A Mental Check Up

Weekly training reports used to be my favorite to write.

  1. They’re easy because you don’t have to think of a compelling topic and how to write about it – Just elaborate on your training log and maybe put some words on a headless picture of your legs in compression socks and running shoes and call it a day.
  2. I happened to be routinely kicking all my workouts’ asses and it was fun to brag about write about success. “’nother track workout, crushed my goal times! tempo, shmempo, coulda gone faster! booyah bitches!”

Cocky, fast* Sarah was easy to chronicle but kind of a cunt.

*relative. always relative

In these days of battles to get out the door instead of battles to see JUST how far under goal pace I could run, I think a head report is due. Check in with the medulla oblongata. We’re only five weeks out from Eugene, after all.

photo 1 (2)

I think the tiedyed shirts were for volunteers – we were walking through the expo (last year) and two girls sitting at a table packing up were like, “want one?” and we’re all “heck YES” and now it’s perfectly broken in and my favorite shirt. good story.

After last week’s 5K and its pivotal AHA!-I-found-my-competitive-spark-again moment I can say my mindset towards running has improved drastically. Do I bound out the door every day and beg for more miles? No. But I’ve never been a real JAZZ HANDS SO EXCITED RUNNING IS THE BEST EVERRRRRR [glitterbomb] runner, so that’s fine.

What has changed, is my approach to each workout. Let me give you an example :

[set scene : leaving work to drive 50min through rush hour for 8×800 at the track]

old sarah : “Barf. It’s going to hurt and UGH I’m so out of shape no way I’m going to hit my goal times how depressing remember how fast you were last year and how much you loved 800s and the track? You suck – go home and have a beer and feel sorry for yourself instead.”

new sarah : “So maybe you’re slow and it’ll feel harder than it should – get over it. You won’t get any faster and they won’t get any easier by skipping. Once you’re there you’ll feel better. Put the Mo Money playlist on let’s go.” (‘go get em, tiger’ self-administered butt slap)


grumpasaurus vs reasonable, non-homocidal Sarahs

Not a complete 180, but the switch from whiney quitter (oh jk you can’t quit if you never start…) to a stern yet stable voice of reason seems to have made all the difference. Nobody’s trying to say you have to put on a bubble costume and chase a unicorn down a rainbow to make a turn in ‘tude. Just approach each workout like it’s there for a reason, it has a purpose, and is getting you one step closer to your goal.

Just a little self-medication I’ve been force-feeding myself that I thought I’d pass on.

The mental is coming along, and with it was a tough physical week. I had a few small ‘niggle’ scares (hamstring and calves) that I think were compounded from the hilly 5k course and finally running workouts hard again, but I’ve been TLC’ing and trying to manage that fine line of sore-pain and pain-pain. Lord knows the last thing I need rattling my fragile brain is a kinda-sorta injury to freak the fuck out over.

This has gotten off track. I’m not injured, I just need to stretch before I’m sore and foam roll before things hurt. Prevention and smarts.

photo 2 (1)

so dependent and needy. ugh fine I need you, too.

So onward we go into the final few weeks of this cycle. Finish up strong and who knows what I’ll pull out of my ass up in Oregon. There is magic in the air up there, remember

Sarah OUaL

I have something pretty cool coming up this week that will hopefully get you excited about spring and the sun and I KNOW most of you are still covered in snow the end is near I just know it and seriously that sucks.


11 thoughts on “A Mental Check Up

  1. Love the new ‘tude! Lately when I’m talking dreading runs I do the ‘you’ll feel better after…skipping this one will make the next one worse” pep talk. Usually it helps :)


  2. I love the tie dye shirt! And thank you for the Grey’s (season 2?) reference!

    Keep getting your Lily Moscowitz on (I’ll see your Grey’s reference and raise you a Princess Diaries reference)- “I told you, I need an attitude adjustment!”


  3. Love the new perspective. I’ve total been there with workouts where I feel like if I can’t nail it then I just shouldn’t do it (stupid perfectionist type A personality). It takes a lot of effort for me to realize that just attempting the workout will make me stronger and a lot of the time when I think I can’t do a workout I surprise myself and do it.


  4. Found some NUUN at Dick’s the other day and bought it SOLELY because I read about it on your blog…aaaaaand now I’m addicted. Thanks a lot. But seriously, best post-workout and post-binge drinking beverage ever. If you get any promo codes for the new flavors you wanna throw our way….



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