Easing Back In – Long Term Warm Up

Funemployment perk : two posts in 24 hours!

Funemployment downfall : the rapid rate we’re going through TP and Brita filters.

Another, quite obvious, perk is the flexibility and availability for running. I think I’ve hit pavement during every hour from 8a-9p, which is cool. Who needs routines or stability? Or a job?! (uh just kidding. still need a job. working on it!)

Yesterday I drove out Crystal Cove Park, a nice little gem I hardly ever make it down to because traffic between here and there is of the eye-gauging, road rage-inducing variety. But at 2pm? Tolerable!

And effing worth it. I mean jesus look at these views.


crystal cove newport beach

that’s #nofreakingfilter, guys.

Plus it was good (/painful /awful wake up call to my fitness levels) to get some hill work in. They say running hills is the fastest, most surefire way to get faster, and with just over 10 weeks to get BQ ready I’ll suck wind and dry heave all day if I have to.

(my hamstrings and glutes – which are quite sore today – just cried)

After some intel from off-road expert Heather I’m excited to head back out and trade the CC beachy pavement for some dirty ankles on their apparently righteous trail network. One step closer to a twisted ankle or mountain lion attack!

I got home and made dinner – yes, all of you who cited “you can cook dinner for Brian now!” as a funemployment perk finally guilted my sorry undomesticated ass into the kitchen. Spaghetti squash (microwaved, let’s be real) with simple spicy peanut sauce (TJ’s discontinued peanut flour, water, sriracha, soy sauce, red vin) and crumbled tempeh. Simple, nutritious, carnivorous husband approved.


sorry if you’re drooling.

After dinner I went back out for three more SUPER SLOW miles, making 7 on the day. The reasoning behind the impromptu double was twofold, neither of which was “so distraught over not making 100mi this month, must try to cram them in now!”

1) flush out lactic from hills to prevent some soreness (worked! mostly.)

2) ease back into the Kinvaras to prep for the return of track work (since the 4mm drop has given me trouble in the past, and I’ve been in 9+ for the last two months)

Followed it all up with some massaging on the Grid Roller like a good little runner who doesn’t want to get injured before her training cycle even officially starts should.

Trigger Point Grid Roller

Assisted by my training staff.


Last point before I sign off and probably never come back since I’ve OD’d on blogging this week, SportRX launched a new website today and is hosting a giveaway every 30min today until 4pm pacific time.

Sign up HERE for a chance at some sweet shades (Oakley, Ray Ban, Maui Jim, legit) and other cool stuff. My fingers are crossed because I sat on my $10 TJ Maxx aviators and they’re all bent and really not made for running anyway.

SportRX Launch Party Giveaway

Sarah OUaL


8 thoughts on “Easing Back In – Long Term Warm Up

  1. I’m a teacher and I can’t tell you how much more money I spend during the summer on stupid things, like toilet paper. I know it’s bad when I find myself wondering around Target 3 days in a row…


  2. My sister just got married at Crystal Cove last month and the entire time I was thinking how badly I wanted to run that trail. Does that make me a bad maid of honor? Probably.


  3. Long time reader, first time poster. I’m going through a “running reset” phase right now (well, it actually ends today — training starts up in July) and wish you all the best in your BQ quest. You are so primed for Ventura to be the race where it happens!


  4. Haha, I am unemployed at the moment too and enjoy the ability to run at any hour…even though I somehow manage to leave running to the evening basically every day. I also imagine myself to be great at cooking and cleaning with all this time—but… that may take more time. I am a domestic fail.



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