Going Short (actually no, this is not about running a 5k)

lots of ME ME ME non running below – fair warning. I’ll be hunting for some teeth whitener and bronzing powder while you read…

* * * * *

Once upon a time, there was a broke college girl that preferred spending her hard earned TGI Friday’s hostessing $$$ on cheap beer and “going out tops” from Forever21 than going to the salon. She mastered the at-home highlight + cut – starting with the aid of roommates, and eventually developing her practice to such perfection she could pull that blonde mop through a highlight cap and run some kitchen scissors through it all on her own.

photo 2a

2006 – painted that pink bedroom myself, btw. holler.

Then, after spending a semester watching too much America’s Next Top Model, she fell in love with the pixie cut. So cute! So edgy! A reason to put mascara on every day as to not look like a boy!

And she carried the printout (procured from a productive day at softball study tables googling “short short blonde hair”) in her bag for months.

Until one weekend – away on a road series in Indiana – a teammate suggested finding a salon for a “quick trim” in lieu of the informal team dinner.

Pixie wisher girl tagged along.

Pixie wisher girl got antsy – knowing the printout was still in her bag – and blurted out to an unoccupied JC Penney salon girl (they were the only place within walking distance of our hotel) that I wanted a cut, too. No need asking what she thought of the picture, if she knew anything about short hair, or if she was even a stylist and not the floor sweeper.

Pixie wisher girl walked out with a really poorly-cut pixie.

photo 1a

2007 – Yes, I rocked a fauxhawk a time or two. I played college softball. It was accepted.

It was fun. Nobody really loved it except Brian, but I liked it once it grew out past its weird weedwhackered little boy phase. I really liked it when I didn’t even own a brush or hairdryer and got ready in <5 minutes.

Lazy girl perks. More time for sleep. And possibly being late less.

photo 3a

2008 – Why did I always tilt my head and smash it against someone else’s?

But growing it out was a serious pain in the ass. TALK ABOUT A MULLET. Maintenance wasn’t easy, especially since it was too advanced for gratis at-home work and I was still a broke college student (albeit with a reformed Natty Light/F21 addiction) trying to stretch as much time as possible between visits to the hair chair. Wore a lot of baseball hats. Thank baby Jesus Instagram and blogs didn’t exist then. Very little photographic evidence of that awkward phase…

Yet, here I am itching to go short-short again.


that’s actually not me, in case you were wondering. I’m not an English big-screen movie star.

I’ve cleared the cut (aka sent it to my hairdresser in hopes she won’t let me back out) and booked the appointment. It’s not for another month, but I’m excited and don’t have anything else to write about and also I spent like 90 minutes last night on Facebook looking through old photos when I couldn’t sleep, so…

Please don’t try to talk me out of it. I’ll make sure it’s still long enough for a race braid.

  • Have you had a really horrendous/tragic hairdo? Share on the OUaL Facebook if you’re brave. I wanna see some teased bangs and rainbow colors, man.

Sarah OUaL


34 thoughts on “Going Short (actually no, this is not about running a 5k)

  1. Pixie cuts are amazing. I’ve had one for most of my adult life now. Though– I have to wear a hat every time I run because my hair stands up straight in the morning when I get out of bed. There’s no way to make it look good on the run, if I’m going straight outta bed.


  2. Yeah, I did the pixie cut at the end of 08 – platinum blonde, and with the occasional faux-hawk too (I hate to say it, but I looked kinda like Pink..)

    My hair changes constantly with both colour and length but I don’t think I’d go back to a pixie – the shaggy growing out length is too much of a pain! My hair actually got past shoulder length this past year for the first time in about 5 years, now it’s back to really light blonde but currently asymmetrical – which is a massive pain for putting up to run.


  3. this is great. I had the EXACT hair cut except picture the pixie BLEACHED then HOT PINK smashed all over it. I rocked the hot pink for a while too (good thing I chose pink instead of blue or I would have been mistaken for a boy EVEN more than I already was).


  4. You look awesome with short pixie hair! I could never pull it off! You have the perfect spunk and personality to pull it off!
    I have always been a long hair girl but my hair has been about shoulder length for about 6 months, which is actually a very long time for me!
    I have never had a bad hair cut but I have had a bad hair coloring, nightmarish actually lol


  5. My gosh I LOVE your 2008 hair! It’s making me give my super long hair a second look but my sister is my hairdresser and I don’t think she will let me…


  6. You’re gorgeous… I am confident you could go bald and still manage to look beautiful. The pixie is totally sexy on the right girl and you certainly fit the bill! Before kids, marriage, blogging and running, hairdressing was my profession. I worked for L’Oreal Professional teaching hair color to salons all over the country, I am very impressed with your ability to master the “at home” highlight and cut, you did better than many of the salons I’ve been into. I can’t wait to see your new couffe! Have a great weekend!


  7. Do it, do it, do it!!! I love my longish pixie cut! The key I fond this time around (had this cute in HS a very long time ago) is leaving the front long enough to do a little braid or pin the front part back in a cute little twist for running. I love the get up, spray it with a water bottle, finger style with a little gel, swipe on some mascara and maybe lip gloss and head out the door with my 20 month old in about an hour! Cute, quick, and easy…heck yes! You are going to look amazing with a pixie cut!


  8. I got THE WORST haircut my sophomore year in college. It looked like a cross between Keith Urban and Martha Stewart. There was really no way to make it look cute, and around that time all the busch light and papa johns I’d been consuming really started to be noticeable. So basically I got fat and ugly at the same time.


