The Unpopular Kid with No Friends at the Party

footnote : the kid is probably unpopular because she yells at non-english speaking three abreast walkers, purposefully cuts off Beats By Dre slogging lane one, and flat tire bum rushes jog-50m-then-come-to-complete-stop girl at the track party.

Other than the inordinate amount of clueless patrons (including two in swishy pants – clueless AND noisy!) my second solo sesh at the track shockingly turned out pretty dang great.

track shoe selfie

got out of my comfort zone and rocked the Stride short – spandex and jiggly thigh fears be damned!

The workout was 7x1000m at 10k pace, 90 second rest. I’m speculating a few things that could’ve contributed to its greatness – 1) maybe because it’s a distance I don’t normally run and had little expectation for or stress to match past times, or 2) I didn’t run on a stomach full of junk food, or 3) mercury is finally out of retrograde and my gemini bearings have realigned themselves.

Any which part, I kicked its ass.

After a 1.5 mile warm up and 200m on/off x2 to wake up the fast less slow-twitch muscles, I took off with 4:30 as my goal (45 minute 10K pace).

side note : after last week’s pacing catastrophe I got unlazy and actually focused my eyeballs on the tiny watch numbers to check splits. sure makes a difference.

I realized after the first one how much easier the math was for a 4:20 – 1:05 at 250m, 2:10 at 500m, 3:15 at 750m – and decided to sacrificial lamb the legs a bit to help out my sad runner brain. The reps ticked by and I was shocked at how easy they felt, despite being 200m longer, at the same pace, with :30 less rest than the 800s two weeks ago.

I guess that’s called progress?

4:23, 4:20, 4:18, 4:17, 4:12, 4:09, 4:02

One of those ego-boosting workouts for sure. Can’t wait to see what else is in store and what inevitably knocks me off this runner’s high.


ahhh revival of the #runboner

Sarah OUaL

12 thoughts on “The Unpopular Kid with No Friends at the Party

  1. Those are some solid splits! I started going to the track last summer after reading your posts and now track workouts are my favorite. I’m pretty terrible at pacing the longer intervals but I would much rather do repeats on the track than anything like a tempo


  2. You remind me of the woman who called me a bitch when she passed me because I was running too slow on “her” trail. Not everyone is as fast or is training like you. There may have been some lack of proper track etiquette, but you come off as entitled and mean in this post, even if you’re joking. I like your blog and I support your efforts, but I just wanted to write this to stick up for those who are exercising as best as they can.


    • I’m all thumbs up to people exercising however they can – and would never tell someone they didn’t deserve to be there (“her trail”? come on) My gripe is that there are signs posted for slow traffic to stay in 5-9, which I know not everyone reads, but when I announced “lane one” and had to practically jump into the infield four times in a row before they got the hint and slid over, it’s a common sense and general decency issue, not a “track rules” issue.

      Anyway, hope that paints a little better picture. Promise I don’t run around with my nose in the air.


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