Pass the Duct Tape? My Ass-Kicking Button is Broken.

This will not be your normal weekend recap post. Not that you expect anything normal or regulated around here in the first place, but I felt the need to preface with that anyway for some reason.

Sarah Mac – Oiselle teammate, marketing guru, and sweat-wick model extraordinaire – was in town (the story behind the visit HERE). Despite the trip’s unfortunate circumstance  and my anxiety over ‘OMG how do you entertain an elite runner who’s missing their goal race?!!’ we managed to have a pretty good time.


Sweat-testing some new threads including YES THE NEW SPORTS BRAS (more on those later this week), lawn games in the alley bc duh you can’t drink on the beach, Nuun mixologizing, brown bagging at a delicious BYOB Thai place, running the pool table AND the jukebox at the skuzziest dive in all of Newport, Vine and driving biking, auditioning (and failing) for a bird model spot, duffy boating and getting to know a teammate a little better.

Solid 27 hours, IMO.

But since weekends are for long runs, lets talk about running for a second.

We’re seven weeks out from Eugene, and my ass-kicking button is broken. I (somehow) ran 49 miles last week, half of which I didn’t wear a watch for and 98% of which I didn’t give a flying F about pace or effort or what type of “workout” it was supposed to be. Just plain old running. Junk miles.

I *hate* junk miles.

This is the heat of training and I’ve pulled my inner “but I don’t wannaaaa” five year old out way too often for someone who usually thrives on those ball-busting workouts. Yes, it’s better than last week where I completely bagged the miles all together, but my lack of enthusiasm towards running hard is slightly concerning. And I want it back.

So I did what every normal person (at least I hope) would do – I signed up for the ultimate pain-fest reality check, a 5K this weekend.

My unofficial “wtf is wrong with you?!” psych self-evaluation during LR walk break #15 is that I don’t have that fear that marathon training instills in you. Like, you better freaking get those 20 milers in or you might really not survive on race day. With the half, I’m all,

“Whatever, I can go run 13.1 miles right NOW, what’s this run going to do? Shave a few seconds off my finish time? pshhh, whatever. Let’s go get froyo.”

(related : Yogurtland has Lucky Charms marshmallows now. all those years picking them out and leaving a bag full of boring cereal have been redeemed!)

Just getting miles in and enjoying the simple act of running would be fine if my goal was just to finish in Eugene, but that’s not the case. I want a PR. I want to run fast. I want to see what I can REALLY do. I want that fighter back.

And this Sunday will be a nice wake up call on how much work I’ve got to catch up on to get there. I’m scared excited already.

Sarah OUaL

ps the RACER Wall Frame winner was Shanna C! (she already knows) Congrats!


11 thoughts on “Pass the Duct Tape? My Ass-Kicking Button is Broken.

  1. That exact situation has definitely happened for me as well. I think it’s just part of being mentally exhausted, and sometimes taking a break from the Garmin is a good idea. Just like you gotta give you body rest to improve, the same applies for your mind. This is probably just your brain’s way of telling you that it needs to chill. So just relax, you’ll get back into it and after some R+R you’ll get the fighter back!


  2. Totally unrelated to this post comment: I see on your race sched you are running the Cleveland 10k!!! Yay! I am probably going to run one of the races associated with that weekend, depending on how I feel post-Eugene…


  3. This post makes me want to drink wine and play ladder ball. That was the moral of the story, right?

    But really, lace up those Brooks and race the crap outta that 5K this weekend! You’ve got some speedy miles in you. GET ‘ER DONE.


  4. Gah! I totally know the feeling! Last summer I was in the biggest running slump ever! Signing up for that 5k is a great idea. I ended up doing a lot of 4 mile fartleks to ‘shock’ my body and mind out of the slump. These didn’t take longer than 30-33 minutes, so I didn’t have an excuse to not do them, and the change of pace (see what I did there?) really helped me to change my attitude and build up my speed. Good luck!


  5. Why does running have to be that way?? There is nothing worse than not giving a flying fuck about your run. It makes it that much more painful. Just be awesome, running! Good luck at the 5K this weekend!


  6. Hey! This doesn’t really relate to the post but just a general question. My sister got me a Oiselle gift card for my birthday and I’m having the hardest time deciding what to use it on! Currently debating between lux layer or oiselle trials hoodie. What are your MUST haves??


    • Oh so tough – the trials hoodie is a definite staple in my everyday life (including non-running), but the Lux Layer is a complete run-wardrobe game changer. No joke the most magical fabric and perfect cut. Black rogas are a must for me, too. Also, your sister is awesome – can I borrow her?


  7. Hope that 5K lights the fire under your a$$ that you’re looking for!

    Bahhhh I wish we had Yogurtland where I live :-/ …. which reminds me- my little sister was that kid who hid under the table with the Lucky Charms box and picked all the marshmallows out and then stealthily put the box back in the cabinet.



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