Sweat-less OUaL

So what happens in OUaL land when there’s no running or working out ?

Nothing I take pictures of, I guess. It’s like my “ooohhh I have to blog this!” filter is broken. Shame since I downloaded that app that automatically takes a waist-down photo of my Pro’d legs and Brooks’d feet and my Garmin summary screen. Thanks god the beer-in-a-nuun-pint shot still works.

sloth 008

yes I did perform an in-depth analysis of the new pint glasses vs the old. good news is, slight logo dimensions aside, beer still tastes great out of them.

But really, this last week+ has been pretty glorious. Slothful laziness with no to-do lists, agendas, or plans. I quieted my Type A and banished all “I should be running right now” thoughts and let myself just ENJOY the time.

Time to do nothing.

…Like spend 180 minutes learning about Lincoln and how high my popcorn threshold is (and not worrying how the fiber overload will affect my run in the AM)…

sloth 001

…Putting up (minimal) Christmas decorations and comparing them to my new Pro socks…

sloth 002

…Spending extra QT with the furry four legs…


…Having breakfast & coffee with a friend because mornings aren’t eaten up by long runs…

sloth 009

…Riding my cruiser around town and picking up the best of the local, organic*, gluten-free*, all-natural* fare…

sloth 006

*probably not

…Uhh actually cooking a meal? WHAT?!…

sloth 007

…Finally ordering prints from the best party I’ll ever throw in my entire life (mere 17 months later) and realizing Gram and I are finger-snapping, toe-tapping groove twins…

sloth 010

… and calculating my yearly mileage (since I’m goose-egg’ing the rest of the year) and realizing I could’ve run from OC to Tulsa, OK…


Pretty rad.

I HAVE had a few fleeting moments of run jealousy, but they’ve been VERY few and far between. One particularly trying day at the office was screaming for a rage run, but I easily righted it with a shiraz marathon. Vino medicated = problem solved.

The holiday season around the corner and my lack of sweating gives me small nightmares of not fitting in my Rogas once I return to running, but whatever. I am enjoying this time to the fullest – if I feel too gross I’ll hop on my bike or do some planks or something, maybe go to yoga if I’m feeling some Om – I know I’ll be back to pounding pavement in no time.

Stitches from operation #1 come out Tuesday – the margins came back clear (meaning they cut out all the bad cells) so no further slicing to that one. Operation #2 – “operation” sounds so scary, it’s a simple exam room procedure (<– graphic images, warning) – will happen right after. Two weeks later, pending biopsy results, I’ll be stitch and melanoma free.

Hellelujah. Joy to the world. Merry Christmas.

  • What’s your favorite “lazy day” treat? Trash tv? Shopping? Cooking? I need some reco’s. Read any good books lately?

Sarah OUaL


21 thoughts on “Sweat-less OUaL

  1. yay! i missed you in my inbox! lame lazy-day things i did recently include making my bf drive me around to ooo and aahh at christmas lights and taking the dogs for long walks.. i love watching hgtv and being envious that i have no design talent, and the best books i have ever read hands down are the pretty little liar series, and i’m 31.


  2. Well, it sounds like you’re having a well-deserved break!! :) We all need those. You have great things in store for you in 2013! I’ve been thinking about you & your skin. :) Hope that you continue to stay in the clear & it all fastly fades AND stays away!

    “Lazy day” treat…a warm bath, soft p.j.s & a good book!! I picked up “Hansons Marathon Method” @ Barnes & Noble. I think you’d enjoy it. It’s kinda a different approach to marathon training. I can bring it when I see you if you’d like to thumb through it?


  3. Glad you’re having some good run-free time and finding fun things to do. My husband and I have been watching season 1 of Homeland, and I love baking on a lazy day. If you don’t want to make holiday treats (because then you have to eat them all!), you could try making pasta or bread or just a special dinner. Good luck with your second procedure!


  4. On rest days I love catching up on all of the shows I DVRed and never got around to watching, baking anything that’s bad for me, reading trashy magazines, shopping online and starting a new season of a show I can’t possibly keep up with and don’t need to start watching :)


  5. I love the dance moves you share with your Nan. I watched my little boy dance yesterday and realised he gets his moves from his Dad. Hahaha!

    Lazy day treats are always wine and cake related. Not read any good books – hoping other commenters have some ideas because I’m stumped!


  6. Lazy day treat= Wine…Trash TV= The Bachelor… Shopping= Target…. Classy eh?
    Last year around this time I read the Hunger Games series for fun, but they were actually really good. I read the Silence of Long Distance earlier this year which was really good, but kind of serious reading.
    I know it’s kind of weird to take time off from running, but it couldn’t have come at a better time! And I’m glad your margins came back clear!


  7. Those matching photos of you and your gram are so adorable. Good books lately: I recently read The Tiger’s Wife by Tea Obreht and I’m now on Caleb’s Crossing by Geraldine Brooks – both are really good.


  8. It can be tough taking breaks, but when I have to it’s always a Sex and the City Marathon time. I’m guaranteed to plant myself on the couch for 3 hour straight. Oh, and of course wine, which you already have covered. :)


  9. I have taken the past week off of running and the best thing about it is not worrying about how my food will affect my run! I also love crap TV shows (like the Real Housewives) when I’m being a sloth.


  10. Go girl…enjoy the downtime. And don’t worry, the beauty of the Rogas is that they have the highest percentage of spandex in a stretch woven of any short, like EVER. And therefore they go up and down a full size with ease. I know this. It’s my Oiselle wear test area of expertise. Get better – and heal for holidays!


  11. lazy days mean catching up on my blog reading and my tivo. i watch way too much tv. need a show? just ask. I haven’t read a book in months. i think i need to see how far i’ve run. :) glad you are handling the rest well.



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