HGtv for Runners (a Giveaway)

We’ve moved quite a few times in the last few years. Like, 4x in 4 years, and each time I’m all hell-bent on “making THIS place feel like home!” A massive trip to Ikea ensues, and either the $100+ of knicknacks and tea towels don’t make the immediate transformation I imagined while drunk on Sweedish agoraphobia or I let the projects gather dust for months years before actually letting them do any work.


bedroom wedding collage – bought the frames a week after moving to the place before where we live now

The next few months are always a blur of aimless ventures to TJ Homegoods and World Market, and lofty plans to “go thrifting” (which I’ve never actually done) to finish the homey mission. And before I know it we’re packing again and the place looks just like it did when we moved in.

In an effort to reign in some unnecessary stress in the throw pillow aisle, this time we moved – ahem, 9 months ago – I coined a “theme” to each room. This is undoubtedly not a breakthrough method to interior decorating, but I admittedly am not much of an HGtv’er and probably carry more Y chromosomes than your typical froufrou female.

I’ve been wanting to make a change to the guest room/office for a while, and knew running needed a little more of a shoutout than it was getting. But with limited space and a pretty adamant case against clutter and lots of color, I wanted something other than your traditional medal hanger or shadow box collage.

10 007a

race clutter currently haunting my dreams from two rooms over. I’m the messiest clutter-hater in all the land.

When I found RACER frames I knew they’d be perfect for what I was looking for – simple yet interesting design, easy to swap/update with new “BEST RACE EVERRRR” memories, and no-husband-required mounting.



better quality B&W prints are in the mail to swap out, but it’s pretty sweet if I do say so myself.

Maybe you want/need to do some redecorating yourself? Let your Runnerd Design Star shine? Finally do something with that stack of bibs you swore you’d do something with a year ago?

Let me help.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Option 1 : Enter to win my giveaway for one RACER Wall Frame

(one entry for each – MUST leave a separate comments to count)

  • Comment with your favorite race/memory that you’ll feature in your frame. (mandatory) 
  • Tweet (optional)- must include me (@SarahOUaL) and #artofracing (remember not to lead off with an @ – otherwise your followers won’t see unless they follow that person as well!)
  • Facebook (optional)- tag RACER (+myracer)

Option 2 : Use code “ARTOFRACING” for 25% off your entire RACER order at checkout


Option 2 BONUS : Every order placed using the “artofracing” code will be entered into a drawing for a FREE RACE ENTRY of the winner’s choice! (up to $200 value)


So there you go. A chance for a free wall frame, a killer discount code, and a drawing for a free race of your choice. Saddle up – race season is among us!

Sarah OUaL

Winner of the frame will be chosen at random on Friday 3/8 at noon PST. Discount code good through 3/15. Free race winner will be announced 3/22.


52 thoughts on “HGtv for Runners (a Giveaway)

  1. I’d most likely use the pic of Brad & I at the finish of the Austin Half Marathon last month, the final race in the Austin Distance Challenge. His third half marathon, our third together *insert proud girlfriend face here* Finisher’s photo is def. frame worthy!


  2. My favorite race memory was completing my first (non-relay) triathlon – the 2011 Philadelphia Insurance Triathlon. Two of my good friends were right there with me on the course which made it extra fun!


  3. Although not my favorite race, my favorite race memory is when the man-friend proposed following a half marathon. I would definitely frame a photo at the finish of that race!


  4. Finishing my first half marathon (at Disney) and posing in front of the Epcot ball (and inadvertently a wheelchair as well, but that just adds to the fun of the pic)!


  5. I think the best feeling ever was crossing the finish line at Nike Women’s Half in San Francisco as one of the top 50 finishers and getting to high five Kara and Shalane!


  6. Probably finishing my first half. It was a bit of a death march at the end (unseasonablly hot, humid weather. LIke, warmest day of the year so far by about 20 degrees. I even had a guy colapse in front of me with heat exhaustion with a couple miles left). I was just so happy to be done and so happy I didn’t die, but it was still an awesome feeling that I finished.

    On another note, my husband and I typically live in a palce for a year before we manage to hang anything on the walls. Not because we don’t want too, we just never get around to it. We moved into our new house in Nov. We currently have one picture on the wall, because as I was carrying it in, there was a nail on the wall and it seemed liek a safe place. It will likey live there forever.


