Have Boobs, Will Test Your Sports Bras


DSC_0746 (1)a

Pretty big boobs, actually. And my body fat is in the double digits. I am built more like a Labrador than a Greyhound, and nobody will ever ask me for the secrets to my abs (because they are invisible) or yell “EAT A CHEESEBURGER!” as I run by.

Which, you know, is fine, because the beauty of running is you can do it with whatever body you have, so long as it includes at least a leg or two.

I’m pretty confident in thinking there are more people reading this that fall in the “things-jiggle-when-I-run” camp with me than the “Shalane-do-you-need-a-body-double?” camp – and who play the online/catalogue shopping imagination game of “and what exactly will that look like on a normal, non-model body…?”


they let the real models show off the clothes so you’re not distracted by the normal people’s relatable beauty and Tyra-worthy poses, btw. insider scoop.

I don’t know if this “real-girl jiggle” is why Sally reached out to me about Oiselle’s new sports bras (available THIS FRIDAY!), but I’m going to guess it was and definitely NOT the creepy notes I kept sending threatening to move into HQ until I got my hands on them (the bras, not the birds).

Or maybe they saw my race pics and felt bad for what gravity was doing to my girls and wanted to help out.


Mission accepted, Oiselle. C-cup reporting for duty.

Speaking of C-cup, let’s set the stage here a little to give you an idea what kind of a job these bras had cut out for them…

the stats : above-average, but not as giant as all the midget OC runners make me seem. 5’8″, 143lbs, 34C.

photo 1b

in the Strappy, showing off my 6-pack

the current roster : those Nike Pros you can get for $12 at TJ Maxx (worn inside out to avoid seam chaffing), a few random C9 for Target compressioners, and a brief affair with Moving Comfort until I nearly dislocated a shoulder trying to clasp the back. Usually medium, sometimes small for extra-strength smooshing.

I knew Oiselle would have the colors, designs, and material nailed down – these are just automatics for their products – but I was pretty skeptical of the durability these skinny little runners were going to try and pass off as sports bras. I mean what do they know about under-boob chaffing, strap soreness, or double-bagging the light/moderate supporters? Am I really going to put the sake of my already prematurely sagging tatas in their A-cup hands??

(Sally, did you expect me to burn your team’s chests so extensively when you wrote me? No?)

Oiselle Does Boobs :The C-Cup Wear-Test

First up : the High 10


Good news is this is the least supportive of the line and I didn’t give myself any black eyes running in it, but I’d def recommend it for the small-to-medium crowd. I liked the scoopy vneck cut, simple-but-different back (x-straps instead of traditional racerback), and the overall fit was very comfortable, but want/need something more supportive.

The High 10 has lightly padded cups, but not like those crazy torpedo super shapers I’ve seen from other brands. Just enough pad to prevent unintentional headlighting and for flat-chesters to fake some cleav. I didn’t feel outrageous in it, but it was definitely more chest action than I was use to putting out there.



‘extra boobage!’ vs ‘do I need a PG-13 rating for this extra boobage…?’

I wore a medium which fit well, but if you’re between sizes I’d go down. The support was good but because of the padding I’d suggest this for A-B cups. Unless you’re on a manhunt while on the run – in which case pump those babies up, slap on some lip gloss, and get out there!

Next up : The Strappy

photo 2c

I love this bra, and not just because I came to it with skepticism and low expectations. It’s simple in construction (no padding or hardware) yet eye-catching in design, and just does its dang job. The dual straps (although thin) offer extra support, there’s good compression, and the unique look will break up your standard racerback tan line.

Already Strappy has done easy runs, mid-distance tempos, beach stretching, brunch biking, held up to duffy boat turbulence, laid through a lazy Sunday (yes all of these are important wear-test measurements), and came out of the wash looking good. A+ on run and lifestyle performance.


I tried a medium and a small, and preferred the additional squeeze of the small. IMO I’d recommend this up to a C-cup, but probably not much higher. Unless you’re carrying around some jiggle-less biggens somehow in which case I hate you.

(not tested) : The Lesko


in fact that IS the Lesko of “Lesko Bra” – Sarah Lesko in her namesake at the Totally Trials fashion show (from Oiselle’s fb)

Super excited to get my hands boobs on in this one. The most supportive of the bunch and also I have a girl crush on Lesko so… Yeah. Order will be placed immediately.

