Gimme Dat Bib

Suppose I need to explain myself after THIS went out…

Remember how after CIM Brian registered for the Surf City Marathon to try and challenge the Household 26.2 PR? And how I was going to “coach” him and help implement some of the “real” workouts I’d been doing in his training, instead of just going out and running xx miles as fast as possible like he’s always done?

Uhhh it didn’t work out so well.


That’s an Achilles Rocktape-tape job. A good one, and effective, but not marathon-salvageable.

He killed the first few weeks of training, claiming to “totally dig” (might be my words, not his) the new-to-him interval and tempo runs. How each day felt like a new challenge, rather than seeing the overall goal as a huge task to slowly try and chip away at. Feeling and seeing progress in a way more than long run mileage growing.

The one thing he didn’t love? Slowing down.

He’d gotten so used to running his 7:xx pace every run (I KNOW, so gross) that putting on the brakes was even harder than hitting fast mile repeats. And somewhere along the way, around Christmas time, his body retalliated. Despite periods of rest, chronic icing/heating, and an anti-inflammatory regime, he just couldn’t get the Achilles tendonitis under control enough to continue training.

Yes, I feel terrible and mostly responsible. I was pretty sure I’d be served divorce papers when he officially waved the white flag. (He swears he doesn’t blame me, but there was that one time I woke up in the middle of the night because he rolled over and almost “accidentally” suffocated me “in his sleep”…)

…And then again when I asked if I could run the half in his place. I mean I might feel bad but that doesn’t mean I’m going to let a $120 registration fee go to waste.


what’s yours is mine including joint finances and race bibs

So I’ll be running the Surf City Half this weekend. I’ve never run it (because I abhor spending $$$$$ on big-name races) but did keep a few friends company on the course last year. I’m in no shape to run anything even near a PR, obviously, and instead hope to get some good work in on pacing and finishing hard. Whatever finish time that may be.

(but hopefully not a personal worst)

((although if it is it’s fine because it’s going on Brian’s name, not mine))

Sarah OUaL


18 thoughts on “Gimme Dat Bib

  1. I am so very sorry to hear about Brian’s injuries, may he heal warp speed and get back on his speedy legs. I was just offered a bib to Surf City, but wasn’t sure it could transfer. Are you running as Brian or did you contact the race? I didn’t know the person offering me the bib was handing me $120, geeze, I need to nicer to them. Maybe I’ll see you there!


    • I’m running as Brian – web says no transfers but I didn’t try real hard (was able to pay $5 to defer down to the half). I probably won’t run with the timing chip as to not “skew the results”. Come run! Would love to meet you.


  2. I LOVED this race! I flew out two years ago from DC to Huntington to do this one. A surf board medal — cool concept! Would do it every year if I lived closer. Bummer that Brian is injured. :(


  3. Poor B. Achilles Tendonitis sucks. It likes to hang on for as long as it can. Hope he feels better soon.

    Have so much fun this weekend! I had planned on coming to cheerlead but not have visitors so I will be staying on the homefront. Next time fo sho :)


  4. I was suppose to do the full but have a bit of an injury so I dropped down to the half and am going to do a run/walk. I’m pretty sure it will be a personal worst(I’m very sad) but I don’t want to compromise the rest of my season!!

    Good luck!! Have a great race!!!



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