Overcomplicators (non)Anonymous

I feel I’ve taken the “quality over quantity” approach to blogging a little too far.

(yes, this is a somewhat apology for not posting more regularly, which I hate and find vain/annoying, but stick with me)

Here’s how my blog process has been working recently :

  • Think of a subpar-to-super-awesome idea (usually while running or driving or other inconvenient non-writing-friendly activities)
  • Spend at least 20 minutes dreaming up how to make it THE BEST EVER with fireworks and spinny things and parts I don’t even know how to make but will figure it out because OMG IT’S GOING TO BE SO AWESOME
  • Get overwhelmed by all the hypothetical spinny parts
  • Write a sentence, bonk on spinny #1, lose focus on words spending too much time on thesaurus.com, creative-block fireworks, rewrite two of the four sentences I’ve squeaked out, curse picmonkey, slam laptop shut
  • Come back the next day, approaching with same nervous timidity as a track workout that painfully kicked my ass last time (ahem, 3200m)
  • Let draft sit for days in Live Writer until it eats at my soul and I fervishly crank out a half-assed version, hastily publish, and wallow in the busted, ugly spinny things and the disappointment of how great it was SUPPOSED to be
  • Repeat next week

The problem is my “don’t write if you don’t have anything nice to say” approach to blogging. Ok, and my chronic OVERCOMPLICATE EVERYTHING approach to life in general.

(ask Brian about it someday. it’s his favorite trait of mine.)

A few paragraphs about a workout and maybe a picture with something scribbled on it doesn’t need a full psycho-analysis on how I felt and what it means for the future and a venn diagram on which shoes to wear to make it worthwhile. Throwing shit in the crockpot and having it come out semi-decent doesn’t need to turn into pitching Betty Crocker for a book deal. Nuun cocktails probably don’t need a 6-day editing process.

And here I go overcomplicating a post about under-complicating blogging.

*sits for 15 minutes trying to figure out how to close*

I’m driving up to Ojai tonight with Margot and her friend to run the Mountains 2 Beach half marathon. I haven’t felt great these last few weeks and in turn haven’t put any thought into a race plan. A PR would be great, but I think my goal is just going to be to not overcomplicate it. Running (like blogging) is a fun, simple hobby that makes me happy.

Time to focus on that.

Sarah OUaL


9 thoughts on “Overcomplicators (non)Anonymous

  1. I just started reading a few weeks ago but I love all your posts, no matter how spinny or fireworky! I’ve read basically your whole blog in a week :D


  2. I put pressure on myself to come up with something to post about but then can’t think of anything witty and then I end up not posting at all… I need some Lame-o annonymous meetings or something :P Anyways,have a great race! :)


  3. This is a good post in itself, because it definitely explains your blogging. I have to say that I LOVE your blog because you put SO much into your posts! But, I really think if you had one or two posts like that a week and a few others without as much love and thought I’d still love your blog just as much and probably even more because I’d get to read about what’s going on even MORE frequently. And I tend to overcomplicate as well. Are you one of those people that decides to reorganize a closet and ends up three hours later with an empty closet and everything that was originally inside of it laying out on the bed and floor and suddenly lose interest in the project in the first place? Because that’s what I do…


    • NO I totally don’t do that..

      sent from my iPhone from the middle of a bathroom deep clean overhaul I lost steam halfway through and am now surrounded by cleaning products and half-empty bottles of shampoo


  4. I feel like such a blogger failure. I haven’t blogged in a while because I have been sooo busy with work and other stuff and honestly haven’t had much to blog about. It’s sad I know.
    Maybe I will get my groove back soon!
    Your blogposts always entertain me, keep’em coming!


  5. Hahaha. SO how I feel about blogging sometimes! “I’d write the perfect post, if only….I could finish writing…the perfect…post….”



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