Ventura Training–Wk 8, Plans to not Freak the Fck Out During Taper

I sort of don’t feel like the marathon is coming up. (TWO WEEKS OMG). Or that I’ve really been in training. Life is all kinds of weird right now and running just feels like an everyday routine thing, not necessarily part of some micro-plan. Which is good, you know, to feel like “hey it’s time to run now!” instead of “OMG I have _(workout)_ to do today and your goal race depends on it! Don’t fuck it up!”

See, I’m letting go of that neurotic un-fun runner a little bit at a time.

(she’s only like, 79% here now)

All I can hope is to show up September 8th with my head on straight, a little extra spring in my legs, and a “get shit done” attitude. How am I going to do that? Well, by trying not to freak out about failed long runs or try and cram in missed speed work. I’ll look at training as a whole, focus on staying healthy, and getting to the start line in my best-for-that-day condition :

  • Little Things – strides after easy runs; nightly planks, wall sits, and hip stabilizers; muscle rolling
  • Sleep Schedule – transitioning to earlier bed time and wake ups (to make race day easier), 8 hrs/night, some AM runs
  • Cut the Booze and Sugar – this one hurts but admittedly DOES make me feel better. Every extra boost you can get, right?
  • Focus on the Goal – all I want is to say I’m a Boston Qualifier, whether it’s a 3:34.59 or a time that might actually get me a spot next year (registration is “rolling” meaning people with times 20 min faster than qualifying go first, then 10 min, then 5 min, then anyone with a qual time until it fills to capacity. [more] Last year registration stayed open for weeks, but with the extra motivation to get to Hopkinton after last year’s bombings there’s no way that’ll be the case again)

With that, let’s quickly recap last week’s training.

Week Eight (8/18-24)

Su – 14 dead-everything (legs, head, watch, ipod, etc)   |||   M – 10 slightly better, back-to-back’ed to try and simulate a 20 (more on why in this post)   |||   Tu – easy SUP   |||   W – awesome 20×400 at the track (also in this post)   |||   Th – easy’ish 7 with mom, except she’s getting to fast to consider her pace my recovery anymore   |||   F – 7 with two mod-hard effort   |||   Sa – 45 min easy dirt path running


= 50 miles total, first back-to-back 50mi weeks ever!

Also heed warning that a reasonable distance and full suit of armor is suggested when coming in contact with a booze AND sugar detoxing Sarah.

Oh, but don’t let that deter you from coming to OC Run Club tomorrow night! Oiselle giveaways! Beach path or trail miles! Friends! I’ll be on my best behavior (/may be sedated)

OC Run Club2

Novecento Sports – 7988 E Coast Hwy, Newport

Sarah OUaL


3 thoughts on “Ventura Training–Wk 8, Plans to not Freak the Fck Out During Taper

  1. Ah I’m freaking out about Ventura (but just like 79% of the time;) !! Can not believe it’s almost here. I am NOT ready to taper! You’re so right with that “get shit done” attitude, though. The race is only a one day (3+ hour) ordeal- it’s time to BQ baby!


  2. I need you to write a post on getting the un-fun runner out of your mind. I just read this post and the one about how quantifiable all of our numbers are but how there’s so much difference in the situations. I forget about the situations and just look at numbers so much, and I so desperately need to lose a lot of the un-fun runner that I’ve currently got living inside of me.



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