Part 2 – The Virtues of an AM/PM Runner

In honor of actually waking up, NOT falling back into bed, and making it out to meet K for 10 miles before work yesterday, I figured it time for Part 2 of the ‘can I/do I really want to become a morning runner?’ research study.

Have to say, if I knew K wouldn’t un-friend me if I left her out to dry on her own at o’dark-thirty I definitely would have kept sleeping. And from the sounds of what y’all are telling me, that initial “get your ass up!” motivation doesn’t get easier, it just “becomes habit.”

Let me tell you what else is a “habit” : eating a 95% of a bag of Popchips before even realizing it, ordering vodka soda at the non-beer bar even though you hate it, and getting sucked into Sweet Home Alabama or How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days on weekend afternoons.

Seriously, if you tell me you can watch 5 minutes of Melanie Smooter/Andie Anderson and not camp out for 2+hrs, you’re lying.

But I’m going to give y’all the benefit of the doubt that if I continue making an effort towards morning workouts they’ll get marginally easier and I’ll be less of a hazard to those actually willing to meet Grumpy Sleepy Sarah for a run.

Because let’s be honest – the accountability of someone tapping their foot and looking at their watch waiting for me is the only thing getting me out the door right now…

AM PMpros

Quick Briefings Before the Weekend :

  • You have one hour left to enter the RACER Wall Frame giveaway!
  • The “ARTOFRACING” code for 25% off and entry into the free race giveaway will run through March 15th. Shop here.
  • Pro Compression is having a massive giveaway – Code “MARCH” gets you 40% off any sock or sleeve, and enters you to win prizes including an iPod and iPad mini! Official rules.
  • New Nuun flavors are out. Holla cherry limeade, watermelon, lemonade! Get some.
  • Tomorrow is the last day for the Team Gab Virtual Race, benefiting my friend Heather’s fundraising towards Pediatric Cancer Research. You can read her daughter Gabby’s story HERE and register for the race HERE. (ps there are prizes)

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend! I’m off to book a cruise – sounds like the good way to vacay these days

Sarah OUaL


7 thoughts on “Part 2 – The Virtues of an AM/PM Runner

  1. I’m an AM running so that I can happy hour at the drop of a hat without missing a workout…also, I’m old so my couch wins the evening battle. every. single. time. Now, on the important point: order vodka water and add Nuun- you will no longer hate your selection. Oh, and 2 fab movie choices for some good laughs, sighs and general time suck. :) happy friday!!


  2. I love both of those movies! You are so right, they suck you in!
    I am sooo excited for the Nuun cherry limeade flavor! I am totally addicted to that stuff now!



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