Head Straight, Legs… sort of

My brain is playing games on me. Right when I get out of my head and start running on feel and for ‘fun’, it smacks me with a cold case of “you can’t do this without me (mwuwahahahahaah)” .

So much easier to run without thinking.

I’ve had chronic issues with tight calves (the anarchist in me blames transitioning from heel to midfoot striking) but can usually manage them with regular downdogs and easy stretching. Which I HAVE been doing. Swear.

However the last two weeks they’ve been getting progressively tighter and yesterday my reinstated brain admitted they were outside the realm of “normal”. After a hill workout and fast track sesh this week, I spent all of yesterday massaging, stick’ing, and Compex’ing to get blood moving through there, but finally decided running hard this weekend wasn’t in the cards.

photo 2

ps COMP20 is good for 20% off at Compex through 3/31


I actually was really looking forward to 5k painface

Which is a bummer because I was registered to run the same 5k course I ran two weeks ago this morning. I figured with trying not to measure my current self to my old (sub20 attempting) self, it’d be good to have a progress report come within THIS cycle. Chase down route PRs instead of PR-PRs.

Grasping at straws here, please stay with me.

As much as I wanted validation of improvement, chancing this flare up morphing into something serious at the hands of Hills McGee would NOT be worth it. Not now that I’m gaining momentum in training and race season is on the horizon. So I bagged the 5k and opted for an easy (FLAT) 10 miler that I actually really enjoyed. Pain-free.

(I’m taking comfort in the fact that at least my registration $$ went to the university T&F team and not some race director’s pocket)

Speaking of race season, I made some plans…



Yes, the weekend before Eugene. No worries though, this is not race-sabotage ultra relay’ing. I weaseled my way onto a 12-man team and then weaseled my way into one of the easiest legs (runner 1) – three nice, flat, ~5mi each slap bracelet fun runs.

AND I get to lead off. Holla!

Looking forward to van time with some old friends and making new ones – and wearing that sexy reflective vest. Man I freaking love relays.

[the OUaL-pedia on Relay’ing]

Anyway I’ll continue my calf TLC’ing and know this isn’t anything major – I’m not even calling it a setback. Actually it’s such not a big deal I don’t even know why I wrote a whole post about it. My head’s on straight, my legs are tight, and I’ve got a big white van waiting for me in a few weeks. That’s all.

Starting a roll call – who’s running Ragnar SoCal? Eugene?

Sarah OUaL


17 thoughts on “Head Straight, Legs… sort of

  1. I’ll be in Eugene pacing a friend for part of the full! And cheering you on of course!! You had pretty good luck with Ragnar before Eugene last year… :)


  2. So frustrating when our brains and our bodies don’t agree. This is where I’m at right now. Body saying no and mind saying Yes, forge ahead! Hope for relaxed and normal returning to your calves. And for a fun time with Ragnar and Eugene!


  3. I’m running the Eugene half. I’m registered for the full but slacked off with winter training and dropped down to the half. I did the same thing last year so this is becoming a pattern for me. Grrr. Nevertheless, I am super excited because I’m going for a PR.


  4. Awesome that you are running Ragnar! I am heading out to Huntington on Wednesday to stay with my cousin and then meeting my friends for the relay! Let’s meet up!


  5. Hope ur calves get better. Mine have been taught as well. Currently nursing a twinge in my right knee cap (fun fun) I may have missed an earlier post but, are you transitioning into minimalist shoes? U mentioned the change in your foot strike. Just wondering?


  6. I really want to do a Ragnar relay! They look so fun. Especially this 12man team one. I could def do some short, easy legs:)


  7. I’ve also been making the switch from heel to mid-foot strike, and, despite a slow 3-4 month transition, once I increased my running me left calf is soooo bad! I’ve been icing, stretching and rolling but I’m so worried it’s only going to get worse. I’m interested in hearing your calf updates.


  8. I did eugene 2 years ago when I was living in Oregon and am having major race envy now about everyone doing it this year!! I’m a Ragnar ambassador and a fellow ambassador just asked me to join her team for SoCal – I’m ridiculously tempted. Like, so.so.so tempted, especially after reading all of the blog world recaps from SoCal last year!



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