  7. Finishing my first half-marathon in the mountains of Western North Carolina was an incredible feeling, and having my best friend waiting at the finish line made it even better. We trained together as it was the first hm for both of us, and even though she finished much faster than I did, she hung around in the rain to wait for me–that’s a true friend!


  8. What a cool idea! Anything from my first marathon, which was total bliss. I have never felt so awesome for an entire race, which is pretty cool, considering that’s the longest I’ve ever run.

    Second marathon (PARIS!!!!!) is coming up SOON so I’m hoping to get some awesome photos from that too!


  9. My favorite race memory that I’d feature in the frame is me crossing the finish line at this past November’s American Family Fitness Half Marathon. I was shooting for sub-2 and crossed the line at 2:01:00. My previous best time was 2:06:57, which was run at my first half marathon in 2007. Even though I missed my sub-2, I couldn’t have been happier to have run as fast (for me) as I did and finally beat my original HM time.


  10. I would frame the picture of me crossing the finish line at the SF marathon. It was the first race that I really pushed myself in and saw what my body could do. If I had a picture of my dad and I running his first 10K together, that would go up in an instant!


  11. favorite race memory that definitely has to be framed (and no one else will understand other than a runner) is crossing the finish line, knowing i made my marathon PR, and promptly fainting 2 steps after crossing. My mom “forgot” to take pictures on the course, so after finding out i was fine, she started snapping pics….of me on a stretcher. great memories :)


  12. This year’s 26.2 with Donna in Jacksonville was pretty emotional for me. It was the first time I ran in celebration of my sister’s life instead of in support of her battle with breast cancer. I have a couple of important pics from that race I would love to display.


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  14. My favorite race memory is a tie between my PR race (3:13:48) at Yuengling Shamrock Marathon last year and running in the CIM with my “Just Married” shirt on our honeymoon! I can’t decide! I have pictures and race bibs from both :)


  15. Oo this is tough. I don’t really have good race photos because no body is ever around to take them at the finishing line. I do have some bibs and a fun pick of me and some pals after we finished the Zombie obstacle course 5k, so I might go ahead and use that, especially if i can fit the awesome medal in there somehow. Yay!


  16. My favourite race by far was my first 10K. I signed up on whim one day when not paying attention in class; 4 months later the date snuck up on me a lot faster than I could have ever imagined. Although it sucked at times, finishing the race was a huge accomplishment and sparked my love for running again! Since then I have ran a 5k (placed 2nd in my age division), another 10K, and a 5 miler. Now I’m training for a 15K!


  17. Finisher’s picture from the Houston Marathon 2010 with my BFF. (Unknowingly) broke my arm and leg at mile 15 and finished continued to pace her through the finish. Dumb? Probably. Makes me kind of a bad ass? For sure.


  18. I’d frame a photo with my parents and I at the finish line of my first race after recovering from a stress fracture. They were there to help me all along the way of my injury recovery and the sunny SF finish was amazing!


  19. I would post a pic of me and my dad after the Cleveland Half Marathon a couple years. His first and I ran in honor of my cousin and spreading awareness about the dangers of blood clots. It was pretty epic.


  20. I would use a picture of myself in a local 10k, pregnant and pushing a running stroller with my two boys–running for 4 was awesome!


  21. I would without a doubt put my picture from my first marathon in that frame. Absolute best moment of my life. There isn’t enough words to capture that moment, so a picture is the best way!


  22. Favorite memory: in my 2nd marathon I wasn’t expecting my boyfriend to be along the course and around KM 23-24 I saw this guy standing up on a fence and being really tall. Turns out it was my boyfriend with a camera, and I managed a smile and a wave which he caught on camera.


  23. My favorite race memories: finishing my first 1/2 marathon and finishing in third place with my boyfriend at the ‘Run With Your Hun’ 5k!


  24. I would save the frame for the upcoming Cap City Half Marathon in Columbus. I’ll be running with my boyfriend and his sister (who graduates from Ohio State the day after the race). She doesn’t know it yet, but we’re going to make this race pretty awesome for her – shirts, sparkles, balloons, signs…it’s going to be fun! She will have raced Cap City all four years while at OSU, so we have to make this last one a memorable race.


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