Yesterday afternoon at work I was mindlessly scrolling through twitter while on hold when I saw a BREAKING NEWS post that a doctor had been shot at the hospital Brian works at. (LAT report)


also, now you know where to stalk him during the day if you want.

It was an isolated incident in another building, so he was completely out of harms way (thank God), and I was able to get in touch with him right away so I didn’t spend hours barfing in my desk trash can wondering if he was the un-named Doctor (thank God).

So after a day where I …

  1. melted down over a small-bones (in retrospectwork issue 
  2. beat myself up over having pretzels & chocolate raisins for lunch (and consoled myself with another serving)
  3. cried while updating our budget at how we’re doomed to rent until we move out of SoCal
  4. had a mid-life crisis resulting in getting one click away from registering for the GMAT (the study guides are still in my amazon cart)

… I scratched all my evening plans, and went home just to be at home. Talked over a simple dinner. Played with the dogs. Sat side-by-side on the couch playing Bejeweled Blitz (him) and Spider Solitaire (me, and yes I am stuck in 2001). Watched more tv than I do in a week, including all the shows Brian likes that I don’t.

Because it shouldn’t always be about 5 years from now – what this day at work means for my career, what skipping a 6 miler will do for my race 3 months from now, or where we’ll be when we can finally afford to own a home. Wishing away the week for the weekend or begging the time to pass until __blah blah__ big, exciting event.

Who knows what will happen between now and then, and what you’ll miss out on if your eyes are focused on the future instead of the right now.

Do what you can TODAY to chase your dreams, live in the moment, and soak up every second you get — nobody’s guaranteed tomorrow.


ironically gorgeous sunset last night – good reminder I’m lucky to have air in my lungs and live (rent) in paradise

Sarah OUaL

healing thoughts to Dr. Gilbert’s family, friends, and colleagues, and may the suspect responsible get what he deserves

30 thoughts on “Nearsighted

  1. great advice! i too get caught up focusing on the far far future and forget to focus on the now. i also am one click away from registering for the GMAT (got the study guides, haven’t looked at them yet, hoping paying for the exam will be a motivator)… sometimes it’s good to just be happy with life right this minute :)


  2. Seriously – what is wrong with people???

    Glad to hear Brian is OK. it’s funny how life hands you a little perspective when you really need it, huh? Even if it’s in the worst possible way.


  3. This is such a good realization. I have this one from time to time too… when I think life should look differently, and then I start focusing on what I have to do to get where I think I should be and to get the things I want, etc… and then I start realizing that I’m wishing away all those days and that I’ll wake up, and my little boy will be a teenager who won’t want to hug his mom, and all the precious stuffed animals around our house will be gone and I will have missed it all waiting for the next big event. And I love your written reminder of that.


  4. Please move to the Tacoma, WA area and buy a house! Would love to run with you! :)

    I have days like that too, some days I see in my little girls face that whatever I had planned is so not important. Even though I’m a stay at home Mom, and she is with me all day every day, sometimes she needs Mommy and Daddy to chill with her after dinner. I have bailed on so many evening runs just to hang with them, and it’s been worth it every single time. Glad your hubby is ok…that must have been scary for both of you.


  5. I sooooo needed this post!!! I am always looking ahead… Pushing to the next “thing” so I can cross it off my list and move on instead of focusing on all of the good things! Just what I needed to read :)


  6. I’m one of those dorks that keeps a journal (since I was 7!) and when I’m crazy/drunk enough to look back it’s insane to see how much time I spent worrying on things that came to pass. Finding a job after college- done. Getting married- done. Renting a tiny apartment for five years to save up for a house- done. My husband finding a new job after getting laid off- done. It’s always one thing after another, but everything always gets resolved eventually. Plus, a little worrying can be motivating. And order your damn books.


  7. I like this.
    I did something very similar last week. Classes started, lost a client at work, didn’t have time for anything….so I took the evening off. It was great.

    I don’t like looking at budgets. We are doomed to rent for eons…until we stop buying new mountain gear. Just got snowshoes this week. Super pumped to use them but that money definitely isn’t going to help us buy a house any time soon…so I’m taking full advantage of having a landlord to fix everything! ;)


  8. I was having the same discussion with my fiance last night — it’s so easy to get caught up on talk about our future wedding, marriage, etc., and we are trying harder to focus on enjoying THIS day instead. Thanks for sharing!


  9. Thanks, I needed a reminder to stay focused on today. I have a huge event this weekend, about which I’m extremely excited and very nervous and ready to have it behind me. I’ve been anxiously counting down the days this week so I can stop stressing. I just need to focus on having a good day today, helping my students at school have a good productive day, and getting in an awesome stress-relieving workout tonight. sometimes it can be so hard to remain in the present when your mind always wants to dwell on the past or worry about the future! Or when you just want to get through the week to the weekend!


  10. It’s funny that you post this about living in the now. WE ALLLL forget to do this…. We worry about the future and kick ourselves in the butt about the past and never seem to sit and be thankful for where you are and what you are doing at that very moment. I hope we can all stop and smell the roses in this world even just for a second


  11. Definitely a good message. Just heard another friend is dealing with a loss and she had a similar message in her blog post. It feels like something is trying to tell me to live in the moment. :)



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