Ventura Training, wk2–Some good, bad, and ugly (+ a really worn out cliché title!)

Week two was not quite as honeymoon rosey glasses as week one was, but it had some valid learning points and some good miles. “Enjoy the journey” is a tricky thing people say to distract you from the pain and cruelty of marathon training. I’m aware of that but still trying to follow the lead.


  • Sunday – Rest. Drove to San Diego, walked at least 8 miles in flip flops (dumb), core work from laughing all day. Jenna found out she’s moving to Charlotte next month, so we soaked up some good friend time, chased with (quite a few) beers. I’m already grieving the pending loss of my keystone west coast friend.

san diego

*we grew up together in Ohio, she moved to SD three years before we came out, and has been a staple to my once-a-month weekend plans. she’s the yin to my PBR yang and I’ll miss our weird times, but not the blasted drive through O’side-Cbad to get there.*

  • Monday – 6 hungover sloggy miles around Sunset Cliffs. Shame it’s so ugly there.

san diego sunset cliffs

san diego sunset cliffs1

thankfully the run wasn’t so bad that this became a threat

  • Tuesday – Unplanned rest. Got home from SD, got caught up in some fun projects and hanging out with Bri and the dogs, lost track of time and didn’t feel great about tempo’ing at 9pm. The crazies are out where we live this time of year.
  • Wednesday – Makeup Tempo. Planned 2-3-2, did 2-2-1 but “extra hard” (7:31 7:12) to “make up for skipping” and also attempt to not “totally trash my legs for tomorrow’s track sesh.” I used bunny ears when rationalizing to Bri, so I’m using them here. It hurt. 50min SUP and saltwater soak.
  • Thursday – The Return to the Track, 7×800. 3:28 –> 3:16. Rundown here.
  • Friday – 50min SUP (crosstrain/core/arms) Bri had the day off and came out for his first time on the boards. Loved it, obvs. Also I’ve definitely noticed a bit of a “cinch” at the waist – all that oblique twisting and pulling is working!  – Album here
  • Saturday – 16 no good, stop-and-go, holy GI mess, long run miles.

2 mile warm up including a pee-in-the-bushes stop. 6 miles with K where everything felt off, my legs were dead, it was hot as F, and I felt like a porcupine was being passed through my intestines. Holy shit how do you sensitive stomachs do this?!

Drove home and spent an hour trying to calm my guts – drank some nuun and had a few bites of brown rice. Set back out to finish the last 8 miles.

Stopped after a mile with debilitating side cramps on both sides. Stopped after another mile with an imaginary knife in my belly button. Pathetic grimace shuffle home and curl up in fetal position after 5 miles.

After the pain subsided I convinced myself “I can run for less than 30 more minutes…” I was already regretting how I’d feel cutting the run short, knowing the long runs are the most important of training. Plus it’s good practice running through pain, right? So I went out for the final 3 miles, focusing on how fresh my legs still felt (thanks, 9+ min pace!) instead of on my rebelling torso. Felt good to follow through, even if I spent the rest of the evening doubled over. Read also : I’m a baby.

* after reflecting, pretty sure the problem was a perfect storm of movie theater popcorn the night before, brown rice which I cooked in chicken stock (I’m pescetarian but haven’t had meat or byproduct in months), and getting my period 8 hours later. Not the best of times.

So, close that chapter. Off to kick off week three on a better foot with some easy miles, some SUP, and some much-needed stretching.

Sarah OUaL

ps if you missed it late last night, Jordan Hasay ran B standard in her 10K (missing A by one second but PR’ing by 20!), punching her ticket to Moscow for Worlds. Her training partner Tara Erdmann now needs to run A, 31:45 or faster, to join her. If she doesn’t make it, Amy Hastings, who placed 4th at USA Champs but already has A standard, will go to Moscow. DRAAAAAAMA! Tara is set to race Friday the 19th.


16 thoughts on “Ventura Training, wk2–Some good, bad, and ugly (+ a really worn out cliché title!)

  1. Ugh – tummy troubles derailed my LR plans this weekend too. I’m off to try again tonight (since I also failed this morning). Third try’s the charm, right?


  2. I ran tonight in horrible heat, and my legs felt like lead and the humidity was out of control. I am pretty sure based on how the girls feel, I am about 8 hours out of my period too.


  3. Do you know the course for this marathon? Man I couldn’t find it on the site! I ran ojai 2 ocean both the half and the full so I’m wondering if it’s like that? Any ideas?
    Sorry about getting the poops. No bueno. Bravo for powering through it though. Gold star!


  4. I feel you on the stomach thing. I’ve been known to ruin a perfectly good long run with a giant bowl of lefover spicy Szechuan shrimp for “pre-run fuel.”


  5. You’re intense for getting through that long run! I would have wimped out for sure. I am majorly impressed. :)
    I always get really excited to hear news about Jordan Hasay. Her high school was in the same athletic conference as mine so we used to run cross country races…ummm I don’t want to say “together” because she was always way ahead of everyone else…but we would run at the same event. Ha! So cool she’s a big star now!



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