    • I destroyed all evidence, but pre-2006 I went through a “dark phase”, which included boxed dark brown dye that immediately faded to red on my natural blonde, when I tried to highlight and turned orange, and then got stripped at the beauty school so it was yellow. Highlighter yellow. And like you, it was during my bush/pizza fat days. So tragic.


      • LOL! That makes me feel better! This also occurred in 2006 and my Facebook has been cleansed of all photographic evidence of this tragic time.


  9. Do It!! You will look fantastic with that cut. Fuh Sho.
    The last time I got a horrible cut was when I was 5. Mushroom cut. Not my shiniest moments on the playground. Luckily my bitty bestie Hilary went and got her hair cut the same because she hated that we didn’t look like twins anymore. It was sweetastic.


  10. um, i totally feel you!! freshmen year of college-i took in neve campbells short hair look-i’m guessing from the scream movies? and the woman chopped my hair off so short i looked like a boy. i cried for days. and then also gained the freshman 40. short hair and a fat face. i’ll try and find a pic and instagram it. talk about terrible. i actually had my hair done on tuesday & was saying i wanted a change and my gay boyfriend/hairdresser said no. my bangs and long hair are staying (until i get married-which he apparently thinks is sometime soon). you will rock the pixie cut! especially when you know/trust your hairdresser to do it right! can’t wait to see it.


  11. Best thing about hair? It grows back! Had a hair dresser cut my hair unevenly which annoyed me, since it was not supposed to be asymmetric, it was just barely asymmetricand truly just looked like a bad cut! Don’t have any pictures since it was from my tween days…

    Can’t wait to see the new ‘do’!


  12. I love that you change up your styles…i’m mega boring outside a short bob/invert in 2009. i blame it on my natural curls (they wouldn’t look good short) but really, i’m chicken. i think this will look amazing on you and can’t wait to see the finished product!!

    as for big hair and parachute pants…will post some for you (well, tag them for you) on FB. remember, i’m older so i totally had feather bangs and then the perfect curling iron under/over bangs. insert face palm.

    happy friday!


  13. I was a very chubby middle schooler with super curly hair that I brushed out, thus turning it into a frizz fest. The lady that cut my hair had no idea what to do with curls, and gave me a blunt cut along the bottom of my shoulder-length hair. No layers. Thus began the unfortunate middle school hair period that I affectionately refer to as my “triangle head” days. Followed shortly by the year in which I parted my hair straight down the middle and put it in 2 braids. Every single day. Sometimes with a handkerchief tied on my head. Not a good look, but I like to think that it made me a stronger person.


  14. I used to color my hair at home. I don’t know what I did wrong, but the last time I tried it (in 2006), it went terribly awry, and my hair – ALL OF IT – turned a dead person grey green blue color. It was horrifying. I made an appointment at a salon, and they fit me in immediately when I told them what happened. When I showed up, multiple stylists came out because they heard about the situation, and wanted to see it for themselves.

    That was the end of my home styling days.


  15. This is going to sound creepy and stalkerish, but I was JUST telling Michelle the other day how I loved your short hair and you’re one of the few people that I think can seriously rock short hair. Michelle Williams and Carrie Mulligan are the others of course. Then I may have said I hope you go short again. And looky here…it’s like my wish came true! Can’t wait to see it!
    I’m thinking of going back to my 2010 inverted bob, so maybe your new hair pics will inspire me to get off my ass.


  16. There are definitely not many people that could pull it off and look cute, but based on those pics from the “bad” haircut, I definitely think you 100% can! I can’t wait to see the pics!!!


  17. In the car on the way to the airport headed to Europe and all it’s shitty water pressure, I realized that my waist-length, thick, curly hair would be NO fun trying to wash. I braided it and whacked off each braid at the top. Tucked them into the glove box and tossed my short n’ sassy hair this way and that while my husband winced in pain. I felt all pert and stylish for the whole trip. Then we got home and got the photos back. Ho. Lee. Shit. It was like someone put a poodle in a food processor and then made a hat out of it. Cringe-worthy.


  18. Go for it, very cute cut and you look great no matter what. I had the “Josie Bissett” hair cut back in the 90’s when I was 25, loved how it looked and how easy it was to ‘do’ in the morning!


  19. Pixie cuts are cute and you have the right face to rock it. I say go for it!
    When I was in college I died my hair black (I am blonde) and then wanted to go blonde again and ended up with pumpkin orange hair for almost a year. It was awful!


  20. I’ve been cutting and coloring my own hair for decades. It never really looks very good, but I’m okay with that.

    I agree with all the people who’ve said you’d look good with any haircut. You are just naturally really pretty. I’m not just saying that.


  21. I think you have the fact to look great with a pixie cut – I’m a tad jealous!

    Every few years I’ll chop my hair off and I’m yet to find a cut I like, I’m always boring about it! It takes about two years for my hair to grow from just above the shoulders to my waist and my favorite length is always mid back – super low maintenance and easy to put up. Yea…not only is my face shape all wrong for a pixie my laziness would make it a big fail too!


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  23. You can pull off the pixie and any short style I’m sure. I on the other hand look like I’m 10 years old if I go above the shoulders. Which happened once by accident because apparently just below the shoulders to a new hairstylist means above the chin. Who knew? I looked awful and it took so long to grow! I will never go above the shoulders again.



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