Wanderlust at a Cost (and yes, I’d totally do it again)

I’ve been back at home after the 2.5 week round-trip road trip for a little less than 24 hours, and it all just feels like a blur. A 7,000 mile, constant motion, too-many-subway-footlongs-and-gas-station-coffees, experience-of-a-lifetime blur. Looking back on the early parts make it feel forever ago, but at the same time I don’t really feel like I left. Everything at home looks, smells, and feels the same (which says something for either my husband’s domestication or ability to live without leaving a man-trace) and I’m thrilled to be able to simply fall back into my normal life routine.

Well, for a few more hours.

My mom, Grandma, and cousin fly in tomorrow afternoon and will be staying with us a few days. Luckily the Indians are in town so my entertaining efforts are low as we’ll be bleacher butt’ing it almost their whole trip. Bring on the cracker jacks. (slash beer)

Anyway I just wanted to check in to let y’all know I survived, in case you blocked me on twitter and instagram and have been waiting here for a more succinct update. It’s safe to come out from hiding now, the #partyacrosstheUSA hashtag has fizzled its sad, slow death.

If you missed the madness the first time around, want to scratch a wanderlust itch, or are simply bored avoiding working on a Friday, you can retro read (starting from the bottom) at sarahoual.tumblr.com. You’ll notice the gusto and frequent posting waned as the trip went on and we found ourselves in the middle of BFAmerica with no cell service and certainly no wifi. Not to mention most passenger seating by then only hosted enough energy for window-staring, radio-changing, and bladder-holding. Despite the challenges (insert #firstworldproblems joke), all days/trips/adventures are there, albeit not as timely or nauseatingly detailed as I’d planned.

RTRT collage


Other quickie notes before returning to fam-coming-to-town-prep :

  • Beverages flow through my body faster than normal and my bladder is (much) weaker than normal. Especially when caffeine is involved.
  • While I love a Veggie Burger + Beer meal all times any time, I was insanely happy to make a salad at home today. (fyi top VB+B awards go to TableRock in Boise and 10 Barrel in Bend)
  • Emily might be just as bad of a singer as I am.
  • The radio in NM, SD, and Eastern OR sucks and no cars should ever be made without an aux plug.
  • A pair of jeans and a cardigan were the only items packed and not used. Shouldn’t I be awarded a backpacker’s prize for that?
  • I accidentally reset Emily’s trip odometer at 1970 miles setting up for a photo opp. Still debating whether that or the Bison Ambush was more threatening to my livelihood.
  • Running-wise, Eastbound was a shitshow since we crammed the drive into three days (19 hrs, 13 hrs, 7 hrs for San Diego –> Charlotte). Westbound not so much since we took our jolly time along an anti-crow-flies path that was drawn based around breweries and trails. Ran 40 miles, biked 10, hiked 6, and SUP’d an hour last week, on pace for 65ish miles this week. When traveling with an ultra runner your concern should be less about squeezing in the miles and more about what mess you might find yourself in once you finally update your training log. Oops.
  • Over nearly 7,000 miles, we only got pulled over once, and got out of the ticket. I will not say who was driving, what the offense was, or how we pulled away scott free. What happens in the car, stays in the car.

(landlocked, house-arrested, travel urges satiated) Sarah OUaL


11 thoughts on “Wanderlust at a Cost (and yes, I’d totally do it again)

  1. I used to drive cross-country from Oregon to Virginia twice a year during college (lived in Oregon; went to school in VA). The first day on the road was always super fun, but after that my travel buddy and I (both cross-country runners) were pretty much sick of each other and ready to be out of the car. Props on making it both ways with friendships intact and no tickets!


  2. Sarah! I loved following along you and Emily’s party across the USA, it looked like yall had a blast and I have to say I was a tad bit jealous! I really want to get out to Eugene for a race and California…living in NC, makes it a little difficulty finances wise to get out there, but it’s on the bucket list!
    P.S. I ordered my Flyte tank today, I am totally obsessed with Oiselle’s clothing, I love it! Just wish I had Oiselle bucks so I could buy more of it!



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