Overall Verdict : Sally, you done good, and I happily retract my itty bitty skepticism. (Please apologize to the other HQers for me.) You covered all the bases in both design and function, and have created something for pretty much everyone. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some old bras to figure out what to do with

Get your tatas ready, ladies – less than 24 hours till Oiselle puts a bird on ’em…

Sarah OUaL

47 thoughts on “Have Boobs, Will Test Your Sports Bras

  1. You’re very lucky; from somEone a little bigger (D) who chafes something wicked in everything so far :( have no luck in this department. Would like to hear a little more about the Lesko :( but chances are I want be ordering off the interwebs just to test and see if it will support my old sad self without chafing bloody:(


  2. I love you and your giant self! and love when women post their body stats for the public. Being a um barely B, I’ve never had a problem finding a sports bra I liked. Mostly because I don’t need much. As long as it doesn’t chafe then I am good to go. 99% of my bras come from target but looking at the strappy I am intrigued.


  3. Girl, you crack me up! Thank you for the great review. While I’m lacking in the boobage department, a good bra still makes all the difference. The peeps at Oiselle seem so awesome! Happy Running :)


  4. Thanks for this, from a fellow C cup. I was skeptical about the bras because I wasn’t sure how well they would, umm, compress. I’m all about the compression. Let’s just duct tape them down. Will def look at strappy and Lesko and glad to know the High 10 isn’t the bestest for us well endowed gals (well maybe for easy days).


  5. Eeeiiiieeee! I cannot wait for tomorrow! I am stoke to try the Strappy and the Lesko (as a fellow C-cup, sounds like the High 10 might be a little unsupportive of the girls (though its so cute that I may have to splurge and get it, too. You know, for those cross-training days….). Does the Lesko come complete with Lesko abs? *please say yes*

    What brand of shirt are you wearing with the Strappy?!?! Are they no-longer-available-Oiselle? Soon-to-be-Oiselle (a throwback to the old Sarah-Soon-To-Be days:))? They are super cute – and anything that will help me look a little less like death when running is always a win.


  6. Hmmm…. Interesting…. I am 5’7″, weigh 132 and am a 34D – so I am thin with big boobs. I have been wearing Victoria Secret sports bras (the ones they only sell online… not the skimpy yoga looking ones in the store) and Moving Comfort. I have to batten these suckers down. Curious as to whether the strappy would work for me as it is really cute!!!

    Dammit, Oiselle. You NEED someone (me!) to try them out on a half marathon, right? :)


  7. We’re practically the same stats!! I’m so excited by this! I don’t know how you wear Nike Pro bras though – they do nothing for me. I’m a huge fan of Lululemon Energy bras, but they don’t consistently make them. Even though I’m called Fiona, I don’t love the Moving Comfort Fiona. Their Juno is certainly supportive, but makes me feel like an elephant when I wear it. I just ordered the Vixen from Moving Comfort, but I’m excited to try these. I don’t think you can have too many sports bras …

    Seriously, what is the white top you are wearing in the last picture? Must. Have.


  8. I think I could be your body double. I seriously thought you were over 6″ based upon how tall you look in photos. But no, you and I are cut from the same cookie cutter.
    Mmm. cookies.
    Thanks for the reviews! Oiselle makes such cute stuff.


  9. This made me laugh out loud!! I think my co-workers are wondering what the hell I’m reading over here.

    I love every single thing about Oiselle and their goods. I need that strappy! And the gray tank is to die for. Rahhhr. Need more money in my piggy bank!!


  10. When I saw their line in Nove/Dec I just wanted to take the scrappy and white raglan slab and hit the town! Love the combo, but sadly my gals would need a few strappy’s and that’s just not comfortable. Green with envy of all B cups-something I was sure to never say before I started running!


  11. Love this post (you crack me up) and especially love seeing a non-flat chested broad reviewing a sports bra! Definitely a step in the right direction, Oiselle. I also appreciate how thorough you were in the review – I’ve seen other bloggers basically be like, ‘uh, it’s cute. I like it’ and that makes me want to scream.

    I have to echo others’ sentiments though and say where’s the love for the D/DD ladies? Under Armour used to make a compression bra that I loved, but since then, I’ve struggled greatly to find a replacement. As a 32DD-sometimes-really-more-like-DDD, it’s basically impossible to find something that keeps the girls in place without also resembling a medieval torture device. So if the Lesko can deliver, I’d buy 728 of ’em.

    /steps off mini-soapbox


      • I hope so – my love for oiselle grows a little more each day (I am a recent roga convert), cute bras in my size would put it over the top.

