Anniversary, Episode #2, New Crosstraining

No fireworks! No red/white/blue desserts! No blanket holiday well wishes/apologies for absence! I did wear a blue skirt and red hat on my run though just so no one could accuse me of being unpatriotic.

(didn’t take a pic though, internet rules = never happened?)

We celebrated our two year anniversary Wednesday by making dinner at home. I prepped, sliced, and cooked steak to prove my undying love to my carnivorous husband – vegetarian wife of the year award, where are you? The real centerpiece of the celebration was cracking open our final two Great Lakes Christmas Ales for dessert.


from instagram – @sarahoual

And then we went to Yogurtland for REAL dessert.

For those of you keeping score at home, I know I said <48 hours ago I wasn’t drinking during the week but an anniversary, holiday eve, and getting rejected for the RunWestin job delivered an extenuating circumstance I felt worthy of “rule”-breaking. I didn’t have any yesterday on the 4th so if that doesn’t prove my commitment nothing will.

(see also: un-patriot mention above)

(see also, also: why am I justifying this to you? they’re my fake rules.)

Anyway some random tidbits that aren’t meaty enough (I’m still in shock from dinner prep) for their own post but deserve a mention…

Episode 2 of “Evolution of a Fan Girl” is up at the Oiselle Blog.


I call it Speed Conceptualization which sounds fancy and scientific but is just me trying to do stuff in the times pros run their races. Like sprint 100m as fast as Shalane runs a 10k. Brush my teeth in 800m time. Chug stuff.

speedrelations sprint chug

Full video and post-race interview HERE – am I a faster chugger than Tyson Gay is a sprinter?

As a Nuun ambassador I felt it was my due diligence to follow the beer chug with an electrolyte chug. Surprising no one my beer time was faster (can vs bottle provided a small advantage) and I think I want to do another test in a few weeks to see if I can beat them. Like a two-mile time trial, but more fun and less barf-worthy.

speedrelations sprint chug nuun

responsible beverage consumption

I started stand up paddle boarding (SUP)! My gym membership is expiring and I hate that stuffy place anyway, so I’m trying to get into a groove with at-home and California outdoorsy activities to fill my sweat needs on no-run days. Plus my mom yelled at me for pocketing my birthday money instead of following her strict instructions to “use it for something FUN” (yes I’m 27 and still get bday $)

I mean why seriously would I drive 15 minutes to ellipticize around a bunch of strangers breathing in their stale sweat air when I can be outside, ON THE WATER, in the perfect weather? These are the things I need to do now because when we inevitably move back to Ohio I most definitely won’t be able to.

What’s the point of living in paradise if you don’t take advantage of it?! Especially when you have gift money to spend on it!


yes I wore my Garmin paddle boarding. need a new battery for the waterproof camera – will take it out soon.

Plus my arms and abs are going to be so jacked. This SUP stuff is the biz. I’m actually headed over there now for SUP yoga (yes, yoga on the board, in the water – how much more california can it get?) with my friend Bri.

5 bucks I fall in.

* sidenote : if you’re up for a laugh here’s the post about the first time I went paddle boarding with my Ohio friend Erin. The girl we bought the groupon from was just running a side job out of her house and now she has three locations including the one here in Newport. Surprising fun little tidbit. I had a “I remember when you were just a baaaby…” crazy aunt moment at the shop.


Sarah OUaL


8 thoughts on “Anniversary, Episode #2, New Crosstraining

  1. I have yet to try SUP but I want to! I volunteered at a SUP event last year and it looked really fun – but semi lacking in motivation to get out there. I’ve seen people do yoga on there – it looks crazy! Good luck :)

    I think drinking on your anniversary is totally ok – and you def made up for it by not drinking on the 4th! I’m trying to cut back lately and I still had 3 beers yesterday, justifying it since I would probably normally have more…. and it’s a holiday right!!?


  2. I’m loving your contributions at Oiselle (which is how I found your blog). You are doing track and field a great service with your breath of fresh air and HUMOR in introducing the sport to other women. Keep up the good writing, running, and SUPing!



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