Hey Cleveland, I’m Here

Hi! I’m in Ohio!

photogirls’ dinner immediately upon arrival = must

Just a regularly scheduled trip home, “conveniently” sandwiched around Cleveland Marathon weekend. I’m running…

the 10k.

Sure, the “OMG MUST BOSTON QUALIFY NOOOOOW” hype had me considering a cram-sesh to run the full, but the odds of me finishing it 1) injury-free 2) fast enough and 3) without wanting to murder myself weren’t very favorable. If there’s anything I’ve learned over the seven marathons I’ve run it’s to respect the distance. Sure, some people can roll out of bed and drop a 3:30 NBD, but (obviously) I’m not one of them. When it’s time to really put down that BQ attempt I want to make sure I toe the line having done the prep right – all the work, sweat, tears, and “seriously I hate love hate love running” a goal race deserves.

Plus I’m pretty excited to check another race off the CLE list. Looks like next year I have to come back for the 5k (or borrow someone’s child for the kids’ run.)

So if you’re in CLE this weekend half or full’ing it and want a cheerleader let me know. I’ll have my cowbell ready for you. Unless I die trying to sprint 6.2 miles. Then you can all fight over my Nuun stash.

cleWhy didn’t anybody tell me “OMG 10Ks are THE WORST!!!” when I signed up??

Oh and on that note next weekend I’ll be heading back out to Ojai… to run the half. Yes yes YES I wanted redemption on that course, but alas, see above.

Happy weekend!

Sarah OUaL


12 thoughts on “Hey Cleveland, I’m Here

  1. So smart to not get caught up in the hype. I’m staying out of it too. My goal race is in October, which will almost definitely be too late, and whatever. See you in Hopkinton in 2015!


  2. You totally just nailed the description of what a goal race deserves (aka that hate/love/hate running feeling and the – OMGgggg I want to do this again feeling after it if it all goes according to plan)!



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