A Funemployment Update, aka Why Not Now??

“So, what have you been up to?”

A friendly inquisition, usually (thoughtlessly) answered with a “oh not much, you?” or a “you know, same old…”

But when those aren’t the case, when you’ve been up to a whole freaking lot but it’s too complicated for a simple pleasantry (because do they really care or is this just how you start a conversation?) what do you say? You’re where you are – which isn’t necessarily ideal or exciting or worth getting into – because you’ve put yourself there hoping it’d be your launching pad towards something really awesome. Something you’ll be proud of, where you’ll yearn for people to ask, and instead of breezing over it you’ll jump at the chance to tell them what it is you’re really up to.

I’m not there yet.

I usually say I’m keeping busy, trying new things, and crossing things off my long term to-do and bucket lists. Said with a big smile so they know I’m happy about it, because there are few things in life more uncomfortable than unwarranted pity. (or unsolicited advice)

My days post-corporate life are still pretty routine – I wake up when Brian does and stumble through the same coffee and oatmeal I have for the last two years, check email, the news, if Miguel Cabrera is still leading every offensive category in the MLB, etc. Clean up around the house, do some writing, and other work-seeking type activities. It’s monotonous and a bit of a drag shuffling through the job market (I don’t know if you’ve heard, but it still kind of sucks), but I know patience and tenacity will eventually lead me to something I’ll love doing.

At least, I fucking hope so. Otherwise this chick is headed to McDonalds cuz we got bills to pay.


In the meantime I’ll just keep working on my handstand

I’ve had the opportunity to explore my creative side a little more, outside of Once Upon a Lime, and it’s been a great eye-opening challenge and I dig it. I’m contributing to Freeplay Magazine (you can subscribe here if you’d like a copy of my debut issue – I’d be happy to autograph my tiny segment for you) and have convinced Oiselle to keep Evolution of a Fan Girl alive on a somewhat regular basis. Definitely different from my past life as a sales person, and while it’s not a full-time career type gig (yet?), it’s a solid step in the right direction. I think.

But aside from all that – you’re not my career counselor and probably want to hear more about the awesome shit I’m doing in my free time instead of my stale job search – one of my most important aspects of FUNemployment was to ENJOY THE TIME OFF! Don’t waste it feeling bad or stressed or pressured to hurry through it. It’s key to take the time to find the RIGHT job, not the NEXT job, so I don’t wind up in the same sad situation I was in before. I know I’m lucky to be able to approach it like that, and I’m eternally grateful to Brian and my family for being as supportive as they have been while I dabble around trying to find what it is I want to be when I grow up.

Especially since the hippie soul-searching adventure is about to hit a whole new level of carpe fucking diem.

I mentioned before that my friend Jenna, who I grew up with in Ohio, got a sick promotion and is relocating from San Diego to North Carolina. Well she has two dogs and a car she doesn’t want to transport, so she’s driving.

And I have some spare time on my hands and wanderlust like it’s going out of damn style.

So I’m riding shotgun.

jenna moves east

the only thing curing my “she’s going to be so far away” blues is this map and the promise of never-ending roadie singalongs

What better way to spike some adventure and inspiration into your life than driving 4,000+ miles across the country with one of your best friends, closing one chapter and starting a big exciting new one by her side??!


How about turning around and doing it again? Make mine a double, I’m going round-trip.

Hitching a ride with Westbound Emily for her move out of DC, destination Oregon and ALL. THE. COOL. SHIT. ALONG. THE. WAY. Serious e-word potential here.

sweaty moves west accurate

mostly accurate map of our planned route. also, mostly to scale drawing of the Hoka Mobile

I’m taking the train (bucket list item!) down to San Diego Saturday morning to help Jenna pack up and celebrate her last days in CA, then Tuesday early-early-BUTTCRACKDAWNearly we hop in the car and I essentially don’t get out for two weeks.

CA – TX – TN – NC – DC – OH – IL – MN – SD – WY – OR – WA – OR – CA

(you can imagine the Type A spreadsheet’ing that went into that)

As always you’ll be able to follow along on Twitter and Instagram, and I’ll post here when I can, but the Round-Trip Road Trip adventure will be best chronicled on its own dedicated Tumblr.

round-trip road trip tumblr ss

Oh yes I did. Give that bad boy a follow, and if you see the caravan out on a highway somewhere, give us a honk.

Or snacks. Yeah, give us some snacks instead.

