Everyone Loves Boobs


Also? The new spring tanks, including the light blue Mio Mesh some of you asked about.

Also also, you guys are boob-crazy. I love it. Your comments and tweets on yesterday’s boob post kept me entertained all day. For those of you itching for some Lesko Bra insight – hear from the namesake herself, a 32-34 B/C what she thinks of it’s performance on the Oiselle blog :


And for the D+ crowd, Sally says they hear your pleas. Getting their feet wet with the A-C line and perfecting what goes into the bra-makin’ biz will lead to more complex development for the bigger sizes. We are a needy, needy bunch, us large-chested runners, and they want to make sure they get it right.


yes, I do answer to “Lime” now. when the bosslady bra-maven calls, you answer to whatever she’s yelling.

Lastly, today is the final day for the 25% RACER Wall Frame discount (code “ARTOFRACING”). For each order placed using the code you’ll be entered to win a free race registration of your choice! Badass.

Double lastly, if you’ve been eyeing a Compex (the e-stim machine that got us all through Ragnar Vegas) code “COMP20” gets you 20% off. Shop HERE.

Good luck to everyone racing and long-running this weekend! I’m trying to get into race mode and drum up some excitement for Sunday’s 5k. Time aside, I really just want to feel that fight again – where puking/painface/tripping because your legs physically can’t go as fast as you want them to is a very real but worthy risk for the strong finish we all dream of.

Yup. That place. Finding it. Somewhere.

Sarah OUaL


10 thoughts on “Everyone Loves Boobs

  1. Yesterday’s boob post made me laugh a lot, even though I have never had trouble with my fried eggs needing much support. Those Oiselle girls are built like gazelles, it’s a little discouraging. I bought some Rogas a month ago and am still waiting for my thighs to get ‘non-British- enough’ to be able to wear them. Darn it!


  2. So glad they are going to plan for a DD size! I wrote a post about not being able to find a sports bra for my size awhile back. Can’t wait to see what they come up with. I’d love to test that sucker.


  3. Wooo Hooo! I’m excited to see what the Oiselle team creates for us “blessed” runners! I would love to see a bra and a tank with a built in bra! I’m with the ladies above— I’ll be a test dummy!



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