        Also, I’m going to steal ‘complex’ as my new favorite boob-related adjective. My boobs aren’t huge, they’re just … complex.


  12. Even us 34A girls have issues with bras too! I get chafing in my armpit/ribs from the seams and some bras (especially Lululemon) flatten the girls in a really strange, unattractive way. I’m excited for the Strappy and the High 10!


  13. Thank you for representing the big boobed runner :) I too sport a pair of fairly large, natural (aka jiggly, bouncy, need support) boobs so a good sports bra for me is hands down number 1 on my run gear list. Every once in a while I envy girls who run by me on the coast in their cute colorful creatively strappy little sports bras. I like ‘the strappy’ – might be giving that a try. I’m closer to a D, so we’ll see how it goes!


  14. I’ll also hold out for the Lesko and/or another “more complex” (<– stealing that) solution, but I'm glad Oiselle reached out to non-flat-chested testers. I was curious to see how they'd do with this, because it seems like the big-boob market and their bread-and-butter serious/competitive runner market don't have a ton of overlap. I'll give them a qualified thumbs up on this, even if none of these would quite, uh, stand up to what I'm delivering. (But maybe the strappy for yoga…)


  15. Lime! Mission accomplished…you gave us the straight scoop! Our goal is not to sell stuff, but to sell what works for the womenfolk…of any shape and cup size. You know…the right bras on the right boobs. With this in mind, I want to clarify that we don’t yet offer D and DD not because we’re plotting a breast tissue conspiracy but because we want to do them right! As gals in this size range know, it’s not just about elastic and stretchy fabric. Padding, shaping, snaps, velcro, brushed elastic, hook and eye, strap adjusters, the occasional underwire…any or all of these might be at play. And the whole piece needs to work perfectly. Bottom line: we see it, we respect it, and we’re on it. Thanks again girlfriend. We appreciate all the good juju and support from you and the OUaL readership! Big love…from the bottom of our bra cups!


  16. Thanks for posting this review! After seeing a few recent race pics, I think it’s time I stopped running in the sports bras I’ve had since freshman year of college (ahem…6 or 7 years ago). Also, considering my boobs grew 2 cups sizes since then, it’s definitely time to try a different style sports bra and one that’s worn out. I think I’ll probably give the strapy a try!


  17. LOL Nice post Sarah! I would definitely go for the Strappy (I’m a 34C and like the extra compression/smoosh), my only qualm is that it doesn’t have any padding – God blessed me with a pair of diamond cutters so unless there is some sort of padding or it’s thicker material I pray no one stops right in front of me mid sprint…


  18. I honestly wish I was a C cup..but instead..at least a DD in most brands, not going to lie, I am overweight..but trying to find a sports bra that doesn’t make you thing your Grandma would wear it, is very hard


  19. Nice review. I am between a B and C cup and have had a really difficult time locating sports bras that don’t allow for highbeaming. I’ve been running with…oddly enough…Danskin line and love them but can’t find the ones I have anymore. I may have to try the second review. When I saw the back criss crosses I did wonder if it is easy to get in and out of. I have one sports bra that seems like a workout just to get the sweat thing off after a run.


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  21. Nice review. First 2 bras are cute but sounds like I couldn’t do anything more than lounge in them. I’ll wait for your take on the Lesko, it sounds the most promising. I am a bit skeptical though, it doesn’t look like the bra does much for the “itty bitty” models so I question what it will do for my 32C situation. The part I question most is I think oiselle ladies are all tall and lanky and it looms like the lesko bra has a lot of strap length between the shoulder and the bra. That doesn’t bode well for 5’2″ me and my shorter torso. For that reason I like bras like the MC rebound racer with adjustable length straps so I can control the amount of “lift”. Maybe a feature for Oiselle to consider on their future bras? Anyway, I will withhold further judgment until I read your review :)


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  24. Thanks for the info! My 22 weeks pregnant boobs are currently trying to take over the world so I’m on the hunt for something to at least keep them down when I run (or at this point, slowly trot) and I may have to give either the Strappy or the Lesko a try :)


  25. This is the best review I have ever read. Hands down. Hilarious yet informative! I am really excited that they are going to come out with some options for us D cuppers and above. When I saw them first come out (and fell in love with the fact that someone finally made cute sports bras), I momentarily wished for smaller boobs then remembered being 16 and flat chested and praying for any boob and then decided I would patiently wait for Sally to come up with genius big boob bras. For which, I totally volunteer to be a tester!



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