Adjusting and Accepting – CIM Pre Race

Thank you guys SO MUCH for playing along this week and sharing all your mantras, favorite sock colors, genie wishes, dream fuel flavors, and embarrassing stories. It was a great distraction and I loved getting to share some of my most favorite products with you.

And actually having stuff to talk about for 5 days.

The winner of the Oiselle Rogas & tee is…

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Ok, down to business. CIM weekend is FINALLY here.

22 weeks ago (that’s JULY, people) I started a loose-but-structured regime of base-building.

16 weeks ago (Aug 12) I did my first REAL workout of the training cycle.

10 weeks + 3 days ago I ran a hill workout that left me sore but happy, confident, and excited with how training was going.

10 weeks ago I had my best LR (long run) to date – 21 miles with a fast finish – followed by a new-to-me lower leg pain I chalked up to a result of “hard effort” and “kicking ass”.

9 weeks ago I went to the track for the last time. I ran two laps.

7 weeks ago I implemented “Zero Week” in a desperate effort to clear the lingering pain. (diagnosis : anterior tibialis strain)

The weeks following have been a roller coaster of “I’m back!” and “fuck IT’S back”. Aside from Long Beach and Ragnar, I haven’t run consecutive double-digit miles since that 21 miler on September 29th. I’ve cut short or completely bagged more runs than not, and I had my first DNF at a race last weekend. I’m 5 lbs heavier than usual and they’re calling for a “Supersoaker” storm with flash floods and extremely high winds in Sacramento this weekend.


ahhhh 2011 LA Marathon. I still have nightmares…

To say I’m going in a little lacking in confidence is an understatement.

I’ve shelved most all of my goals. Those lofty finish times I dreamt of at the beginning of training and slowly climbed higher and higher as the weeks went on, have finally just been eliminated altogether. Yes it was hard to let go of those dreams (for now), but I knew trying to run a race I wasn’t ready for would end badlly physically and mentally.

Do I still want to BQ? Obviously yes. Do I think – with the help of prime conditions and magical race fairies – I could still pull one out of my butt? Maybe. Does that arbitrary number mean as much as it did before? No.

(Not up for debate how related my sudden lack of attraction to a 3:35 is to my actual aptitude for attaining it)

Is my leg healed? No. It’s clear there’s still a lingering problem, and the downhills of the rolling course at CIM are likely to irritate it. I’m prepared to run through pain and committing the time afterwards to fully healing. I’m also mentally preparing for a DNF if needed.


I’m going into this weekend, with all of its unknowns in regard to my ability and how much of a bitch Mother Nature wants to be, with one single goal.


Regardless of the time on the clock, what I wanted to run 16 weeks ago, or what I think I’m capable of. If I cross that finish line feeling like I gave every ounce of what I have that day, I’ll be happy.

And hopefully K can find somewhere warm and dry to wait for me.

008 (449x800)

And good luck to everyone else running this weekend – CIM, RnR Vegas, anywhere else? Where are you going to be running?

Sarah OUaL


37 thoughts on “Adjusting and Accepting – CIM Pre Race

  1. Good luck. You have lots of people crossing their fingers for you and in any case are pretty impressed with the commitment and efforts you’ve put in since JULY. That’s a big goal and you tried your very best. That’s something to be proud of right there :) so a huge GO GIRL! from Italy


  2. Whatever the outcome is for this weekend’s race, as long as you gave it everything you had, you should be proud. You already KNOW you are a great runner with endless possibilities! Live to run another day. Good luck:)


  3. It’s always a respectable thing to assess your goals realistically. Especially when the forecast goes something like, “Gather wood, build an ark, collect 2 of every animal…”

    Hope you enjoy your day and take some time afterwards to heal.


  4. Good luck! I’m also running CIM. It’ll be my first. Funny thing is I picked the race because of the great course and near perfect weather. Ha! In addition to the crappy weather, i go shin splints while tapering. My goal is definitely to just finish. Or swim to the finish. I’ll show my family you’re picture so they can cheer you on.


  5. Good luck Sarah! I think it’s great that you have adjusted your goals, and really like the idea of your “run a race I’m proud of” goal. I hope that the weather cooperates and your leg ends up feeling better than expected!


  6. good luck this weekend! I’ll be out there too, but only doing the first two legs of the relay!

    I have to say…even if you end up walking/not finishing, it’s really refreshing to see you’re at least giving it a go! Too many people are using this crazy weather as an “out” (either for their own personal comfort, their lack of training, etc). So WAY TO GO for giving it a shot!
    Good luck, but most importantly, have fun!!!!


  7. Im so happy that you are still doing it! CIM is my first marathon, i feel 100% physically ready, but the freaking rain/wind/flooding is really stressing me out! Its going to be a great story to tell no matter what. Im off to read your la maratho recap in hopes of a little mental prep! Good luck tomorrow!

    P.S. There is an awesome Irish bar near the finish line called deveres, great beer and I hear they have great bread pudding…16th and L I think :)


  8. good luck! i’ll be thinking of you tomorrow. i hope it goes well, and that the rain gods work their magic and the rain holds off for a few hours. just finished up a training run-no race this weekend for me. xo!


  9. I can relate 1000%. Totally lacking confidence; sad about the weather; dealing with a lingering injury that I can run through but it sucks. Goals are out the window, but it is exciting to learn what we can do in such crappy conditions. Good luck, and maybe I’ll see you out there!


  10. Good Luck tomorrow!! I live in Portland and run in the rain on a regular basis! Its really not that bad! Just make sure you put more body glide on then you usually do! The rain might be a good distraction from the pain!


  11. Good luck!! I can’t wait to hear the recap in January ;) You will do awesome. As you know marathons are mostly mental. Just keep going and keep on swimming (my race mantras). I do it in the Dora voice from Finding Nemo.


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