Where the Magic Came From

And now, for all the fun things in Eugene where I didn’t wear a bib or have Clif Shot caked to my face.

An homage to everyone/thing that made HugeEug Part 2 everything I dreamt it’d be (& much much more)…

  • These Girls; for being the easiest-to-get-along-with roommates equally dedicated to running hard and celebrating hard – and for falling asleep after me if any of you snore


kelli, robyn, sad kristina, me, meghan, sweaty

  • Oiselle; for making this group of strangers feel like sisters, and supporting our sport so whole-heartedly


sophia getting a mile 9 five, lots of birds at Ninkasi post-race celebratin’ (source, source)

  • (relatedOiselle Cheer Squad; for brightening up the hardest parts of the course with your endless energy – teammates, friends-of-friends, and anyone with an easy-to-read name on their bib “yeah, Joe! go orange shorts!” 


mile 16 – bubbles, cowbells, chicken hats, (unpictured) banana suit – (source)

  • Em & Meghan; for your inspirational pints & planks performances, and for cheering your absolute hearts out even though I know both of you would’ve KILLED to have traded your cowbells for timing chips


yes, we ARE all impressed with the sideplank cowbell (source, source)

  • Pro Compression; for letting me hang out in the booth a while and for making the perfect orange sock to match my singlet


code “BLG13” for 40% off  + free s/h on any marathon sock or sleeve

  • Every person that said hi (or shouted during the race), for being so nice and making feel super cool. Also thanks for not making fun of how I sound in person. Loved putting so many @____’s with faces and hearing race reports instead of reading them! Oh and sorry to grey-shirt-girl-at-mile-16, who I yelled “I told you NOT to wear that shirt!” at… I hope you had a great race!

eug courtney

thanks for taking our picture, courtney <– new BQ’er, btw

  • Nuun; for hydrating so many runners/cheerers/boozers to all-around PR-caliber weekends


if it’s good enough for a 3:17 marathoner, it’s good enough for me (tell K you want a guest post about her race!)

  • (related) Mason; for another year of perfectly executed and SERIOUSLY HOW WERE YOU IN ALL OF THOSE PLACES AT ONCE magical pacing duties for so many. I suspect you’re already getting requests for 2014…


with Molly at mile 16 en route to a killer PR (source)

  • The Internet; for “introducing” so many rad people, and for making this group shakeout run on Pre’s Trail happen (& Robyn the former native for guiding us bc I fa shur would’ve gotten us lost)


Pre’s Trail with new running friends – can this be every Saturday, please!? (source)

  • (related) House 2; for hosting the pre-race carb fest


Corey, Steph, Molly, Laura, Holly, and Allison

  • Lauren Fleshman; for being an inspiration to women and runners everywhere, and taking the Oiselle “boob heat” off me for a sec.


she has like, national records, and stuff. and a baby growing inside of her. and obvs I think we’re BFFs now. oiselle bio

  • Meggie & Jocelyn; for being the funniest little glitter tattoo Mary Kate & Ashley twins and providing endless entertainment


Or as that guy on the course says – “Thank you for being YOU!” (cc: Holly and Monica)

  • Picky Bars; for the awesome post race party and not unsubscribing my club membership after spilling IPA all over your tablecloth.   * p.s. The new flavor is coming! Success! Pre-order/back HERE if you want some


Steph you’re so cute and no that’s not the speed goggles talking (source)

  • ALL OF THE OREGON BREWERIES; for providing so many delicious liquid carbs, the premium fuel in which OUaL runs best on


some of the Day 1 haul

  • (related, sort of) The VooDoo Donut worker, for “donating” that late night we’re-lost-trying-to-find-our-car-but-hey!-here’s-voodoo!-let’s-go-in! snack when I didn’t know it was cash only and only had card


whatever it was you let my no-cash-carrying mouth have was delicious (source)

  • Verizon; for honoring an early upgrade so I can replace my nuun-soaked dead iphone


until then ol’ Flippy and I are getting our T9word on

  • My Photo Memory (ok, w Mason’s help); for memorizing the course map and clocking 13.09 miles garmin distance (NO I’m not claiming the course was “short”, I’m claiming I ran fucking awesome tangents)


  • And the biggest ‘thank you’ to Kristina; for being the best training partner, travel buddy, and friend. Running that last 1/4 mi with you into the chute was probably the best part of my weekend. I’m so proud of you and can’t wait to see what you do now that you actually know how damn fast you are. And I’m tearing up again…



(source, source, source)

And thank you everyone from HugeEug, for unknowingly letting me steal all of these photos.

Have a nice weekend – good luck to everyone racing, long running, cinco de mayo’ing, whatever!

Sarah OUaL


16 thoughts on “Where the Magic Came From

  1. what amazes me is how my ipad (in house 2 pic above green case on counter, open, during dinner) didn’t take a swim w/ your phone. ;) awesome weekend and so glad i got to be a part of it all! having everyone around took the sting out of a my less-than-stellar race. on to the next adventure…nuun, oiselle and margarita (it is cinco de mayo weekend afterall) in hand! :)


  2. I FEEL SUPER SPECIAL!!!!!! You rock – thanks for the support and helping me finish and probably go faster during my ” Sarah, I can’t ” random outbursts…..thanks for letting me tag along. It was so awesome to meet new people, spend time with great friends, bloggers, all the awesome oiselle peeps, and most importantly the best pacer ever, Mason (@runhydrated). And, for introducing me to the best hydration drink EVER – NUUN. Yup, thanks for all that – With Love, your favorite non-blogger xoxo


  3. seriously! what an awesome weekend. i vote that everyone just goes back and does it all over again! i saw SO much oiselle/nuun support along the course. you guys seriously had such a huge presence and it was AWESOME! it seriously is a magical place and you did a great job capturing “the magic!” huge congrats to your friend kristina! also, super sweet tangent running :) :)


  4. Couldn’t have said it better myself. I think I have to retire from the marathon after #HugeEug as never again will I get pro pacers and then, best of all, like 25 people cheering. I teared up when I saw everybody at mile 26 because it was so overwhelming. It was so inspiring knowing I had so many kindred spirits out there that day. When’s the next internet, but its totally cool friends meet up?

    Also, the fact that I have been compared to MK and A = life made.


  5. I hollered at you at mile 12.5 – and blew you a kiss I believe! Runners high, what can I say? Glad you had a great time, and hope to holler at you again some day. Lol. -Sarah


  6. Wow. I wasn’t there, and I am tasting those endorphins. I’m pretty new in the running-blogger community, but all the posts I see coming out of H.E. is just confirming for me how awesome it is!

    [And congrats on a great race! <—Even though I know you don't like seeing stuff like this in the comments. Tough. ;-)]


  7. Oh man, you are the best. Why can’t we all just live around the block from each other and hang out on the regular??? Also – thank you for the MK & A compliment <—life highlight right there.


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