Catchup Catsup Ketchup

While there was little interruption in Ventura Marathon training during the last few weeks of wild funemployment/soul-searching/wanderlusting, there has been a very obvious void in the reporting of it.

So, brace yourself, we’re training recap bingeing. Weeks 4-7 In an effort to keep things concise I will keep each day’s workout to less than 10 words.

Here we go.

Week Four (7/21-27) ; the Last Normal Week

Su – rest   |||   M – 6 easy   |||   Tu – 7x1K solo track sesh   |||   W – 4 easy   |||   Th – ? 7 unknown “speed” miles (Garmin’s dead, can’t pull data)   |||   F – 6 easy   |||   Sa – 12 around San Diego, inc 5k with Mike Rouse’s 24 hour run


= 42.5mi total

Week Five (7/28-8/3) ; the Start of Round-trip Road Trip

Su – crosstraining of packing, cleaning, dogwalking   |||   M – 6 easy at Sunset Cliffs   |||   Tu – off, 19hrs of driving CA –> TX   |||   W – off, scuzz highway hotel no gym, 13hrs driving TX –> TN   |||   Th – 5 “easy” in final dest Charlotte, got lost ~7x   |||   F – 7 tempo/hills, choking heat/humidity   |||   Sa – off, bus NC—>DC drive DC –->OH


= 18mi total (ehhhhh… oops)

Week Six (8/4-10) ; the Westbound Back Half (slash 2/3rds)

Su – 18 slow, half-garminless, handstand included Corntown miles w Em, OH—>IL   |||   M – off, IL—>MN   |||   Tu – 10mi MN lakes bike, 45min night run Rapid City, MN—>WY   |||   W – 40min FREAKING GORGEOUS BUT OMG ELEVATION AND DEHYDRATION Yellowstone Lake run   |||   Th – Mt Washburn hike, 6mi +1500’ gain, WY—>MT   |||   F – 60min with 27 “hard effort” (no garmin) during Boise pitstop, MT—>OR   |||   Sa – 45min easy trails along the Deschutes, 60min SUP


= 40ish mi total, Garmin funeral (jk just left charger in NC, but I’m shockingly not in much of a hurry to replace it)

Week Seven (8/11-17) ; the OMG-YES-I’M-STILL-ON-THE-ROAD

Su – 19ish, 2:15 trail half with slogs before & after, OR—>WA   |||   M – 3mi shakeout around Seattle Green Lake   |||   Tu – 3mi AM Green Lake w Oiselles + 60min Pre’s Trail, WA—>OR   |||   W – 6.5 Eug miles with 10min 60s on/off, fly OR—>home!   |||   Th – off, super duty clean & prep for family arrival   |||   F – 1-3-1 tempo @ 7:26, 7:18, 7:06 (no garmin, marked route + reg watch)   |||   Sa – 5.5 easy beach path with mom


= 50ish mi total, contemplating never charging Garmin again

If you read any of that (I doubt anyone did), you might be wondering where my head’s at after ad-libbing a few crucial weeks. The plan for this 10 week cycle was to go hard and fast with little interruption, in an attempt to beat my 16 week injury and burnout tendencies but still crush my BQ goal. Obviously this plan was laid before I decided to sit in a car for 18 days passing through 21 of the 48 contiguous states.

[Here is where I want to say “there will be other marathons, there will not be another opportunity to e-word roadtrip across the country with two friends again!”, but I won’t. Not laying down that quickly.]

The last few weeks weren’t necessarily IDEAL to training, but I don’t think they were detrimental either. At least I hope not. My legs still feel good, the endurance is still there, and the speed hasn’t seemed to slip too badly. And maybe most importantly, my love for running is stronger than ever and my head seems to still be screwed on (mostly) straight.

So here’s hoping what I may be lacking physically when I hit the starting mat on September 8th can be offset mentally.

And if not at least I have a really bad ass once-in-a-lifetime adventure to blame it on.

Sarah OUaL


16 thoughts on “Catchup Catsup Ketchup

  1. I think you got some pretty decent miles in despite doing a Clark Griswold impersonation across the country and back again. And if your legs are feeling good and you aren’t burned out by race day? You are better off than 3/4 of the other runners! Best of luck – crush your BQ goal!


  2. Your training looks great! I went away for a week and could have run, but didn’t (I ate and shopped instead, cross training, right?).


  3. I don’t think you need to be worried! There was still solid training in there and your mental renewal might be worth more in the long run!


  4. GREAT JOB getting those miles in while traveling! I know you got to run in some amazing places! Next time (I know this its a long stretch lol) you are in Charlotte, holla at me! I live in North Charlotte near UNCC and would love to meet up!


  5. Your training looks fine! During my last round of marathon training I got injured and had to replace two 15 milers with non-impact workouts, and I had to replace my peak-mileage week of 22 miles with an 11 miler. I still PRd and BQd. You got this.



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