The Many Faces of OUaL Running

I don’t like apologizing for not posting, because I think it’s kind of vain to think anyone really noticed and also y’all probably breathe a sigh of relief every morning your reader/bloglovin/feedly/etc doesn’t show “ONE MILLION unread posts”.

ftr (for the record), I moved to bloglovin and indeed, am lovin it.

This Eugene Half training cycle has been less than stellar, and well-documented as such.

BARF you all just threw up because you’re so sick of hearing about my pity run stories and womp womp doomy gloomy all the time barf barf BARF.

Well guess what? No more! At least, not today. We’ll tip probably like, 45% gloomy and 55% annoying endorphin high.

Last night was a heavy tip towards the latter.

After shoveling way too much food in my dinner hole I set out for an easy 6 miles, and from the first step I felt great, despite dinner still sitting precariously high in my esophagus. Within a mile I decided to just run until I felt like stopping. At the 2.5mi dead-end I knew I wanted more than 6, and once I hit the second stretch of out-and-back I decided to just go big and make it 10. My long runs have been a weakness, so having an impromptu, STRONG double digit weekday run was a huge ego boost. My legs and head were finally on the same page, I didn’t have a watch telling me I was “too slow” or scaring me the pace was “too fast”, and the quiet night air kept Fun Sarah’s thoughts clear and uninterrupted.


Please. I’m begging you.

Anyway, I got to thinking about all the different “Sarahs” that show up for runs. Last night’s was a rare visitor obviously, but there are a few regular characters lacing up the Brooks each day.

Conveniently I was looking for something to do with the inordinate amount of dog pictures on my phone, so here are Chico and Frankie to personify the Many Moods of Runner Sarah :


noooo not going. maybe K will sleep in…”

[texts kristina:] ‘you up??’ ‘yeah’ ‘…damnit.’

track pre

track during

track after

(before) “UGH do NOT want to drive to the track. long day at work. wah wah.

(during) “cmon, Margot! how many more? a little faster!

(after) “I LOVE __(whatever the workout was)__!!


 “all the way up? more than once??” [pees pants]

late night

just stay here. it’s dark and cold out there. your dinner should settle. a beer would be lovely – ohhh New Girl is on!” [waits until 8:30 and finally drags ass out door and wonders time and time again why it’s impossible to fall asleep before midnight]

long run

i’ll drag your sorry ass through the rest of this run if it’s the last thing i do…”

Happy Friday! Ali if you’re reading and not immediately X’ing out of anything running-related I hope the cute dog pictures made your chrons feel better for a bit.

Sarah OUaL

* this post is dedicated to Momma OUaL because she’s all dog crazy and missing her grand-dogs. they miss you too, mom. *


12 thoughts on “The Many Faces of OUaL Running

  1. OMG…I have a black “Pomeranian/spaniel/mix of other stuff” dog that looks just like yours! What kind of dog is he? I adopted mine about a year and a half ago as a puppy from the SPCA in Long Beach…I swear they could be related!


  2. Ahh I love runs like that! I had the same experience last weekend during a 13 mile long run. I did just the distance I had planned, but I felt amazing the whole time. Runs like that keep me going through the 20 bad ones that follow :)

    Loved all the dog pictures! We have three dogs and I have way too many pictures of them on my phone that don’t mean anything to anyone but me.


  3. Gahahaha! I’m not even a dog person, and still find this adorable. I particularly like PM Track Workout, and Long Run. Thanks for the laugh! [And I love the blog world, and how I know which ‘Ali’ you’re shouting out to. :) ]



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