My Big Head Thinks You Missed Me

I didn’t mean to go totally internet AWOL this weekend – not apologizing, just openly admitting to my chronic “oh I should do this…” and then do anything but that thing out of sheer laziness habit.

There’s a half-draft pending about Friday’s long run and a brain-post (meaning it’s written in my head but hasn’t translated to type yet) that I had lofty plans to schedule while I was hiding in the Midwest at a work function surrounded by long-distance coworkers that love giant meat platters and have no mercy on their poor SoCal vegetarian…


Related : I left sentence structuring and grammar rules behind with the BBQ and snow – blame the sausage fumes inebriating my tofu brain

Anyway, not that anyone really cares but that’s why your twitter / FB / Instagram / Greader and all those other iphone-permanently-in-hand activities were OUaL-less the last few days.

I’m exhausted, desperately fighting this plane/handshake/communal food service scratchy throat, and took two un-planned rest days while away. Life happens and sometimes you just have to bag your AM run plans to have a margarita (or seven) with your coworkers and blame not getting up on the gym “not opening early enough.”

(and no, running earlier outside was not an option bc 1) no suitcase space for all those layers and 2) SoCal aint got time for no snow running)

((and really, it didn’t open until 7))

This is going nowhere and I have no good closing point other than admitting to not running the last three days, so lets just leave it at “I’ll run tonight, and if you’re feeling deja vu it’s because I wrote an almost identical post a year ago.”

And also here’s a picture from my Friday LR endorphin high in case you forgot what I look like in running clothes.


upper lip sweat and all.

Sarah OUaL


8 thoughts on “My Big Head Thinks You Missed Me

  1. sometimes you need a few margaritas. and i get you on the not running outside. just not acceptable or doable sometimes in the midwest winters. you’d have to be insane, not just crazy..



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