When Nuun & Beer Call, You Answer (a SMACK! media event)

So, yesterday something pretty incredible happened.



Beverage worlds colliding and I didn’t even have to electrolyte roofie anyone to make it happen.

Nuun (my favorite electrolyte workout/all day/hangover drink) and SMACK! Media hosted a hydration/dehydration event for the new line of flavors coming out this spring and were nice enough to invite me along. Probably because they thought the odds of randomly bumping into me at a SoCal brewery were high and it’d be awkward if they didn’t at least ask…

We had a blast bumping along in the Woody Bus, touring Stone Brew Co, smashing burgers & fries at Churchill’s, and of course chasing our beers with Watermelon, (caffeinated!) Cherry Limeade, and Lemonade Nuun.

  • p.s. insider info says look for the new flavors early April – just in time for summer!


photos from Morgan & KJ


girls pic from Stuftmama

On top of the mashup between my two favorite beverages, I got to chat and get to know some pretty incredible people. From industry pros, hardcore iron(wo)men, mid-distance legends, old (& new!) blog friends, and some of the people I read content from on the reg, it was an impressive roster. SMACK! knows how to work an address book, that’s for sure.

… and I still have no idea what the hell I was doing there.


I mean, having a blog is almost the same as being editor in chief of Women’s Running.

Big thanks again to the ladies at SMACK! – Eli, Morgan, KJ, Sarah – and Nuun for letting me tag along and rack up the bar tab. Feel free to send all future SoCal events (especially those based around beer) directly to my Google Calendar.

Oh and thanks to Steve Scott for letting me taste his beer. Will be running Sub4 miles in no time…

Sarah OUaL

13 thoughts on “When Nuun & Beer Call, You Answer (a SMACK! media event)

  1. Wow! This sounds like a seriously awesome event!!! Amazing endurance athletes and delicious beer…sounds like my kind of party. I’d love to attend something like this in NorCal. :)


  2. That looks like a load of fun! And yep…I may have downed a pint of Nuun today after downing one glass too many last night. It worked, actually. If only I’d know about Nuun in my 20s. Not that they made it then ;)


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