Ummm YES I’m Having Dessert

I have some major life issues.

  1. I have an insatiable sweet tooth
  2. I prefer not to weigh a million pounds
  3. I’m not a good baker, and in light of #2 refrain from trying since I end up eating all the product (good or bad)

On Saturday we met some friends at Stone Brewing Co – don’t worry I won’t rub the perfect 70 degree day, sipping IPAs in the garden from an adirondack chair in your face… – no, the AMAZING dessert is what I want to brag about.


Apple Bourbon Bread Pudding

Normally I wouldn’t order bread pudding, but the waitress did some hard selling on it and I’ll be damned if it wasn’t the highlight of the meal.

Yes, even over the beer.

But so it inspired me to get in the kitchen and try to recreate a similar, healthier dish. Ok actually not really similar at all, but it did get me in the kitchen using something other than the microwave. I wanted something fruit-based and low in sugar, but sweet and crunchy to satisfy my dessert cravings.

Warning : I didn’t follow a recipe, and only eye-balled/might not even remember what all I threw in here. But the premise is simple and I’m sure you more kitchen-capable people (reminder, the bar is low) can smooth it out a bit for yourself.


Fruit Crisp –—healthy, simple, small threat of fire dept visit

Yields : 2 pie pans-worth, one apple one straw-apple. Actual servings TBD – likely >2 but <6

  • 6 apples, peeled & sliced (golden, braeburn, jonagold mix)
  • 1/2 a big plastic thing of strawberries, sliced


  • 1c rolled oats, uncooked
  • 1/4c-ish whole wheat flour
  • 1 spoonful sugar, 1 spoonful brown sugar
  • 2tbsp melted coconut oil (or butter)
  • pinch baking powder
  • cinnamon, nutmeg
  • optional : flax seeds, sunflower seeds, etc

Dump fruit in Pam’d pan(s). I used a dark glass round pie dish. Don’t really think it matters.

Mix all the topping stuff together, try not to dump all the melted oil/butter in one spot. Doesn’t stir up real well.

Throw in 400 degree oven, uncovered, for like 20-25 minutes. I spooned a few teaspoons of water over the crisp halfway through because it looked like it was going to start disintegrating. Not really sure it was necessary (hindsight – prob needed more oil/butter).

Serve warm with ice cream, naturally.


don’t worry, that was just an out-of-oven taste test – had a proper-sized portion after dinner

While I was in the kitchen I made a veggie lasagna too but it’s a real hot mess and most inedible (I’ll eat all of it anyway – stubborn, cheap, and hungry) so no worries there won’t be a Top Chef OUaL post on that.

Sarah OUaL

9 thoughts on “Ummm YES I’m Having Dessert

  1. That looks incredible! I have a huge sweet tooth too. Every time I bake I have one serving and bring the rest to work. My co workers love the treats and I love not eating 2 dozen cookies while watching the biggest loser lol


  2. I saw your pics on instagram & it looked like an absolutely perfect day. My hubs loves breweries & we go to them whenever we travel. We’ll have to put this one on our to-do list. I absolutely love fruit crisps – so I’ll have to try this one & smother it in vanilla frozen yogurt.


  3. You’ve seen my burned pan photos.

    Truthfully, I can cook…sort of… It just takes practice and letting go of any preconceived ideas of it being a) easy or b) an attractive end-product. You’re doing awesome!


  4. this sounds amazing and will likely be thrown in my oven this week…hello marathon hunger! on the veggie lasagna front, i made one last week that was pretty delish and easy- and we’re not veggies in my house! i’ll email you the recipe!


  5. i am a sucker for bread pudding and will order it if its on the menu, but i’ve realized bread puddings are finicky and there are only a few good ones. that being said, I made a Paleo bread pudding this past weekend, with dark chocolate, banana and pecans and it was SO good. All gone and now on my hips : (
    I will have to make Eric take me to this place…


  6. this looks good! impressed :) i LOVE bread pudding-and somehow didn’t have a single bite while in NOLA-where it’s so popular. i swear, every single post i’ve read tonight has mentioned dessert and i gave that shit up for lent. my mouth is watering.



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