Thanks for the Laughs, Race Photographers

my conscience is telling me to apologize for stealing these photos.

… ok.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sheila came up with an idea for Surf City course entertainment – play “spot the photog” and “do something crazy” each time we saw one. Unfortunately between the constant chatting and me focusing on not tripping over my dragging feet we failed to plan our team poses until it was too late.

Here’s how it played out…


being TALL Sarah has its perks – spotting race photographers and can’t-miss-em 10ft arms to name a few



Early 90s pop dance eludes me, apparently


Or were Margot and Sheila drafting off me? Rude


the last 2 were pretty tough on poor Sheila


haha no spring left, sorry

Somewhere along the homestretch I set out on a mission – told the girls,

“if I can’t get a decent f’ing official photo this way, it’s just never going to happen.”

So I slowed my pace, tried to put a little extra air under my Brooks and a smile on my face, and did my best to not look like the last 12 miles tore me up.

And I’ll be damned, it worked!


Who’s going to give me $39.99 so I can ditch the watermark?

A few other things Surf City photos taught me :


I’m flicking my right toe out again. This has always been the first step of fatigue form break-down, and resulted in some gnarly runner’s knee in the past (and I’m sure it’s not great/a source of my tibialis issue). Chi running suggests a pelvic tilt and strengthened medial muscles (inside of leg) will help correct & even me out?

– anybody else have this issue? how’d you fix it?


Major <3 for the Bum Wrap. The compression shorts didn’t move an inch and I got a lot of compliments on it which made me feel good because even if you feel fat and slow you can still look awesome. Only wish is for a pocket – the iphone-in-a-ziplock isn’t a real keen accessory.

* UPDATE * new Bum Wrap has a zipper pocket! and is available in grey!

And in closing, an old news statement about how awesome runner friends are and HAVE YOU EVER SEEN RUNNING LOOK SO FUN?? xoxo


Happy Friday — Kick ass and have fun if you’re racing/running/tv marathoning this weekend. I mean, whatever.

Sarah OUaL


29 thoughts on “Thanks for the Laughs, Race Photographers

  1. oh I love that last one….too bad those darn pics are so $$$$$
    maybe I should try those Oiselle wrap….is this size tall..? looks good on you!
    So happy we will get to run R-Vegas together !


  2. Yay! I’m snowed in on the east coast and totally cabin-fevered out so thanks for blogging and giving me something to read. Those race pictures are amazing. My favorite has to be the one where it is just your arm sticking out.


  3. Oo that bum wrap looks right up my alley. They don’t look like booty shorts — and they really stay in place?

    Not that I’m allowed to buy running clothes right now (or, um, running). Just planning.


  4. Looks like so much fun!!

    I’m not sure if this will help your stride, but here’s what’s helped me. One, think of the “pull.” You want to pull your foot toward your butt. I learned to get this move down by putting my hands in front of me and leaning slightly forward. First slow, thn adding speed. Second, I use the mental cue “knees forward.” It helps from cranking my knees too high, of letting them point at the cement. Also from wobbling side to side :)


    • Thank you! I’m sure just paying a little more attention to what my legs are doing instead of “oh look what she’s wearing” “that car was driving way too fast!” “mmm the new sushi restaurant is open!” “what did that sign say?” “we should really go to that wine bar sometime…” would make a significant difference…


  5. Ha the last race I ran I made sure to act a fool every time I saw a photographer. Somehow a picture that looks ridic on purpose is so much better than a pic that looks ridic while I am actually focusing on running lol


  6. Toe out w lack of hip ext is from tight hip fkexors. Also see how ur knee drops in when u land? U need to strengthen lateral hip glut med. lunges w emphasis on knee over 2nd tie standing abd and clams. Ur husband is a pt why didn’t he tell u


  7. This makes me want to run a race with friends. That race looked like so much fun! And I can’t wait to get my melange bum wrap in the mail – may even break it out for my 5k next weekend after your glowing remarks! Looks like you have a great base despite taking a much needed zero month – Can’t wait to hear about your eugene half (right?) training!


  8. Funny race pictures are the best! Pics from my last race look like screenshots from the walking dead.. and no I wasn’t running in the zombie run ;) I love that the bum wrap upgrade includes a pocket- always that the wrap was a cool idea! I think my running wardrobe needs one now that it has a pocket!


  9. Weirdly, hours after your attempt to Macarena, I heard the ridiculous song in the LAX Chilis. It’s been years since I had even heard a reference to it, never mind the song!

    You guys looked like you had a ton of fun – considering how many horrendous race photos you get, you might as well try to be silly – they’ll probably come out better.


  10. It was great meeting you, Margot and Sheila during the race, even if it was not my finest hour. I should have stuck with you, in retrospect, but what’s done is done. You guys are probably the only thing – other than a tiny smidgeon of pride – that stopped me from lying down on the side of the hot road and having a good old-fashioned temper tantrum, so much appreciation for being so sweet to a stranger from New York. Hope to see you again when we are all feeling our best and sub-1:40ing like it ain’t no big thang.


  11. HAha love the pics. It looks you had a great day for a race and a ton of fun what more could a girl ask for? I have had Surf City on my to race list forever but I never seem to make it work. Hopefully next year. Congrats on your race!


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