Such a great weekend. Despite my crappy runs – physically, mentally, self-inflicted, dramatized, whatever – it was all worth it in the end.

(as it always is)

And spending time with Sarah, Margot, Em, Kristina, and Lauren, flanked by All Star Drive Team BriLee, was incredible. I freaking love the crap out of them.

Finally, one last HUGE THANK YOU to our sponsors Compex and Pro Compression, who literally kept us running all weekend. Life muscle savers

Thus concludes the Ragnar Las Vegas trilogy. Or whatever something with four parts is.

Sarah OUaL

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