Vacay’s Over… The “What’s Next” is Here.

I’m going to run few than 100 miles in June. Triple digits every month was kind of an unwritten goal of mine, and I’m a little bummed I realized too late to squeeze them in. I mean unless I’m going to run 40 miles in the next 4 days…


we didn’t go very far, but where we went was pretty awesome

But I can’t look back on the month and judge based on a silly fake goal or mileage hog pride. June’s sole purpose was to recover and reset after Spring racing, and get fired up for a new training cycle. Which it did! The piddly 80 miles I’ll record (compared to usual 140ish) were just the right amount to keep my legs moving and remembering how to run without wearing me down. All the annoying little niggles are gone, there’s a spring in my step, and I’ve got that caged animal feeling ready to pounce on something.

Body AND mind = READY.


I ran slow and watchless for most of the break; Running without expectation was a great way to let that inherent joy back into the act. Like I wasn’t out there for any reason other than I wanted to be. I’d forgotten how fun “just running” can be! And while I thrive on tough workouts and goal paces and training plans, I vow to keep that joy in my runs once this break is over (except maybe when I’m cursing hills and holding down bile during track repeats).

Because, yes, the training hiatus is on it’s final days.

I signed up for a race. It’s longer than “____teen” miles and is the weekend before Boston registration traditionally opens (the official date hasn’t been set yet).

No pussyfooting around the plan here…

ventura marathon

The Ventura Marathon on September 8th will be my next Boston Qualify attempt.

I’ll do a separate post on my plan and what changes I’m making from past cycles, but hit-it-hard training starts on Monday. I’ll savor this final week of honeymoon running before hopping on the pain train, destination Sub 3:34.59 or bust.

Can’t lie. I’m super pumped.


  • If you’re interested in running Ventura (there’s also a half and 5k) you can use code “onceuponalime” for 10% off. The course is super flat, out-and-back along the coast, and has a beer garden. Sold.

Strap in, friends. We’ve got 2.5 months of track parties, long run battles, and laughing-with-you-not-at-you training crazies to take down.

Guess I better restock my Brooks Launch inventory.

Sarah OUaL

25 thoughts on “Vacay’s Over… The “What’s Next” is Here.

  1. I’ll tell you something! I LOVE your blog and am super excited to read about your training. I think you can BQ now that you don’t have that pesky J-O-B getting in the way. ;)


  2. I dream of BQing one day as well, and am excited to hear about your training. If you don’t BQ (but of course you will), or if you get locked out of registering this year because of all of the craziness, you should consider spectating. after the events of 2013, 2014 is going to be an absolutely amazing showing of the running community and city’s resilience, and um a huge freakin party.


  3. Wow! 10 week training cycle to BQ! That’s awesome. Tell me more, please. (I’m “training” for the Twin Cities Marathon in October, but studiously ignoring the schedule until the long runs are 16+ miles long. Which is, uh, next week? …Oops.)



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