Operation Nuuntini

Our friend Bob (the one that married us, remember?) was in town last week from Ohio. He’s like a grown up little kid – full of endless energy, the ability to chat up anyone, and an infectious happy-go-lucky disposition on life. You could throw him in the bottom of a well and he’d find a way to entertain and enjoy himself. Not that we did that, but I did drag him to the track with me once so I guess that’s kind of the same.

Anyway, after a healthy breakfast and long hike through Laguna Canyon we came back to the house and Bob declared it the “perfect day for a margarita!” followed by, “can we go out to the beach? do you have a frisbee we can throw? wanna play catch? watch me do a handstand!”


boys being boys, fueled by nuun and tequila

It was the PERFECT opportunity to bust out the Nuunarita recipe, which got two big thumbs (& a frisbee and baseball mitt) from Mr Activity.

And with that the inspiration to test out the liquorability of the new Nuun flavors was born…


cherry limeade, lemonade, watermelon

The next day I employed Kristina as my sous chef – for second opinion tasting, note-taking, and because she had a bunch of awesome mixers and snacks. No mixology experiment is safe without the aid of salty carbs.

You can quote me on that.


hard at work emptying bottles

We came up with a couple SOLID winners, perfect for summertime. There were a few more after these but we stopped taking pictures or measuring anything and truth be told a glass of lukewarm bathwater would’ve been fine with a heavy-enough pour of vodka in it at that point.

So here you are. A few new nuuntail/ nuuntini/ “low-guilt except maybe what you do after them” cocktail recipes.

watermelon daiquiri

Watermelon Nuun Daiquiri

Mix a strong batch of watermelon nuun and freeze in an icecube tray. (Shoulda stuck popsicle sticks in a few – maybe next time.) Crush by hitting the shit out of them inside a ziplock with the back of a wooden spoon. I’m sure the neighbors were seconds from calling the cops, especially when paired with the maniacal giggling coming from K and I. Dice up some fresh watermelon, about an even amount as the nuun cubes, and combine in blender with a heavy shot of rum.

Add an umbrella and a Kenny Chesney song for optimal effects.

lemon sunrise

Lemonade Nuun Sunrise

One lemonade tab in ~6oz water (that’s less than half a pint glass), splash of an orange-y juice (we used mango tango naked), and a two-count pour of tequila. Stir, add ice. Slowly pour a little grenadine down the side so it sinks to the bottom and looks really fancy. If you drink carefully it’ll stay there and you can dump it out because aint nobody got time for weird syrupy stuff when there’s tequila to be had instead.

Cherry Limeade Chaser

(no photo because it’s a tab in plain old water and I’m confident you don’t need visual help to make that happen)

When the daytime boozing kicks in and naptime sounds better than rallying to meet your friends out, take a cherry limeade shot. The caffeine (as much as a cup of coffee, I think) will give you a boost for round two and c’mon you know you’re supposed to be putting back a non-alcoholic bev between drinks anyway. We’re not 19 21 anymore…

(or maybe you are, in which case, enjoy it while you can bitches.)


Sarah OUaL

I was not compensated for this post and no one even offered to come over and make breakfast for my slightly-hungover self the next day. But the good news is I was the most hydrated hungover ever!


15 thoughts on “Operation Nuuntini

  1. Can u OD on NUUN? One time I took my NUUN to the bar and had Bacardi club sodas with half a tab of strawberry nuun and I got really drunk really fast… It was weird


  2. YES! I was actually at a bachelorette party recently and trying to figure out how I could rehydrate and dehydrate simultaneously (multi-tasking is an art). I stuck with the nuun chaser all weekend – but I’ll definitely be trying these lovely nuuntinis/nuunaritas next time! (or right now…)


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