Ventura Training, wk1 – Where Things Are Still Relatively Normal

The return of the weekly marathon training recaps! Love them or hate them, they’re good for my accountability and easy to write (uhh despite this one already being way tardy) so they’re back. One down, nine to go…

  • Sunday – 15min push ups, lunges, squats, planks while bored watching trash TV. ~130 meters of sprinting, a few steeple barrier crossings, two beverages chugged for the Oiselle Fan Girl post. Odd way to start a cycle.


spoiler : didn’t faceplant but not trading marathons for steeples anytime soon

  • Monday – Easy 5 through the park at Ballz Blazing o’clock. Strides.
  • Tuesday – 3 mile Fartlek (:40s hard 2:20 moderate) with easy warm up/cool down for 6 total
  • Wednesday – 55min, 2.45 mi Stand Up Paddle (*counting as cross-train, arms, and core)
  • Thursday – 7mi “easy” Tempo. Foot ran over by drunk bikes twice, shoved into the sand once, screeching halt into walls of bros and fringed midriff-baring counterparts in midday July 4th madness. Retreated after 1.5mi (my dumb fault – path was their turf that day). Went out to diff route later for rest of workout – tempos at 7:51, 7:52, 7:21.
  • Friday – 4 “easy” on sea legs after 90min of SUP Yoga. So rad, so sore (all the teeny tiny counterbalancing on top of regular downdog, low lunge twist, chair, etc), and I SO fell in. Somebody owes me $5.

SUP yoga

just kidding I owe Bri $5 for putting my 3 legged down dog to shame

  • Saturday – 14mi Evening Long Run. Fought with ipod, garmin, shoes, eyebrows, etc all morning until breakfast had digested and I was hungry again. Went out for errands and sustenance, in running clothes, in case motivation hit. (it didn’t)

Once I finally went out, at 6PM, the run was really great. I love running with friends, but there was something nice about being alone for the first time in a while. Void of pressure to match pace (too fast? too slow?), uphold conversation, worry if another bathroom break will ruin their workout, be talked into more/less, etc. Just me, my thoughts, and the sound of my footsteps.

…And the playlist I spent literally 3 hours trying to load to my damn ipod. (quick tip : Spotify doesn’t work for shuffles)

Don’t worry, K, Margot, SR, other friends – I’m sure I’ll get bored of myself soon.

I’m really proud of how well I stuck to the schedule, the focused energy I took into each workout (whenever it ended up being), and posting times slightly better than expected. There’s still a long way to go and a butt eff ton of work to do, but if I manage to not completely trainwreck derail from this path I think I’m gonna be alright.

Oh and for the “extra” new things I talked about, 2 valiant muscle and core efforts, yoga-plus, 4 full days of food tracking, a justified midweek beer, no body aches, and #runlove is still in tact.

Week One – SOLID check mark.

Sarah OUaL

  • reminder : if you’re interested in running the Ventura Marathon, Half, or 5k, code “onceuponalime” is good for 10% off your registration.

10 thoughts on “Ventura Training, wk1 – Where Things Are Still Relatively Normal

  1. Great job Sarah! I am trying to get back on track myself, I got into kind of a summer slump and I literally stopped running for a few weeks but I want to run a fall half of course, so I am working on getting my butt back in gear! Your post definitely motivates me!


  2. Excellent work, lady! If you want to join my hubs and I for pre (or post, or anytime) mary beers and SUPing, we have plenty of boards and would love to give you a tour de Malibu on the high seas, including a pit stop at Paradise Cove!



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