Sarah OUaL

(marathon training will not be interrupted. Good God it may get ugly, with 19 hour days, elevation, and mile hog Emily by my side, but those runs will get logged. over my dead roadie body.)

30 thoughts on “A Funemployment Update, aka Why Not Now??

  1. That definitely looks like an EPIC adventure!

    I love all that I’ve seen of the middle of the US, hopefully you’ll have some opportunities to see some pretty cool stuff! Now you’ve got me studying a US map again and finding all the places I want to go.


  2. Not sure on your timing, but there is an awesome women’s only 1/2 marathon in August in Spearfish, SD that I did on my own road trip in 2010. Awesome people, beautiful views through the Spearfish Canyon. I think it’s called Leading Ladies 1/2. Good luck with the trip(s). I love road trips! Perfect writing inspiration!


  3. Coming from a 36 year old mom of two (ages 3 and 5) that has been with the same employer for 15 years, trust me when I say I am crazy jealous of of your opportunity right now! Enjoy every second of it! You are awesome!!!


  4. Cross country road trip is on my bucket list. Man, if you can keep up with marathon training on this trip, you will officially achieve rock-fucking-star status in my book. Can’t wait to read about the adventure!


  5. I absolutely love road trips… sadly my husband does not! lol… Where will you be in OH? Prolly cleveland or close to… if you’re any farther south let me know! :) Maybe we could do a quick meet up if you are!
    Also… I was jobless recently and shuffling through all the openings and trying to not pounce on the first one that came along was hard… I want to love what I’m doing! BUT unfortunately student loans kinda have the upper hand here and I had to ask for a previous job that I dumped back… gotta pay the bills… Now I have 4 jobs! ha!… but you have a little bit of leeway here since you’ve already been in the full time job thing so keep your head up because that perfect-for-you job will come along! :) You’re right tho… don’t settle! You’ll wind up hating it again if you do!!


  6. Pingback: 12 days and 3578 miles | sweat once a day

  7. AMAZING!! Way better than my guess that you were going to the Del Mar Races (I thought you were leaving yesterday). This is such a cool way to spend “funemployment!” How often do you get the chance to drive cross-country? I never have and although endless hours in a car may not always be fun I’m sure there will be plenty of amazing views, crazy stories and laughs to make it amazing. Have fun!!!


  8. As a native of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, I may have a suggestion or two for you on the Wyoming leg of your trip West. It depends if you want to go through Jackson, Grand Teton National Park, and Yellowstone. If you don’t – or don’t have enough time – then I would stay north on I-90 and go through Montana. Southern Wyoming, while beautiful in its own special way, is a desert…with a hundred or more miles between podunk towns…with Utah on the other side. Let’s just say there are a helluva a lot more options for local beer on the Montana route! :) If you decide you want to go through Jackson Hole, let me know and I’ll give you a few tips.


    • As a resident of Southern Wyoming, the Podunk way is pretty beautiful in my opinion. And there is an awesome half I’m doin here in a few weeks. If you want tips on where to get gas (anywhere you see it) on the Podunk route, or if the two of you need a free place to crash, let me know.


      • It is beautiful, in my opinion, too, Ginni! I get friends from time to time that drive across Wyoming and complain that “there’s nothing there.” It might be a desert, but there is plenty there…

        What half are you doing???


  9. I was jealous when I read Emily’s post about the roadtrip west…now I see it’s a double for you, I’m practically GREEEEEEN! Enjoy every minute, what a great opportunity!


  10. You’re completely crazy! I just drove from the coast of California to Omaha and I have had enough of the inside of a car! I would rather be under one at this point…but I think the trip would have been more fun if I had a friend to go with me :)

    Anyway, it looks like it might be out of your way, but you guys can crash at my place in Omaha if you want. Once I get a couch, that is…


  11. Okay road trips both ways, so much fun! P.S. I live in Charlotte, NC where is your friend moving to? No worries on the unemployment scene! Enjoy it while you can, you will find something you love hopefully!


  12. what a fun road trip!! :) be safe & I know I don’t have to tell you to “have a blast”…because I know you have that bagged! xo


  13. Have a great time! We drove from NJ to CA for our move last Febraury…while stressful because we did it in 5 days, and did not know if our stuff would arrive at the same time as us, it was great to see some sights & states we probably would never have seen otherwise.


  14. Awesomesauce. Have a kick ass adventure. And don’t forget those crazy little stops like Largest Ball of Twine. Once, I stopped at a Historical Marker. The house turned out to be a winery. Best freaking decision ever.

    If you are in Houston, look me up. I can take you out for snacks.



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