It’s Here – the OUaL Training Log Template

OUaL Training Log

This is a project I’ve been working on for a long time, knowing I wanted to share it with y’all but not really sure how. GUESS WHAT I FIGURED IT OUT SO SMART ANYBODY NEED A TECH EXPERT?

I’ve used a lot of workout-recording methods in the past, but this online spreadsheet has bar-none been the best overall tool. I use my BIA journal for the runs, races, and goals that need more than a tiny cell in a spreadsheet, but all the quantitative goes in this bad boy.

This has been a working document for the last 1.5 years – constantly being fiddled and tweaked, but I think I’ve finally gotten it to a place where it’s ready for the public. I never claimed to not have a bit of perfectionist blood in my veins.

There are instructions for how to use it (it’s stupidly simple, swear), and you non-runners can use it for all your other kinds of workouts, too. Oh, and there’s a Google Drive app now so you can carry all your Type A dreams with you everywhere you go. Magic.

So, without further ado…

The OUaL Training Log (template)

(redirects to google drive)

If you use it let me know – feedback is definitely welcome, I have dreams of a version 2.0 someday. Maybe I’ll quit my day job and make generic google-supported spreadsheets with simple tabular formulas and color coding for a living…

(jk, boss...)

Sarah OUaL


40 thoughts on “It’s Here – the OUaL Training Log Template

  1. This is great. I track mine in a similar (though much simpler and less formulaic) google doc. I might need to start using this guy for ultra training, but I will definitely change the week to start on Monday. I could never wrap my brain around the Sunday start, mostly because I’m not very type A and sometimes have to use Sunday to cram in more weekly miles ;)


  2. Wow, thank you so much for sharing! I’m such a lazy runner. Everything is tracked in Runkeeper for me and I figure if I want to check it out I can. Bad about my shoes too…I take an average miles week, divide it by 450, x by 2 because I rotate between two shoes and how ever many weeks that is mark it on the calendar and that’s how I “know” when to get new shoes. So scientific. Somehow I have managed to run for 2 years uninjured this way with about 2 races a month and a reasonable amount of PR’s thrown in. I wonder what I can do if I take control of what I’m doing?! I vow to use the spreadsheet this year and see what happens! I have some big running/race goals this year so this is perfect!


  3. Thank you! I really like that I can log core workouts, rest days and other cross training on the same spreadsheet. Also, the mileage counter is helpful as well.


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  5. This looks pretty cool… I’ve been using a Moleskine weekly journal to log my runs, splits, and jot down notes on nutrition to keep up with my progress. Sure, things log into my Garmin, but it’s nice to pick up the notebook and flip through the pages to see how I’m coming along.


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