Tuesday Nights are the new Tuesday Mornings

Guess what I got to do last night for the first Tuesday in 16 weeks?

tpt 001

Special edition Rundies, courtesy of picmonkey photo editing software

The new Track Party 2.0 combines a few of my favorite things :

  • Not waking up at the ass crack of dawn
  • Battling rush hour on the 405
  • Testing my “iron stomach” claim with puke-inducing workouts on a full day of food
  • Friends (missed you, K)
  • Trying to do simple math under oxygen depletion

(ok only a few of those are really my favorites)

When Margot moved to LA in September one of my biggest concerns (other than when we’d froyo date) was what would happen to our weekly AM meetings at the oval, which at the time was very conveniently < 5 miles from all of us. K and I kept the tradition alive, but it just wasn’t the same without the FasterBunny to chase.

Speedwork is hard, and mustering up the motivation to find and drive to a track to run in circles is always a challenge. But if you’ve got friends waiting for you, especially the kind that always have great stories to fill warm up/recover/cool down time with (did you read about her run-in w the cops?), it makes it a lot easier.

And so, for the sake of all our training (and mental well-being), we decided to battle evening rush hour to drive to a new-to-us, centrally-located track and revive Track Party Tuesday.

Best idea ever.

tpt 003

K got tied up at work for episode #1, but was there in spirit

This track is un-lit and not nearly as nice as the one we used to stomp around on (not to mention the 80 minute round-trip commute), but it’s so worth it to get an ass-kicking workout in and have Margot & K there so I don’t have to try and pace or calculate splits. Just tag along and try not to trip anybody.

We started easy with 5×800, and while our times were nowhere near where they used to be (OBVIOUSLY), I’m excited to see them start dropping and the reps increasing. +1 to the track for its quantitative, measurable progress!

… and +1+1+1 for that familiar feeling of “OMG seriously I’m going to vomit” (and spending the next 200m debating whether you’ll pause your watch if you fall in the infield to puke or if you’ll try to run through it, snot-rocket style.)

Good burn.

Sarah OUaL


14 thoughts on “Tuesday Nights are the new Tuesday Mornings

  1. Hooray for the return of Track Party Tuesday!! Everytime you talk about speedwork I remember that I need to make that a part of my training…. then I (convenientely) forget again.


  2. I run track on Tuesday nights as well. I don’t know what I would do without my friend Wendy, we’re both training for the same marathon at the same pace! I just moved to SoCal from DC so finding her was like winning the lottery! In college I would go out on a Tuesday night and puke from drinking to much, ahhh how times have changed, still puking though. So good to hear you have someone to share your Tuesday night torture secessions with.


  3. Yaaaay for the revival of TRT! I’m slightly jealous I won’t be doing any workouts until the fall at least (baby on the way). I also need to make more running friends….aka friends who aren’t my husbands old track buddies …. and I can actually run with and do fun things like have weekly workout sessions.


    • Are you getting a jog stroller? Insta-run buddy! (I have 7094x admiration for mom runners pushing those things – I can’t even stand pushing my shopping cart through the grocery store)


  4. Kat and I are about the same pace and we are training for MCM together. There will be lots of track parties in our future come June. I agree – speed work is way better with friends or faster boyfriends who you are hellbent on beating.


  5. jealous of your track speedwork!! i had to do mine today on the treadmill (not fun) because it was full on blizzard here in ohio. according to my speedy run friend, we did a “pyramid” (2×400, 2×800, 1 mile below marathon pace, 2×800, 2×400 with 400m jogs in between) and for the first time EVER i got the i’m-going-to-vomit/pass out/probably die feeling. it was awesome.


  6. I just saw you beautiful blogging ladies at the expo for the Surf City! Although I am not running it, I live right across the street. Let me know if you ladies want free parking! Haha. Good luck tomorrow!



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