Random Things (Why Don’t I Do This More Often?)

I know it seems like just yesterday I was parading around a new short-short haircut (that woops a few of you scorned me for not blogging about), but it was actually February 11th. 5 weeks ago! Here’s what it looked like since I didn’t share then :

photo 1a

The bad news about chopping your hair into a seemingly ‘low-maintenance’ cut is that when it starts growing back it’s pretty noticeable. “IT” being a shaggy neck blanket and loose floppy layers none of which are advisable when trying not to look like an eight year old boy with tits.


ps letting your husband wield scissors to your head is a sign of complete trust and also mental instability. also, NOT approved action per my hairdresser.

So I went back this weekend and did a little “you know, a little less here, more like, choppy here, maybe this part a little different…” until my hairdresser said,

“so, more pixie-ish”

And I agreed and now this is what I look like and I love it and PLEASE JUST STOP GROWING FOR A WHILE!


Anyone in the market to trade free haircuts for bestfriendship and Nuun cocktails? It’s ironically expensive to maintain having very little.

* * * * *

Speaking of tits (?), the Oiselle bras – amaze, no? Total boob heaven. If you haven’t ordered, want to order more, or just need an excuse to drop some mid-day retail therapy, Oiselle is offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $50 today. Happy spring, indeed.


* * * * *

Once again Nuun is putting together teams of lady bloggers to run the e-word Hood to Coast relay this August. I’m not allowed to enter because I ate all the trail mix and farted itoo much in the van last year (kidding – they want fresh meat) so you should apply and let me live vicariously through you. Their announcement and application deets HERE .

Maybe you’ve always wanted to run a relay but don’t have enough crazy friends for a team. Or you love Nuun and want unlimited access to as much as you can possibly drink for a weekend. Or you just want to see if Seattle (where Nuun HQ is) really looks like it does on Grey’s Anatomy.

Here’s my submission from last year for some creative inspiration (and also because I love an excuse to pimp it out and get some more ROI on the time I spent on it)

((hahahahaha it’s a funny joke because ROI = $$ which OUaL does not make))


seriously, PLEASE APPLY. incredible experience.

* * * * *

Lastly, on a slightly more serious note, I have to admit I was a little nervous being all feelings’y about Sunday’s race and re-finding my competitive spark. Historically those type of posts elicit two types of responses : “ohmygod I feel ya girl thank you so much for sharing!” or “get the fuck over yourself seriously just quit if you hate running you suck. – love, anon”

I don’t write to seek out validation or advice or sympathy. I write what I do because 1) I can, and like to, and 2) because maybe someone can relate and will get something out of it.

But it’s always a nice bonus when people support what you have to say. I was touched (and slightly relieved) by your comments and am once again reminded that the internet, while filled with unjust bullying and assholes at times, is a mostly awesome place. So, thanks for reading and being rad. And if you suck or hate me, thanks for keeping your trap shut about it.

That said, I’ve been tossing around the idea of disabling comments on the blog. Theory being I don’t want to feel my writing is being manipulated by how I think people will react, and because I want to promote more two-way conversation. I LOVE getting emails, twittering with people, and engaging a topic on facebook, but post comments sometimes feel very… forced? dutied? an unnecessary way to vie for extra love and digital-worth?

I don’t want anyone to feel obligated to chime in, or that OUaL’s self-worth is measured by such. I also don’t want to deter anyone from reaching out if they do have something to say, ask, or comment on. I’m a quick “@sarahoual” or ‘compose new email’ away, and 100% would love for you to totally abuse that power.

I’d ask for you to weigh in but that seems kind of hypocritical. Instead, I’ll say happy humpday I’m going to the track tonight! Wooo!

Sarah OUaL

26 thoughts on “Random Things (Why Don’t I Do This More Often?)

  1. I went for a pixie cut a few months ago and I totally hear you on the maintenance. I’m currently at the 4 week mark and seriously contemplating taking scissors to my own hair. Trying desperately to make it to the 5 week mark but it’s getting more annoying each day…low maintenance my ass, haha


  2. Love the hair, girl! You are hilarious, and very convincing… thinking H2C would be so incredible and with my free time tonight at 11pm, I’m going to consider it seriously.

    And FWIW, I’m a 5’2″ 8 y/o boy (but with no tatas) and wear my hair short! Not as short as it used to be – it’s gone to that hippie/whitegirlfro/nope-I-didn’t-do-my-hair-again look. Some days, yes, some days no. Today is a hat day. I find that a tiny diamond in my nose and a little lip gloss helps a ton. But, you also look WAY cuter than me, so.


  3. I love your haircut!! I look best with short-short hair, but my hair is wavy and sweaty activities + short wavy hair = horror. I actually started growing it a bit after I started doing Bikram yoga a few years ago – my hair was so heinously frizzy that I couldn’t go anywhere after I left a class. I also realized I couldn’t get back the million hours of my life spent blow drying it straight. Even then it never looked at cute as yours! Now it’s layered almost to my chin and I let it air dry. I have a whole ‘nother set of hair issues, but at least I can throw on a cap without looking like a boy!


