Quality, not Quantity

Two non-running posts in one week? WHAT?

It seems like every Sunday night I’m either laying in a heap of exhausted mess wishing for an extra day to recover from the weekend, or scrambling around to do something productive so I don’t go to bed feeling like a 52 hour bum with nothing to show for my time off other than a butt print on the couch.

This weekend I didn’t cross a million things off my todo list, and I spent a significant amount of time laying around doing absolutely nothing. But I’m content with it, because the stuff that I DID do was pretty awesome.

Quality, not quantity, weekender.

After falling asleep on the couch after work and watching There’s Something About Mary Friday, I got up early to meet my long-lost friend Margot and my NuunHTC-vanmate/bracelet-handoff’er Jocelyn for a 10 miler on the Long Beach bike path.

Great company, awesome weather, and double digits — even though the miles weren’t necessarily easy, it was a killer run. Pavement-pounding friends definitely make the world better.


photo 1

Legs Up the Wall ala Jas Yoga

Did my post-injury due diligence (ice, stretch, roll, etc) when Bri proposed a dinner and a movie date. For the record, I HATE GOING TO THE MOVIES. I hate feeling trapped somewhere doing something I might not enjoy. Movie sucks? Can’t really go in the next room and do something else. And they’ve got all those stuffy rules about not being on your phone in the theater so it’s not even like I could entertain myself on Twitter or Bejeweled during the boring parts.

BUT, we’ve had a stack of free movie passes for months and have both been wanting to witness all the Django hype first-hand, so I put my socio-OCD anxiety away for a minute and we headed out. I even put on real clothes.

photo 6

any idea why the flash on my iphone makes an over-exposed circle in the bottom left corner? every dang time…

Unfortunately (?) we got lost in conversation (and a pitcher of Coronado Idiot IPA) and totally missed the movie. Oh well. It was too fun laughing about bad college decisions, dreaming up new tattoos, and in-depth budget planning (wait what?) to pay attention to the time and Leo Tarantino will be in the Redbox down the street in no time so whatever.


Pitfire Pizza – ohgodyeswewillbeback

After raging all night (jk was asleep before 11pm) I woke up and headed to Hand & Stone Spa for a sports massage. Heck yes preventative training practices. Also, heck yes Christmas gift certificates.


Bringing the weekend full-circle, I came home on a cloud telling Brian all about how monthly massages need to be part of my training and he kindly reminded me of the “budget talk” just 12 hours earlier and “if I have to cut back on Starbucks you sure as hell can’t spend $80 a month to get your legs rubbed out.”

And then I sat in the corner with my foam roller and Tigertail and cried about how unfair life is.

– Seen Django? Should I suck it up and go, or wait?

– Any certified massotherapists looking to trade services for rent? We have a spare room and I think that fits into the “budget”…

Sarah OUaL

27 thoughts on “Quality, not Quantity

  1. How flipping lovely that you were too busy laughing with your husband to remember the movie!! But I am deeply jealous of the shorts/vest combo…I’m in the UK, marooned in a world of snow and ice and haven’t run since Thursday.I’m going crazy!!! I’m going to have to find a treadmill today!


  2. Do you have a case on your phone? Maybe that does something weird with the flash. I have a ridiculous Rilakkuma bear case and I actually need to take it off to use the iphone’s camera!


  3. Wipe off the camera lens. Every time I get blurry or halo-y photoson my phone, its cause there is something (frequently sweat) on the lens. Good luck!


  4. Ehh if you’re easily distracted in movies you could probs wait on Django. I love movies more then anything and while I thought it was awesome, I also thought it was a little long and got antsy. In true Tarantino style it has about 6 endings. :)


  5. The halo on your iPhone is probably because of the case that it is in. I’ve had the same problem, especially when the flash was used. If the opening for the lens and flash is not big enough, light reflects off the inside edge of the case opening and jacks up the exposure. Take the case off and take a picture. If it comes out better, then you know.


  6. Django was a great movie, but pretty long and got sort of tedious so you can totally wait until you rent it and break it up into 3 different parts if you need to. :) And UGH to budgeting – I know it needs to happen, but why is it so sad to say bye to Starbucks 9 times a week?!


  7. Monthly massages are the way to go. They have done wonders for my recovery. I have been using my flex spending account at work and thankfully found a therapist there I like. Flex account = the way to go with pricey massages!


  8. I could use some sunshine for my runs soon – we have had this fog in OR that has not lifted forever! Contemplating moving to SoCal. My friend said the movie was great – but he seems to like everything. LOVE that your date went long – gotta enjoy those moments!


  9. I hate going to the movies too. Whenever my husband suggests it I have an internal reaction. I need at least a day’s notice to get over the initial “NO!!!” that I feel inside. Thrown on me last minute it leads to frustration and anger. So odd. All over a movie.


  10. I never go to movies because I can’t justify paying 12$ when I could watch it at home for 3$ in a few months. But I have heard Django is good.


  11. I feel EXACTLY the same way about going to the movies and I feel like no one ever understands. My attention span is just not that long and so I need to multitask during movies.


  12. We went and saw “Zero Dark 30” on Saturday and I was really dreading going, BUT I ended up loving the movie. My husband did his “I told you so” speech as we were leaving. Made me want to smack him. He is never right and just needs to accept that.

    I used to get a monthly massage, but had to cut it out as well because of the budget talk. Life is not fair. Just because I am not a professional runner doesn’t mean I can treat my body like one. Right?!


  13. I heard Django was good but pretty gory. I love redbox so it will have to wait until then before I rent it. I love paying just a buck to see a movie!! Best deal ever!!


  14. Go see Django! I’m a little ashamed of myself for liking such a violent movie, but the violence is kind of mesmerizingly beautiful if that’s possible. It took me forever to actually recognize Samuel L. Jackson, who does a fabulous job of being a bad guy. Go see it!


  15. I too have a bunch of movie tickets just waiting to get used. After everyone’s glowing recommendations, especially the gory comment, I’m for sure going.


  16. i won’t ever give up my massages. i think they are key in my training. i try to cut back on them though-only around big races or serious pain. still have to see django- seen argo, zero dark 30, les mis so far. i’m obsessed with the movies. and, super cute dress and boots!


  17. So awesome that you were having such a wonderful dinner that you missed the movie. Can’t be too upset about that, I think! :) I haven’t seen Django, but have heard a lot of people like it…doesn’t seem like my kind of movie though.


  18. I haven’t seen the movie but I really want to.
    Sports massages are the best thing, ever! Why doesn’t insurance cover them? I really think some sports injuries could be prevented if everyone could get a massage once a month. Or at least some crabby moods could be prevented ;-) I made some major sacrifices while training fro Ironman so I could get a monthly massage. It made a HUGE difference in my training. It is going in the budget next time I decide to do one again. I hope your injury keeps getting better and your runs keep getting longer.



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