Eugene Warm Up (the game plan – sort of)

EUGENE BOUND RUNNERS! Exciting news!! I’ll be at the Pro Compression booth with SkinnyRunner Saturday from 1-3. They’re having a special giveaway/contest thing to win a free pair of socks during that time so come say hi and make me not feel like a loser with no friends.

If you’re not coming to Eugene, 1) sucks for you 2) you can still get your sock hookup w BLG13 – 40% off and free shipping. (I think that makes it the same as the show special price?)


you can buy two and spend 20 minutes race morning trying to decide which pair to wear! (yellow won)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Now on to actual running deets for race weekend.

The phrase “hay is in the barn” is usually directed in a “trust your training, you’re better prepared than you think!” way. Unfortunately when that hay pile isn’t as abundant as you’d like (welcome to my hay-less barn!) you have to spin it a different way if you don’t want to lose your shit and crumble into a my-goals-and-dreams-are-doomed-I-suck pile on the course.

I obviously wish training had gone better than it did, but I’m going to do the best with what I have. That hay may not fuel the original goals I had my sights set on for this weekend, but it’s enough to put in a solid race if I run smart.

NEW RACE MOTTO : I will run the best race possible within my current capability.

My legs don’t feel great and my training log is singing a much sadder tune than I’d care to admit, but Ragnar majorly bumped my excitement levels, which carried into a couple good runs this week. I’m riding a good high and if things line up even half as perfectly as last year, I think I can do well.

I mean, I KNOW I can do well. Confidence here.

I would love to PR, but realize the perfect concoction of brains, balls, and magical HugeEug fairy dust will be needed to make it happen. If it doesn’t, but I put a race I’m proud of in the bank, I won’t let it ruin my weekend. SWEAR. This trip is about a lot more than the race – reuniting with faraway friends, quality time with good people in a city I love (AND the beer). I won’t let what happens Sunday morning take away from that.

And if its really good? HugeEug better be ready for another monster celebration.

Best of fast wishes to everyone racing – see you out there!

see you soon hayward

Sarah OUaL


18 thoughts on “Eugene Warm Up (the game plan – sort of)


    Dude, I saw how fast/happy your were running last weekend. I know how much magic is in Eugene. And I am well aware of how frequently you underestimate your strength and training. You’ve got this. #PRorIdrinkallofyourninkasi


  2. I can’t believe HugeEug is back already! I swear it feels like just yesterday that y’all were there kicking butt and running amazing PR’s!! Have a great race!


  3. Love your talk of running the best race you can. I signed up for my first marathon in November, thinking I’d train hard. I’m a turtle runner, but was pushing to run an 11:00 min/mile pace. Training was going good until mid March when the knee decided to do its thing and I took a month off running. Yesterday was the marathon. I had intended to go and walk the whole thing to see it through. As the race started, the knee felt okay. Luckily, I was able to walk 5 min./run 2 or more and finish before they took the clock down! How surreal. Hope your day went better than you expected as well. Excuse me now while I waddle off to the kitchen :) Feel like a mack truck hit me.


  4. Love this! Why are all the best races on the same weekend?!! Last year I ran the Country Music Half which was awesome; this year it was Big Sur, and next year I’m doing Eugene.

    Annnnd, you ran the best race in you :)


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