  4. Yes, the Oiselle deal and Nuun team stuff is so cool! Glad you shared them with everyone!

    I don’t know the right answer for disabling comments. I don’t care either way. I’ll still love you! I feel like it’s so random whether or not people comment and what they say. I read a lot more than I comment on, but I had just to comment today because that bathroom pic is SO AWESOME! It looks like you and Bri just got out of a sexy shower together and now he’s doing some sort of surgery on your back?! Haha! I’m still laughing. How am I the only one who loved this pic so far?!


  5. Hm it seems odd for me to comment on a post that doubts the authenticity of comments but really just wanted to say your hair is adorable. I’ve never had the guys to go short but have always wanted to.


    • Eek – I should be more clear. I love love the comments y’all leave, and even the .001% jerkoffs with a twisted hair up their ass saying mean things don’t bother me that much. I really don’t want to dissuade anyone from engaging in conversation or voicing their thoughts, just think going to twitter, fb, or email would promote more “talks with legs” we can actually interact on, instead of just “nice post!” or “quit whining.” Still just tossing around the idea though, not convinced one way or the other. And thanks, re: hair :)


  6. Newest short pixie hair looks great! I wish I could rock a cut like that but I think my face is too round. I would end up looking like an 11 year old or something.

    Figured I’d comment since you might take them away! (and actually, it is kind of refreshing to read blogs that don’ t have comments – sometimes it’s annoying if I have something I want to just spit out in response to a post, but that’s pretty rare).


  7. You know how I feel about your pixie cut, I commented last time… your beautiful, and I love that you brought up the issue of comments feeling forced. I feel very similar and have never really thought about how to address it. It’s something to think about. I hate anything forced or fake and feeling obligated is even worse…I would never want my readers to feel this way either. I was thinking of applying for Nunn HTC… what do think? yes, I’m ADD


  8. Love the new cut! It’s super cute and totally suits you. I wish I could rock something like that – I recently chopped off my hair again (nothing nearly as drastic but anything above the shoulders feels short on a girl who has spend most of her life with long loooong hair), and think I just look like a cone head. It’s pretty hot.

    Anyway, in terms of comments just a thought — I comment on a lot less than I read both because I’m lazy (and am reading on my phone most of the time) and because like you mention in your post, sometimes comments can feel fake/forced…even if you don’t mean for them to be. That said, there ARE times when I have a legitimate question or something to say that adds to a discussion, and I think it’s a lot easier to go to someone’s blog and type in a comment than email it. First, because a comment seems a little more casual/less intense/intimidating, especially when the blogger is someone you don’t know in real life. Second, because I feel like a question in the comments might be a question others have too and it’s probably easier for that person to answer it once than continue to respond to emails (plus you don’t feel like there’s a chance you’ll get lost in a bunch of emails). And finally, having comments on posts can lead to great discussion between commenters. I know this can get nasty sometimes and that’s the side of blogging that I hate. And it also means that you leave yourself open to those less-than productive comments that leave you wondering if the person even read the post before responding (those are my favorite…! ha) But it’s a trade off, I guess. Obviously I don’t know the best solution for you and I think it’s great that you are giving this serious thought…figured I’d just add in a few more things to think about….


  9. Love the pixie! < — lame comment. I was actually going to tweet you that but then realized I'd have to sign in to Twitter, which was more work.

    Interesting thought on the comments. I suppose that would up your Twitter/email interactions, which isn't a bad thing!


  10. I am not a huge blog commenter, but I just wanted to say that I normally don’t read comments because instead of a real converstation, it’s other blogger’s commenting with something ridiculous just to get the blog name out there. I read a blog once where the blogger did the normal food posting before blogging about a huge lifestyle change, and the first comment was like “omg, that breakfast looks amazing!”. It was so obivous she didn’t read the blog content and it just felt….disrespectful, almost? So long story short (too late!) I don’t blame you, and when I feel like commenting, I do on FB and twitter.


  11. I totally get that comments feel forced and sometimes when I leave them I feel like they don’t sound authentic but kinda lame. I comment because I think it is a great post or I really enjoyed reading it and I want to say something to let ya know I appreciate all the work that goes into a writing a post. It’s like a virtual high five or hug. That’s weird, right? :-) Anyway keep up the good work. I’ll read whether you are fast or slow, short haired or super short haired, comments or no comments.
    I dig the super short hair BTW.
    Aaaaand I totally want to apply for H2C. You set the bar pretty high on the whole video thing though and I can barely take a selfie.


  12. I understand both sides of the comment disabling debate. HLBs seem to get so many forced, insincere comments, but on the other hand, there have been some really great debates and suggestions via comments (not to mention support when necessary). Maybe allow comments but don’t read them more than once a week?


  13. I agree with the other posts. I know some comments seem forced – maybe because some just use them to promote their blogs? I personally just blog for fun, and I only comment when I have something to say. That said, I love reading other comments, most people are quite sincere and I basically just ignore those who clearly have issues.

    And the hair is cute – I wish I could pull off a pixie cut!



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